The month of October is breast cancer awareness month dating back to 1985. Millions of people worldwide join together each year to raise awareness about breast cancer impacting  1 in 8 women in the US. An estimated 42,000 women and 500 men in the US die each year because of breast cancer.

Experts believe that early detection can save lives which highlights the importance of yearly screening and check-ups. This event is not only a time to remember women we’ve lost, but to raise awareness about regular check-ups.

If you’re organizing an educational and fundraising programs to raise awareness about breast cancer, you can use any of these marketing slogans to promote the campaign on signs, social media, and even t-shirts. Here’s a list of meaningful breast cancer awareness campaign slogans you can use to make an even bigger impact this year.

breast cancer awareness ribbon

Breast cancer awareness ribbon.

Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign Slogans

  • The Ribbon Everyone Should Wear
  • Fight Breast Cancer
  • Have Power, Have Awareness
  • We Can Fight Breast Cancer
  • Giving Hope To Women
  • Strong Women Against Breast Cancer
  • Find The Cure, Find Hope
  • Early Detection Can Save Lives
  • Go For A Monthly Check-Up
  • We Are Fighting For All Women
  • Big Or Small, We Will Fight For All
  • Let’s Beat Breast Cancer
  • Save Lives By Early Detection
  • Boo Cancer, Yes To Healthy Life
  • THE Pink Ribbon
  • The Ribbon Of Hope And Awareness
  • Fight Like A Girl
  • Always Check Yourself
  • You Are Not Alone
  • Not One Girl’s Problem
  • A Battle For Everyone
  • Battle Worth Fighting For
  • A Battle We’ll Never Give Up
  • Spread Breast Cancer Awareness
  • Save Your Mom, Sister And Friend
  • Pink Is Our Color
  • The Hope That Comes In Pink
  • Find The Cure
  • Have Faith You’ll Survive
  • Stand Strong Against Breast Cancer
  • Beat The Fear, Survive The Battle
  • The Battle Worth Fighting For
  • A Battle Not Fought Alone
  • Keep Calm And Beat Breast Cancer
  • It’s Just A Phase, Keep Going
  • Cancer Is Nothing To A Fighter
  • I’m Not Backing Down, Cancer
  • It’s Just The Beginning, I Will End This
  • Awareness Makes The Difference
  • Awareness Can Change Lives
  • Fight The Big C, Be In Control Of Your Life

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  • No One Says You Can’t Fight Breast Cancer
  • One Day, It Will Go Away
  • Fighting The Big C Is A Challenge
  • It’s More Than Just A Pink Ribbon
  • Let’s Come Together To Fight Breast Cancer
  • Find The Lump, Save The Bump
  • Go For A Check-Up And Save Your Life
  • Prevention Is Better Than Cure
  • Don’t Let The Battle Kill You
  • Spread Awareness Like A Disease
  • Stop It Before It Stops Your Life 
breast cancer awareness t-shirt

Breast cancer awareness t-shirt.

Breast Cancer Sayings That Fit On A T-Shirt

  • I Survived
  • Save The Boobs
  • Fight The Battle
  • Your Life Matters
  • The Precious Boobs
  • Pink Ribbon
  • Join The Fight And Live
  • The Ribbon Of Hope
  • One Pink Ribbon
  • Standing Strong
  • Early Detection Matters
  • Schedule A Check-Up
  • Waiting For The Cure
  • You Have Breasts Too
  • It’s A Battle For Everyone Not Just Women
  • Pray For A Cure
  • Women’s Health Is Important
  • Cancer Can’t Beat Me
  • Not A Battle Fought Alone
  • Beat Breast Cancer
  • The Girls Need Your Help
  • Let The Girls Live
  • A Mountain Of Hope
  • Together We Stand To Fight Breast Cancer
  • The Pink Fight We Should Win
  • Together We Hope
  • A Battle Fought Every Single Day
  • October Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month
  • Survivors Are The Bravest Ones
  • The Battle To Live Long
  • Breast Cancer Isn’t Sexy
  • It’s Just Breast Cancer, I’m A Strong Girl
  • Breast Cancer Can’t Stop Me
  • I’m More Than My Condition
  • I Will Fight Until The End
  • I’m Not Letting Go Of My Life
  • Breast Cancer Is A No No
  • Hope Is What I’m Holding On To
  • Don’t Fear, Just Hope
  • Have The Strength To Fight
  • Never Give Up
  • No Boob Is Better Than Boobs With Cancer
  • It’s My Life Battle
  • Endure The Pain Until It Goes Away
  • Breast Cancer Kills 
Pink ribbon.

