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Malcolm Bedell is co-author of the critically acclaimed "Eating in Maine: At Home, On the Town, and On the Road," as well as the junk food-centric Spork & Barrel and Brocavore, a blog focusing on street food culture and cooking. His contributions include Serious Eats, Down East, L.A. Weekly, Bon Appetit, The Guardian, and The Huffington Post and his food truck, "'Wich, Please," was named "Hottest Restaurant in Maine" for 2015 by Eater. Check out my restaurant Ancho Honey on Facebook.
23 11, 2019

7 Ways Restaurant Owners Can Take Better Food Photos

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Editorial Note: The author of this post Malcolm Bedell is not a professional food blogger. He runs a restaurant and food truck full-time in Rockland, Maine, and doesn’t spend the majority of his time editing photos. You can learn more about his restaurant here.

9 11, 2019

Food Truck VS Restaurant: What’s the Best Option?

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For several years, I operated a food truck on the coast of a sleepy fishing village on the coast of Maine. Because that’s the dream, right? Gorgeous sun-kissed summers, abundant, fresh seafood and ingredients, making your own hours, and answering to nobody but yourself? It’s the kind of […]

5 10, 2019

7 Reasons to Consider Adding Small-Batch Retail to Your Restaurant

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When I first opened Ancho Honey, a small, takeout-focused restaurant in a tiny coastal fishing village in Maine, I was a little overwhelmed by the structure of the restaurant space. Located in a converted early 20th century residential farmhouse, the building wasn’t exactly crying out to be a […]

4 10, 2019

How I Converted a House into a Fully Licensed Restaurant – Part 2

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Note: This is part two of a post detailing my experiences converting a residential farmhouse into a commercial restaurant space. In part one, I described the building, secured a loan from my sister, and started renovating the space, so if you missed part one, you’ll definitely want […]

3 10, 2019

How I Converted a House into a Fully Licensed Restaurant – Part 1

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A little over two months ago (which is kind of bonkers, now that I think about it), an opportunity presented itself which I had to take advantage of: A house two doors down from where I live, on the corner of a major intersection* with lots of tourist […]