Condoms are the most commonly used contraceptive for safe sex in the whole world. To solidify this statement, the sales of condoms reached $35 billion in 2020. Plus, the global market value is expected to grow with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9% during 2020 to 2026. In fact, according to Statista, 33+ million Americans used condoms in 2020.

Condoms are proven to prevent unwanted pregnancies and STDs. In short, these products reduce the downside of sex. If you’re an employer, promoting the health and safety benefits of condom use can help reduce time away from work due to medical appointments caused by sexually transmitted diseases.

To help get the message out, I’ve organized more than 175 condom marketing slogans and taglines. Choose the one that best matches the culture of your workplace below.

Wear a Condom Slogans

condom package

Condom package.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the reported annual cases of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) in the United States continued to climb in 2019. In fact, the CDC reported a 30% increase in STDs between 2015 to 2019.

That’s a lot of good of supporting data to keep everything wrapped up. With that in mind, here are the best slogans to promote exactly that:

  • Protection, for the both of you.
  • Spend the night right.
  • See that crying baby? Yeah, wear a condom.
  • It’s cool to stay protected.
  • Wrap it up before you enter.
  • Think before you play.
  • Cheaper than medication.
  • No condom, no entry!
  • Condoms, man’s best friend.
  • A condom is cheaper than AIDS.
  • Just wear it.
  • Say no to sex… without a condom.
  • Every soldier needs a helmet.
  • Until you’re ready, wear a condom.
  • Want uninterrupted sleep? Use a condom.
  • Using a condom is always the wise choice.
  • Got condoms?
  • No condoms, no sex.
  • Better to be safe than sorry.
  • Don’t be stupid, wear a condom.
  • Stay protected during intimate encounters.
  • Not wearing a condom is totally uncool.
  • Enjoy pleasure the safe way.
  • A knight doesn’t go into battle without protection.
  • Tell him to cover up.
  • Only dummies don’t wear condoms.
  • Stay safe and use a condom.
  • Wise men say wear a condom.
  • Say no to unprotected sex.
  • You bet your life when you take a chance.

Condom Marketing Taglines

colorful condoms

Colorful array of condoms.

A tagline enables you to capture a brand’s essence. Scroll down now to see the best condom marketing taglines that you can use today.

  • Just do it safely.
  • Carry one in your wallet.
  • Do it when you’re protected.
  • There for you in the heat of passion.
  • Ultra-thin for maximum pleasure.
  • Be smart! Wear a condom.
  • Avoiding unwanted pregnancies is our passion.
  • Because most kisses end with using condoms.
  • Do the deed safely.
  • Ribbed and dotted for her pleasure.
  • For the pleasure that you both want.
  • Feel good while protected.
  • The official condom for lovers.
  • Extra thin, extra durable.
  • Keep the bedroom safe.
  • Enter with confidence.
  • It’ll feel like you’re doing it raw.
  • Pleasure guaranteed.
  • She’ll want more.
  • We’ll help you last longer.

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  • Because sex is meant to be enjoyed.
  • For the night of your life.
  • Non-stop pleasure guaranteed.
  • No compromise in enjoying.
  • We won’t let the fun end.
  • Thinner condoms for extra pleasure.
  • Make it a night she’ll wish would never end.
  • Increasing your endurance.
  • No more pulling out ever.
  • Keep pumping all night long.

Actually Funny Condom Slogans

condom super hero

A condom super hero.

Having a catchy or funny slogan can help you to increase brand recognition. Plus, it makes it stick better to the heads of consumers. Without further ado, here are the most hilarious condom slogans that will make your customers laugh before buying protection:

  • We don’t make mistakes.
  • Because you’re still annoyed when you hear babies crying.
  • A condom is cheaper than a baby.
  • No balloon, no party.
  • Because AIDS is no joke.
  • So that you can last longer.
  • Suffer from premature ejaculation? We got you.
  • Don’t let the party stop.
  • Go more than one round.
  • Satisfy her, too.
  • Because it’s not just about you.
  • Wrap it before you tap it.
  • We won’t let you down.
  • Make your willy happy longer.
  • Read my lips – no sex without condoms.
  • Wrap your hose then curl her toes.
  • Fill her up safely.
  • Latex up and pump.
  • For no regrets in the morning.
  • Sex is cleaner with a packaged wiener.
  • Covering your erection is the right selection.
  • So, you can explode inside whenever you want.
  • 1+1 = 3 if you don’t use a condom.
  • Be wise, condomise.
  • A condom a day, keeps the pregnancy away.
  • Don’t be a joker, wrap your poker.
  • Because the pull out method is still dangerous.
  • Condom is in your pocket, HIV is out there. 
  • Don’t want to wear condoms? You’re gonna have a dad time.
  • Have no one greet you on Father’s day.

