July 1st marks the Canada Day celebration each year. My mom is Canadian and has frequently referenced the national holiday being the equivalent the Fourth of July in the United States. Here are more than a few slogans and quotes that honor this nation’s history and future.

Oh, Canada!

Canada Day Slogans

  • Canada. Thanks for everything you’ve given to current and future generations.
  • A Day Dedicated To Celebration.
  • Canada, Inside You.
  • Come To Life. Come To Canada.
  • This Is The Day We Remember.
  • Today Is Our Day to Remember and Celebrate.
  • Proud To Be Canadians.
  • We Build Canada.
  • Our Nation, Our Time.
  • The Canada Of A New Generation.
  • Canada, Let The Good Times Roll.
  • Be Alive This Day.
  • Canada Day In An Ever-Changing World.
  • Our Proudest Day Of The Year.
  • Our Nation Day.
  • Make This Day Yours.
  • It’s All About The Country.
  • One Goal, One Passion.
  • Experience Canada Today.

Canada Quotes

“Canada is the homeland of equality, justice, and tolerance.“ – Kim Campbell

“When I’m in Canada, I feel this is what the world should be like.” – Jane Fonda

“We have it all. We have a great diversity of people, we have a wonderful land, and we have great possibilities. So all those things combined there’s nowhere else I’d rather be.” – Bob Rae

“I think Canada has a great story, and I’m glad to tell it.” – Justin Trudeau

“Everything about Canada makes me proud to be Canadian.“ – Jason Priestley

“We only need to look at what we are really doing in the world and at home and we’ll know what it is to be Canadian.” – Adrienne Clarkson

“Canada is a country of ingredients without a cuisine; we’re a country with musicians without an indigenous instrument; Toronto’s a city that doesn’t even have a dish named after it.” – Mike Myers
“The honor of carrying the Canadian flag… brings with it a sense of duty, privilege, and above all, great pride.” – Tessa Virtue

“It would seem I wouldn’t have written anything if I weren’t influenced by Canada’s history, its weather, the landscape, and its stories.” – Anne McDonald

“Canada is the only country in the world that knows how to live without an identity.” – Marshall McLuhan

“Canada is the only country founded on the relentless pursuit of the rodent.” – Preston Manning

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“I’ve been to Canada, and I’ve always gotten the impression that I could take the country over in about two days.” – Jon Stewart

“Canada has two emblems – the beaver and the maple.” – John Dawson

“I’m not a hockey fan, which is probably why I had to leave Canada in the first place.” – Ryan Reynolds

“Canada is a broad land – broad in mind, broad in spirit, and broad in the physical expanse.” – Harry S. Truman

“Canadians are more polite when they are being rude than Americans are when they are being friendly.” – Edgar Friedenberg

“A diverse mix of voices leads to better discussions, decisions, and outcomes for everyone.” – Sundar Pichai

“Your Canadian roots define you for all of your life, no matter where you go, no matter what you do.” – Alanis Morissette

“Canadian pride may not rest on our sleeves, but it resides deeply in our hearts.” – Steve Miller

Funny Canada Slogans

  • No Need To Worry When You’re In Canada.
  • Canada, The Better Choice North Of The Border.
  • Canada, Where Beavers Are Everywhere.
  • It’s The Moose Wonderful Time Of The Year.
  • Don’t Moose With Us!
  • Oh Canada, Oh No!
  • Canada Is A-Moosing.
  • It’s America On Ice!
  • Canada, Built On Dead Beavers.
  • Canada, Only When You Want Maple.
  • When Cold Is Not Enough.
  • Cana-Duh?!
  • Canada, Where Graj Is Where You Park Your Car.
  • Canadian Weather Is “Snow” Joke.
  • The Views Are Unbe-Leaf-Able.
  • We Don’t Care What You Do, Just Watch Hockey.
  • Warm In The Winter? Come To Canada.
  • Tired Of Rude People? Go To Canada.
  • I’m Canadian, Eh!

Canadian Tourism Slogans

  • Canada Is The Place To Be!
  • The Only Way Is To Go Way Up North.
  • Learn More About The Biggest Least Inhabited Place On Earth.
  • Canada Gets You Going’.
  • It’s That Canada Feeling.
  • Passion. Possibilities. Tourism.
  • Stay Cool And Come To Canada.
  • Canada, One Of The Best Places To See And Experience.
  • Canada, The Beating Heart Of The North.
  • We Do Tourism Right.
  • A Cold Yet Beautiful Place Up North.
  • Your Vision, Our Vision.
  • Canada, Experience The Difference.
  • Feel The Magic Of Canada.
  • Cool People Choose Canada.
  • It’s Paradise Up North.
  • Canada, You’ll Love It!
  • Fulfill Your Dreams In Canada.
  • Make It Canada.

Famous Canadian Slogans

  • Heart of The New West.
  • City of Champions.
  • An Oasis on the Prairies.
  • The Mile Zero City.
  • The Tournament Capital.
  • Orchard City.
  • Salmon Capital of the World.
  • Pearl of the Sunshine Coast.
  • Home of Champions.
  • Polar Bear Capital of the World.
  • Hub of the North.
  • Gateway to the West.
  • Crossroads of the World.
  • The Iceberg Capital of the World.
  • The Birthplace of New Scotland.
  • The Maple City.
  • Ice Fishing Capital of North America.
  • Gateway to the North.
  • The Big Smoke.

The Canadian Maple Leaf.

Canadian Mottos

  • A Mari Usque Ad Mare (From Sea To Sea) – Dominion Of Canada
  • Quaerite Prime Regnum Dei (Seek Ye First The Kingdom Of God) – Newfoundland
  • Fortis Et Liber (Strong And Free) – Alberta
  • Ut Incepit Fidelis Sic Permanet (Loyal She Began, Loyal She Remains) – Ontario
  • Munit Haec Et Altera Vincit (One Defends And The Other Conquers) – Nova Scotia
  • Je Me Souviens (I Remember) – Québec
  • Splendor Sine Occasu (Splendor Without Diminishment) – BcMultibus E Gentibus Vires (From Many Peoples Strength) – Saskatchewan
  • Parva Sub Ingenti (The Small Under The Protection Of The Great) – Pei
  • Nunavut Sanginivut (In Inuktitut) (Nunavut, Our Strength) – Nunavut
  • Spem Reduxit (Hope Was Restored) – New Brunswick
  • Gloriosus Et Liber (Glorious And Free) – Manitoba
  • En Avant (Advance) – Ottawa
  • Desiderantes Meliorem Patriam (Desire A Better Country) – Order Of Canada
  • With Glowing Hearts – Motto For The Vancouver 2010 Olympic And Paralympic Winter Games
  • Sapere Aude (Dare to be Wise) – University of New Brunswick
  • Soyons Fiers D’être Canadien (It’s Great To Be A Canadian) – Canadian Progress Club
  • Quaecumque Vera (Whatsoever Things Are True) – University Of Alberta
  • Mo Shùile Togam Suas (I Will Lift Up My Eyes) – University Of Calgary

Canadian Saying