Customers are concerned about more than just the food they’ll eat at your restaurant. Today, they worry about the service as well as the cleanliness of the restaurant and its staff to ensure that the food they ordered. As a restaurant owner, you should consider the hygiene steps below to ensure that your patrons feel safe returning to your establishment in the future. 

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Diners expect higher-levels of cleanliness in 2020.

Proper Hand Hygiene of All Staff

One of the primary things that you need to follow to keep everything hygienic in your restaurant is to practice proper hand hygiene for all of your staff. This means that you should train everyone to wash their hands properly in several instances, such as before and after preparing the food, after going to the bathroom, or after cleaning kitchen surfaces.

This is a simple measure you must take to ensure food being prepared in your restaurant is safe and free from any contaminants that may cause illness to your customers. It’s basic advice, but also very important. 

Sanitize Kitchen Storage and Surfaces

Another tip that you should follow to keep your restaurant hygienic is to sanitize your kitchen storage equipment, as well as the various surfaces therein. In this case, make sure to educate your staff about the importance of using gloves, not only to protect their hands from the cleaning agents when sanitizing but to ensure that their hands will not contaminate the food being prepared and served in your restaurant after.

Also, use microfiber cloths in cleaning and polishing your kitchen storage and surfaces to ensure that any potential damage to your surface is mitigated.

Regular Restaurant Cleaning Schedule

As a restaurant owner, you should also ensure that a regular cleaning schedule is maintained throughout your establishment. This should cover the periodic cleaning of your kitchen and service area before you open up for the day, as well as soon after you are closed.

In parallel to this, your toilets should also be cleaned at least every couple of hours. This means that you should have dedicated cleaning personnel to ensure that every area of your restaurant is clean and hygienic.

Clean and Presentable Staff Uniforms

Lastly, make sure that the uniforms of all your staff are clean and presentable, both for their benefit, as well as the benefit of your customers. When your staff is dressed properly, they will be more comfortable in doing their job. On the other hand, with clean uniforms, your customers will be more impressed with the quality of the restaurant and service that you have.

Burger Restaurants offer a wider choice of burgers and other items

A clean restaurant is a happy restaurant.

Customers are more conscious than ever about the food they eat. By building clear cleaning procedures into your operations plan and employee handbook, you’ll be improving the overall safety and comfort level of guests. In this case, it will help if you and your staff practice proper hand hygiene at all times from the food preparation to serving.

Also, make sure to sanitize your kitchen and all surfaces, and maintain a regular cleaning schedule. It is also a plus if you and your staff wear clean and presentable uniforms. All these are geared towards ensuring you satisfy loyal customers and creating an environment for future growth. 

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