Marketing Slogans from Condom Brands like Trojan

Trojan is one of the best selling condom brands in the world. They’ve also released some pretty controversial marketing campaigns over the years. I compiled a list of the best condom brand slogan examples you can read to help inspire your future marketing message. 

  • “Trojan. Pleasure you want. Protection you trust.” – Trojan Condoms
  • “KamaSutra. For the pleasure of sensual living.” – KamaSutra Condoms
  • “For a hundred million reasons.” – Durex Condoms
  • “Durex. Made to make you last longer.” – Durex Condoms
  • “Better Shape, Better Sex.” – Durex Condoms.
  • “Once you try it you would never do without it.” – Durex Condoms
  • “Good news for your sex life, bad news for beds.” – Durex Condoms
  • “Durex. Crowd Stopper.” – Durex Condoms
  • “Okamoto. Super Fine!” – Okamoto
  • “The world’s thinnest condom.” – Manix
  • “Less latex, more sex.” – Manix
  • “Proven protection that feels really good!” LifeStyles Brand Condoms
  • “Feel Good. Play Safe.” – LifeStyles Brand Condoms
  • “Brand latex condom.” Fantasy Condoms
  • “The Gold Standard in comfort and protection.” – Magnum Condoms
  • “The journey to pleasure is endless.” – Skyn Condoms

Condom Slogans that Rhyme

celebrate life

Protect each other.

 Continue reading below for condom slogans that rhyme.

  • Don’t be silly, wrap your willy.
  • If she’s eager, protect her beaver.
  • Cover your stump before you pump.
  • If she’s spunky, wrap up your monkey.
  • You can’t go wrong if you shield your dong.
  • Don’t be a fool, cover your tool.
  • If you’re not going to sack it, go home and whack it.
  • Don’t make a mistake, muzzle your snake.
  • Don’t be a prick, cover your dick.
  • If you slip between her thighs, be sure to condomise.
  • Before you tap it, cap it.
  • If you really love her, wear a cover.
  • When in doubt shroud you spout.
  • It will be sweeter if you wrap your peter.
  • If you go into heat, package your meat.
  • She won’t get sick if you wrap your dick.
  • Wrap it in foil before checking her oil.
  • Never ever deck her, with an unwrapped pecker.
  • Protect her when she’s eager.
  • A crank with armor will never harm her.
  • Don’t be a loner, cover your boner.
  • Bag it before you tap it!
  • AIDS is no joke. Make sure you wrap it before you poke.
  • Don’t be in such a jiffy, cover your stiffy.
  • No glove, no love.
  • If you can’t shield your rocket, keep it in your pocket.
  • No one likes an ass, protect her during climax.
  • Avoid a frown, protect your clown.
  • If you think she’ll sigh, cover old one eye.
  • Put a condom on your dink before you dart it in her sink.
  • Don’t surprise her, plug your geyser.
  • Encase your torch before you paint her porch.
  • Don’t be a fool, vulcanize your tool.
  • Protection doesn’t make you less manly, it’s sexy.
  • Don’t be dirty, wrap your willy.
  • You need protection for a safe erection.
  • If you have no glove, don’t make love.
  • Cape your throbber before you bob her.
  • Cover your tool. We promise it’s cool.
  • Protect her wrinkle before you sprinkle.
  • Cover your lumber before you pump her.
  • Before you penetrate, wrap your magistrate.
  • She won’t bristle if you cover your whistle.
  • Cover your boner before you bone her.
  • Cage the snake then shake and bake.
  • Put on the sling before you get something.
  • Cover your peter, it will be much neater.
  • Wrap your bate before you mate.
  • Cover your pin before you put it in.
  • Cork your pump or you don’t hump.

Female Condom Slogans

The use of female condoms is slowly rising, which is a good sign. In fact, according to Planned Parenthood female condoms are 98% effective when used correctly. Essentially, they do a good job of preventing pregnancies, as well as sexually transmitted infections or STIs. If you’re raising awareness for these contraceptives, here are some compelling marketing messages.

  • It feels more natural.
  • Let’s fool mother nature again.
  • The safe way when he ejaculates.
  • Safe sex is our priority.
  • Because you need protection, too.
  • Cover it up.
  • No more unwanted surprises.
  • Stay safe. Stay protected.
  • Have pleasure without worry.

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  • Make those moments extra magical.
  • Savor every moment.
  • Keep on doing it all night.
  • It’s always best to be safe.
  • Being well-protected is hot.
  • Because there’s nothing wrong with safety.
  • Extra protection is key.
  • Your sex life is our concern.
  • First is consent, second is protection.
  • Make your marital bliss more special.
  • Enjoy your sexy moments openly.

If you’re having sex, it’s best to stay protected every time. You never know what you might get, making the phrase “it’s better to be safe than sorry” applicable. Stay safe everybody!

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