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Michael Adams helps you launch and grow profitable product offerings for retail and online. Michael has launched three successful food companies including Eddie's Energy Bars recognized as a Hot 100 Company by Entrepreneur Magazine. Michael also founded and grew the artisan condiment brand Green Mountain Mustard to over 60 retailers across New England, plus online sales at its peak.Click here to connect with him on LinkedIn to launch your next product.
1 05, 2020

How to Make a Sell Sheet for Your Food Business

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Want to impress buyers and land more retail accounts?

Ding-ding-ding! Every food business wants to do that. And it starts with sell sheets. Sell sheets are the advertising of the specialty food industry. They show off your product, provide ordering information, and often are the first thing to cross a buyer’s […]

1 05, 2020

25-Step Plan to Make Your Food Company a Reality

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food business Your 25 Step Plan to Starting a Food Business.

A lot of wanna-be food entrepreneurs sit at their kitchen table with their head in their hands wondering what to do next. Where do they start? What about finding kitchen space? Recipe […]

2 04, 2020

25 Epic Mistakes I’ve Made Running My Food Business

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After being in the food industry for 11 years, I’ve learned a lot. I’ve also failed hard and succeeded. It’s the failure part no one ever wants to write about. The mistakes and horror stories that made my company what it is today. And that’s exactly why I wrote this guide […]

31 03, 2020

What if You Need to Change Food Manufacturers? How to Prepare.

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Making the switch to a different co­-packer or food manufacturer? This is not a decision to make on a whim after a bad. Only after careful consideration of the pros / cons and careful planning should you make this pivotal change.

Have you been having trouble with your current co-­packer? Do […]

31 03, 2020

What to Do If There’s a Problem with Your Food Manufacturer

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What if there’s a problem with my food manufacturer? Pro Tip: Eventually there will be.

It’s never smooth sailing when you produce a food product. And problems happen with your co-­packer, too. Below are the most common problems I’ve encountered and how to solve them. By the way, if you’re planning […]