Pink ribbon.

Funny Breast Cancer Awareness Slogans

  • Free The Boobs Of Cancer
  • The Two Babies Need To Be Healthy
  • Healthy Boobs, Health Girl
  • Cancer Ain’t Got Nothing On Me
  • Breasts Matter, You Don’t
  • The Boobs That Will Guide The Way
  • On Wednesdays We Wear Pink Ribbons
  • Real Men Wear Pink
  • Support Your Wife And Mistress, Fight Breast Cancer
  • Cancer Sucks Like You Do
  • Breast Cancer Awareness Is Not Just a Month.
  • Fighting Breast Cancer Takes Everyone.
  • Every Ribbon Makes A Difference.
  • Awareness Is Power.
  • Early Detection Saves Lives.
  • A Cure Worth Fighting For.
  • One Team. One Dream. Let’s Find A Cure.
  • Feel For Lumps, Save Your Bumps.
  • Fight Like A Girl. Fight Strong.
  • Fighting Breast Cancer Takes Everyone

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  • I’m Here For The Cure
  • The Lumps Hid In The Bumps
  • Touch And Feel The Lumps
  • Better To Be Flat Chested Than Have Breast Cancer
  • Small Or Big, They Matter
  • You Can Get It Too, Dumbhead
  • Breast Cancer Targets Guys Too
  • Breast Cancer Isn’t An Exclusive Club For Girls
  • Stop Being A Pervert And Spread Breast Cancer Awareness
  • I Need To Save My Girls
  • Don’t Let The Sexy Bumps Go Leaving

Slogans About Fighting Cancer

  • The Big C Is A Downer
  • Together We Can Fight Cancer
  • It’s A Matter Of Life And Death
  • Live Life Like You Don’t Have Cancer
  • It’s A Battle For The Strong Ones
  • Rest And Fight The Battle Again
  • A Never-Ending Fight
  • You Either Win Or Lose
  • Cancer Sucks
  • No One Deserves To Suffer
  • Fight The Odds
  • Start And Win The Battle
  • You’re Not Alone
  • Get In The Battle Ready To Fight
  • You Can Win This Fight
  • Choose Life, Choose Hope
  • Dream Big And Fight The Big C
  • Make Every Moment Count
  • The Angels That Enter The Battle
  • Find Better Treatments
  • Cling To Science And Find Hope
  • Just A Road Block
  • It’s More Than Just A Word
  • Cancer Started The Fight But I’ll End The Fight
  • Cancer Is Like The Grim Ripper
  • Fight Cancer Like There’s No Tomorrow
  • Fight Cancer Like It’s Your Only Fight
  • Kill Cancer, Save Lives
  • The Cure Will Add Hope And Lives
  • A Peaceful World Is One Without Cancer
  • No Backing Out Of Fighting Cancer
  • Keep Going And Keep Fighting
  • Stay Strong Everyday
  • The Cure Can Lead To New Beginnings
  • Give People The Chance To Live
  • Stop Destroying Dreams
  • It’s Not An Endless Battle
  • You’ll Be Stronger At The End Of The Battle
  • You’ll Make It
  • Don’t Let Cancer Beat You
  • You Have To Win Against Cancer
  • Fight And Win The Battle
  • The Big C Is The Big Enemy
  • Round 1 Is Yours, Round 3 Is Mine
  • Let’s K.O. Cancer
  • It’s Not A Battle Against Myself
  • We Are With You Every Step Of The Way
  • Cancer Is Nothing With Your Fighting Spirit
  • Fight Cancer With Courage And Strong Will
  • Save The Breasts, Save Lives 
awareness ribbons

Awareness ribbons.

