Did you know that volleyball was invented for businessmen who found basketball to be too vigorous? It’s true. All thanks to William G. Morgan, the physical director of the Young Men’s Christian Association in Massachusetts, volleyball is now considered one of the most played sports in the world.

Whether you’re playing for a small town league or a college team, the right slogan can inspire your team to reach new heights. Luckily, this blog post has more than 211+ spike-worthy slogans you can use to cheer on or encourage a volleyball team on the court.

Volleyball Slogans

  • Attack It With All Your Heart
  • My Life Consists Of Family And Volleyball Only
  • No Time To Do Drugs, Just Volleyball
  • I See A Ball, I Spike It
  • Always Ready To Score
  • Hit And Spike All Day Every Day
  • May Your Coffee Be As Strong As My Spike
  • I Play For The Ball
  • Serving You Quality Volleyball Games
  • Keep Calm And Spike It
  • Serve It Like You Mean It
  • The Volleyball Craze Will Rule The Universe
  • You Can’t Stop The Adrenaline
  • I Breathe Volleyball 24/7
  • Volleyball Makes Life Worth Living
  • It’s The Sport Of The Century
  • We Live To Play Volleyball
  • Every Match Is Crucial
  • Spike It Hard For Your Opponent
  • It’s Always Volleyball Season
  • Always In The Mood To Volley
  • Set It Up For The Right Play
  • Dig It Like You Mean It
  • Save The Ball With All Your Might
  • A Clean Serve Saves The Day
  • Attack The Ball With All Your Might
  • Made For The Game
  • Block Like There’s No Tomorrow
  • Middle Blockers Are Twin Towers
  • The Pancake Dive Is Always Worth Watching

A beautiful sunset view while playing beach volleyball.

Funny Volleyball Slogans

  • Spike It Like You Mean It.
  • Imagine Your Enemy’s Face On The Ball.
  • Women Who Play Volleyball Are Stronger Than Men.
  • You’ll Always Have The Desire To Spike.
  • Play Volleyball When You’re Mad.
  • Every Spike Should Send The Ball To Heaven.
  • Jump Like There’s No Tomorrow.
  • Block The Ball Like Your Life Depends On It.
  • Don’t Be The Player That Kills The Game.
  • A True Volleyball Player Doesn’t Always Have To Be Tall.
  • Don’t Be Friends With People Who Don’t Play Volleyball.
  • If The World Ends I’ll Just Be Playing Volleyball.
  • No Other Sport Can Make Me Jump High.
  • That Feeling Of Hitting The Ball And Going Straight To The Net.
  • No Net Ball Problems.
  • Tall Girl Problems When Playing Volleyball.
  • Touch The Net And You’re Dead.
  • Leave The Floor Open And You’re Down.
  • Never Let The Ball Go Out.
  • Hit It When It Goes To You.
  • You Have No Choice But To Spike It.
  • Spiking The Ball Does The Trick.
  • It’s Never Just Two Sets.
  • Previous Sets Don’t Matter When There’s The Fifth Set.
  • Spike It Towards Your Future.

Volleyball Slogans for T-Shirts

  • Volleyball Star Of The Season
  • There’s Always Time To Play Volleyball
  • Respect The Game, Respect The Players
  • A Friendship Game Of Volleyball
  • Got Beach Dig?
  • You Can’t Be A Blocker If You’re A Coward
  • Jump As High Up Above The Net
  • Always Go For The Pancake Dive
  • Always Save That Ball
  • Keep That Ball Alive
  • Always Risking My Life For The Ball
  • Always Serve In Position
  • Set It Up For Success
  • 3 Sets Or Nothing
  • Never Goes To The 5th Set
  • No Time To Waste For Playing Volleyball
  • Volley The Ball With Me
  • I Can Spike A Ball So Hard
  • I Never Let Any Ball On My Side Hit The Floor
  • I Never Touch The Net
  • I Like Serving Balls
  • The Libero Of The Century
  • I Play Like I’m The Team Captain
  • I Can Live Without The Coach
  • Volleyball Makes My Heart Pound
  • Be The Next Volleyball Captain
  • The Player That Digs
  • Block It With Your Might
  • Libero Of The Century
  • Always A Volleyball Player
  • Proud Libero
  • Always A Service Ace
  • Settled In 3 Sets 

Volleyball Slogans for Posters

  • Bring Your Game Face On.
  • Volley The Ball Every Day.
  • Volleyball Is My Exercise.
  • We don’t foul.
  • Live And Breathe Volleyball.
  • The Sports That Pull People Together.
  • Serve The Ball While It’s Hot.
  • Keep The Ball Alive.
  • Double block? More like triple block.
  • Liberos Are Tough People.
  • Always Loved The Free Ball.
  • Tip It Over To The Other Side.
  • Ace It Up.
  • A Busy Rally By The Volleyball Goddesses.

