Your First 365 Days on a Food Truck

by Food Truck Empire

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Learn how to raise capital and thrive during your first year of your mobile food business.

Unlike other books on the topic of starting a food truck this guide is firmly rooted in reality, not theory. This guide and audio training will teach you the system I used to raise capital, write a business plan, buy a food truck, and ultimately launch a profitable food truck business. 

Malcolm Bedell

Ancho Honey Food Truck in Tenants Harbor, Maine

What You'll Get:


Food Truck Training Manual

This seven-chapter training manual (immediately downloadable in PDF) will break down the steps needed to launch a profitable food truck business. Here's what you'll learn: 

  • How to Write a Business Plan and Create a Menu
  • How to Secure Financing through Loans and Crowdfunding
  • Passing Healthcare Requirements / Permitting
  • How to Choose a Food Truck Builder
  • Things that Can and Will Go Wrong When You Get Started
  • How to Operate a Food Truck During Your First Season


7 Audio Chapters in MP3

Over 4-hours of exclusive interviews are included with this explaining the steps and challenges Malcolm faced when starting his business. These topics correspond with each chapter of the training manual and are critical to understanding the highs and lows of operating a food truck your first year.


Limited Time Bonus

You'll also get a completed food truck business plan sample to help plan, organize, and launch a successful mobile food business.

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If you're thinking about starting a food truck business, Your First 365 Days on a Food Truck will help prepare you for what's ahead. Get the digital guide now and prepare your business for what's ahead.