Breast Cancer Slogans For Fundraising Efforts

  • Every Dollar Matters
  • Hand-In-Hand To Fight For Their Lives
  • Make Your Money Count
  • Lend A Dollar, Prolong A Life
  • Care About Those Who Suffer
  • Lend Them Good Health
  • Make An Effort
  • Fight Their Battle
  • Join The War Against Cancer
  • Let’s Be Together And Fight Breast Cancer
  • A Little Sacrifice Goes A Long Way
  • Give Me A Part Of Your Wallet
  • Let Us Fight For Them
  • Their Lives Matter As Much As Ours
  • Your Cent Can Make A Change
  • Little Steps, Little Cents
  • Give So Others Live
  • The Strong Women Who Fight For Their Lives
  • Girls Can Fight Too
  • As Strong As A Bear As Pretty As A Lion
  • Give What You Think They Deserve
  • Money Can Go A Long Way
  • Your Support Matters
  • Make A Difference, Donate Money Today
  • Give Money, Save Lives
  • The Act Of Giving Isn’t Just During Holidays
  • Be Santa For A Day And Give To Help Others
  • Pink October Should Be A Year-Long Celebration
  • Wear Pink And Raise Breast Cancer Awareness
  • Be Aware And Save Lives
  • The Meaningful Pink Ribbon
  • Give Money, Save A Life
  • Put Your Money To Good Use
  • Donate As Much As You Make
  • Do More Than Talk
  • Actions Speak Louder Than Words
  • Make Your Words Count. Donate Now
  • Spread The Word, Donate Money Now
  • Donate While You Can
  • Make A Difference. Make The Right Choice
  • Help Sustain A Life
  • Imagine It Was Your Mother, Sister And Friend
  • Your Little Sacrifice Will Go A Long Way
  • Make Your Life Worth It And Help Others
  • Your Dollars Can Go A Long Way
  • Find Meaning In Life And Donate Today
  • Be The One To Help
  • Spread The Goodness Of Life By Donating
  • Save A Life And Donate
  • Your Small Help Is Big For Them
  • Be The Hero Of Today
  • Fundraising Is Our Passion 

Breast Cancer Awareness Taglines

  • Win The Fight
  • Keep Fighting
  • Pink Is The Symbol Of Hope
  • Spread Hope And Awareness
  • Miracles Happen
  • A Mountain Of Hope Appears
  • Girls Stronger Than Men Winning The Fight
  • Fighting For Hope And Life
  • Do Your Part To Help
  • Raise Awareness And Save Lives
  • Thoughts Count But Actions Matter More
  • Educate And Save Yourself
  • Save The Women In Your Life
  • Early Detection Is Your Best Friend
  • Regular Check-Ups Can Change Lives
  • It Happens With Men Too
  • It’s Not Exclusive To Women
  • It’s A Fight For Everyone

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  • You Might Be Next, Don’t Let That Happen
  • What Are You Doing To Avoid Breast Cancer?
  • Save Others, Save Lives
  • Do Your Part, Spread Awareness
  • Sharing Is Caring, Spread Breast Cancer Awareness
  • A Bump That Leads To Dangerous Roads
  • Flatten The Bump And Save Lives
  • Breast Cancer Ruins Lives
  • Breast Cancer Kills Women
  • Your Mother Can Be Next
  • Do Your Part, Go For A Check-Up
  • Screening Can Save You
  • Bring Your Friend, Go For A Screening
  • Make Check-Ups A Yearly Thing
  • Don’t Level Up
  • Stage 1 Is Better Than Stage 4

What Are The Symbols Of Breast Cancer Awareness?

The pink ribbon is the most prominent symbol for breast cancer awareness and is used internationally. The ribbon expresses support for women with breast cancer. Many breast cancer organizations use the pink ribbon to promote breast cancer awareness and fundraising programs to support patients and their families.

Some of the top charities committed to ending breast cancer in women are the American Cancer Society (ACS), National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF), and the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Susan G. Komen is the recognized as the largest organization in the United States. All of these organizations accept donations and conduct work to benefit breast cancer survivors.

When Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month?

Breast cancer awareness month is celebrated in October of every year. It’s an annual campaign created to help raise awareness on breast cancer and its impact on the women and families who suffer from the disease. During this month, many organizations plan different events such as fundraising programs and activities to help educate people and celebrate the strong women who go through the battle by sharing survival stories to inspire those in need.  

In the United States, the first breast cancer awareness event was held in October 1985 and was founded by the American Cancer Society and the Imperial Chemical Industries Pharmaceuticals. This was a week-long event that was later on celebrated around the world each year since then.

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