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  • There’s Always The Touch.
  • We Hate The Net Ball.
  • Three Touches And A Win.
  • Always Ready To Serve The Ball.
  • No Ball Hits The Ground.
  • Wing It With Every Spike.
  • Volleyball Champions.
  • Ready To Block Your Ball.
  • Look out for our isolation play.
  • Will Dig Like There’s No Tomorrow.
  • The Ace In Every Volleyball Game.
  • I’m The Captain For A Reason.
  • Playing Volleyball Since Forever.
  • Volleyball Is In My Blood.
  • I Live To Play Volleyball.
  • No Other Sports Come Close.

Volleyball Slogans for Business

  • Be The Next Big Volleyball Star
  • Your Future Depends On Where You Place That Ball
  • Give It Your All
  • We’ll Make You The Champion
  • Keep The Order On The Court
  • No Foul Play
  • No Cry Babies On The Court
  • Never Hit The Ball With Your Face
  • We’re Betting On The Best Team
  • It’s A Pleasure Training The Best Team There Is
  • Train To Be The Next Big Volleyball Star

A volleyball player trying to block the ball.

College Volleyball Slogans

  • Where Cute Girls Try To Play Ball
  • It’s The Sport Of Everyone
  • Play It Like It’s Your Last Game
  • Every Set Matters
  • The Attack Is What Matters
  • Never Serving Underhand
  • We Make Volleyball History
  • College Volleyball Is Not Your Usual Volleyball
  • Balls Over Studies
  • Keep Your Body Moving
  • Never Keep Your Eye Off The Ball
  • Reach For That Dig
  • Make The Pancake Dig
  • Pancake Digs Are The Best Thing
  • Always Shout Mine
  • It’s A Privilege To Say Mine
  • The Best Thing In College
  • Volleyball Over Hoes

Beach Volleyball Slogans

  • It’s Like Normal Volleyball But A Lot Harder.
  • You’ll Feel Like Walking On Glue.
  • Playing Volleyball In An Almost Bikini.
  • You Get A Tan While Playing Ball.
  • It’s The Sport Not Everyone Can Play.
  • It Takes The Best Players To Excel At Beach Volleyball.
  • It’s The Real Test Of Strength And Agility.
  • I’m a cross court shooter in a bikini.

Sand Volleyball Slogans

  • It Takes A Lot More Skills To Play Volleyball On The Sand.
  • Get Ready To Get Some Sand On Your Eyes.
  • Always Keep The Ball On Your Eyes.
  • Never Mistake The Sun With The Ball.
  • It Goes Up And Quickly Goes Down.
  • It’s Never Fun To Play On The Sand.
  • You Drain Your Energy Faster When Playing On The Sand.
  • Sand Volleyball Is For The Risk Takers.
  • Not Built For Sand Volleyball.
  • There’s A Special Type Of Players Who Can Do Sand Volleyball.
  • Try To Have The Best Time.
  • Struggles Will Be Worth It.
  • Sand It Down.
  • Playing Ball On The Sand.
  • Skip It To The Third Set.
  • One Set, One Win.
  • Women Unite Through Volleyball.

Triple block at an intense men’s indoor volleyball game.

Women’s Volleyball Slogans

  • Women Always Play Volleyball All Out.
  • It’s time to dig in deep.
  • Not Because We’re Women Doesn’t Mean We’re Weak.
  • We Serve It Like We Mean It.
  • We are the cut shot call girls.
  • We Can Jump Higher Than Men.
  • We are the bump pass babes.
  • Ladies that attack the net.
  • We are the jump serve Janes!
  • Always Get The Ball Over The Net.
  • Jumping As High As The Sky.
  • We’re chicken with (volley) balls.

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  • We Attack, Spike and Block.
  • Girls Who Play Smack The Ball.
  • First You Serve Then You Dig.
  • We are the backcourt babes.
  • Love Your Sport, Love Your Team.
  • Keep Your Eye On The Ball.
  • Three Touches Is All It Takes.
  • Hand It Over The Net.
  • I Am A Libero That Gets To Every Ball.
  • No Ball Touches The Floor On My Watch.
  • Jump High And Spike It.
  • We’re Beasts On The Court.
  • Better Watch Where You Take That Ball.

