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Learn more ways to make money faster. Straight talk from Anthony Salvagno, co-owner of S’wich it Up food truck on operating his first mobile food business for its first season this summer. No doubt this season has been full of ups-downs and unexpected break downs. Anthony and his brother Jason have needed to remain flexible and continue to solve problems quickly to keep their business running.

This was a summer of firsts for the Salvagno brothers. Their first operating a food truck full-time, becoming part-time repair men, and wearing all the different hats food truck owners must wear to operate their business. In today’s episode, Salvagno speaks candidly about what it’s like to operate a food truck that first critical season. We discuss what’s gone right, what’s gone terribly wrong, and what’s next for the business in today’s episode. Enjoy!

Quotes from the Show

There’s definitely been ups and downs. Some unexpected things. Some things that we weren’t able to predict, but were able to work through it anyways. And some things that shut us down for a small amount of time and we ended up getting it fixed anyways. – Anthony Salvagno on his first season operating a food truck. 

If I could give anybody advise I would say don’t be afraid to learn how everything on the food truck works. Definitely take the time to tinker with stuff, take stuff apart, and put it back together because it will safe you a lot of time and money in the end. – Anthony Salvagno’s advice for other food truckers. 



One of the innovative food demonstrations conducted by S’wich It Up.

What You’ll Learn

  • The ways Anthony and S’wich It Up have pivoted from their original business plan based on real world business results.
  • Why getting to know the inner workings of your food truck can save you time and money hiring out repairs
  • How S’wich It Up is adapting their menu to better serve different communities like brewery patrons, cross-fit participants, and even dog owners.
  • How S’wich It Up has quickly forged relationships with the local food truck community and how that has benefited their business.
  • Why getting to know regular customers are Anthony’s favorite part of operating a mobile food business.
  • Why S’wich it Up started doing food demos at their local farmer’s market
  • Why you need to vary where it is you’re vending.


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