Men’s Volleyball Slogans

  • Men’s Volleyball Is A Whole Other Universe.
  • Real Men Play Volleyball.
  • It’s The Sport Of Tough Men.
  • Tough Men Play Volleyball.
  • We offer free balls here.
  • We Take Every Game Like Its Our Last.
  • Always Better To Watch Men’s Volleyball Games.
  • Volleyball Is Our Way Of Life.
  • We Are One With The Team And The Sport.
  • It’s The Sport Of Our Lives.
  • We Give Our All With Every Game.
  • The Sport That Trains People To Be Good At Everything.
  • Sporty With A Bit Of Angst.
  • Always Gets The Score.
  • Bring It Down The Line.

Volleyball Taglines

  • It’s always a good time to play volleyball.
  • Beach volleyball is a whole new game.
  • You can’t be on the front line if you’re a coward.
  • You can’t play volleyball if you’re scared of balls.
  • Men have no balls if they can’t play volleyball.
  • Only three contacts allowed.
  • Volleyball makes our world go round.
  • It’s the only sport you can love.
  • A game of ball and volleying.
  • You have to run and hit that ball.
  • Whatever happens, never let that ball hit the floor.
  • Give it your all and spike it.
  • Always go down the line when serving.
  • My serve never fails.
  • Serving ace? Yes, I am.

Girls volleyball team getting ready for the game.

Volleyball Sayings

  • “If you wanted a soft serve, you should have gone to dairy queen.” – Anonymous
  • “There’s nothing worse than the feeling of wishing you had another chance to play because you weren’t ready.” –
  • “Volleyball is 20 percent athleticness and 80 percent mental.” – Anonymous
  • “Good players inspire themselves. Great players inspire others.” – Anonymous
  • “Practice like it’s competition and compete like it’s another day on the practice court.” – Karch Kiraly
  • “To be a better volleyball player than you’ve ever been, you have to do something that you’ve never done.” – Anonymous

“It takes a lot of hard work and dedication just like any sport. Especially for beach volleyball, you don’t have to be tall or fast as in other sports. You just have to have the skills.” – Misty May-Treanor

  • “The wise coach takes all the heat when his players lose and gives them all the credit when they win.” – John Kessel
  • “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference between volleyball success and volleyball failure.” – Anonymous
  • “Be a leader. A setter should be high energy. It’s important that you learn how to give positive, constructive criticism. It’s crucial that you make your teammates feel comfortable. You should never be the most silent player in the gym.” – Anonymous
  • “No ball should ever touch the ground.” – Anonymous
  • “It’s not always about hitting the ball hard, it’s about knowing how to attack the ball depending on every situation.” – Anonymous
  • “When the game gets to the 5th set, it’s more about mental skills than the physical skills.” – Anonymous

Outside Hitter Slogans

  • Hit The Ball Like There’s No Tomorrow.
  • Outside Hitters Play The Ball However They Like It.
  • You Don’t Ever Want To Fight With Outside Hitters.
  • Outside Hitters Can Smash Your Face In A Second.

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  • A Slap From An Outside Hitter Can Bring Your Body Face Down.
  • They Always Give Their Best Spike.
  • Outside Hitters Are Not Shy To Show Their Strength.
  • Strength And Mind Work Tirelessly For Outside Hitters.
  • You Can Never Catch My Ball.
  • I Hit It With All My Might.
  • We Were Born To Hit.
  • Every day I’m spiking.
  • The Ball Flies To The Sky.
  • Ball Hits The Block And Goes Out.
  • It’s About How You Handle It.

Volleyball Slogans for Yearbook

  • “Volleyball made school so much more fun.” – Anonymous
  • “I only go to school to play volleyball.” – Anonymous
  • “Volleyball forces you to do well in school.” – Anonymous
  • “I will play volleyball for the rest of my life.” – Anonymous
  • “Volleyball made a whole difference in my life.” – Anonymous
  • “I’ve never experience anything more magical than playing volleyball.” – Anonymous
  • “The sport teaches you to stay strong and be competitive in life.” – Anonymous
  • “Keep the ball coming!” – Anonymous
  • “Life is like volleyball, you hit the ball many times, some may hit you hard, some may hit you soft, but how you respond to it will decide how your life continues.” – Anonymous

Whether you’re an experienced player or just like to watch, there’s plenty to love about this sport. And with the right slogan on your side, you can encourage your team to reach new heights. So what are you waiting for? Pick your favorite slogan and get out there to spike that ball, make that dig, and win.

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