I’m turning the spotlight on a Southern favorite that continues to expand across the nation: Zaxby’s. In this post, I’ll be exploring their menu, dissecting popular dishes like Chicken Fingerz and Zalads, and, of course, sharing the latest prices in 2023. I even share how to get a free Big Zax Snak during your next visit. 

Fingerz & Wingz Mealz

Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
Chicken Finger Plate4 Pcs. Regular$8.99
Chicken Finger Plate4 Pcs. Sauced$9.89
Chicken Finger Plate5 Pcs. Regular$10.29
Chicken Finger Plate5 Pcs. Sauced$11.29
Chicken Finger Plate6 Pcs. Regular$11.29
Chicken Finger Plate6 Pcs. Sauced$12.49
Great 8 Boneless Wings Meal$8.29
Boneless Wings Meal$7.49
Traditional Wings Meal$10.19
Big Zax Snak MealRegular$7.69
Big Zax Snak MealSauced$8.19
Wings & Things MealBoneless Regular Fingerz$10.89
Wings & Things MealBoneless Sauced Fingerz$11.49
Wings & Things MealTraditional Regular Fingerz$12.59
Wings & Things MealTraditional Sauced Fingerz$12.09

Sandwich Mealz

Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
Kickin Chicken SandwichSandwich Only$5.29
Kickin Chicken SandwichMeal$7.49
Zaxby's Signature SandwichSandwich Only$5.29
Zaxby's Signature SandwichMeal$7.89
Zaxby's Spicy Signature SandwichSandwich Only$5.29
Zaxby's Spicy Signature SandwichMeal$7.89
Zaxby's Signature Club SandwichSandwich Only$6.99
Zaxby's Signature Club SandwichMeal$8.89
Zaxby's Spicy Signature Club SandwichSandwich Only$6.99
Zaxby's Spicy Signature Club SandwichMeal$8.89
3 Nibblerz SandwichSandwich Only$6.29
3 Nibblerz SandwichMeal$8.29
Grilled Chicken SandwichSandwich Only$5.19
Grilled Chicken SandwichMeal$7.39

Big Saladz

Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
The Cobb ZaladFried$9.39
The Cobb ZaladGrilled$9.39
The Cobb ZaladGarden$7.29
The House ZaladFried$8.99
The House ZaladGrilled$9.09
The House ZaladGarden$6.99

Zax Kids

Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
Kiddie Fingerz$4.99
Kiddie Cheese$4.99

Sides, Fingerz, Wings & Extras

Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
Fried White Cheddar Bites$4.29
Fried Pickles$3.99
Chicken Fingerz5 Pcs. Regular$6.49
Chicken Fingerz5 Pcs. Sauced$7.49
Chicken Fingerz10 Pcs. Regular$12.49
Chicken Fingerz10 Pcs. Sauced$14.49
Chicken Fingerz20 Pcs. Regular$23.29
Chicken Fingerz20 Pcs. Sauced$23.99
Boneless Wings5 Pcs.$5.29
Boneless Wings10 Pcs.$8.99
Boneless Wings20 Pcs.$16.99
Traditional Wings5 Pcs.$6.29
Traditional Wings10 Pcs.$12.79
Traditional Wings20 Pcs. $23.89
Crinkle FriesRegular$2.19
Crinkle FriesLarge$2.49
Coleslaw - Cup$1.09
Basket of Texas ToastToast/Dry Toast$1.89
Extra Chicken FingerRegular$1.29
Extra Chicken FingerSauced$1.79
The Nibbler$1.89
Chicken Bacon Ranch Loaded Friesw/ chicken$7.99
Chicken Bacon Ranch Loaded Friesw/o chicken$5.99


Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
Chocolate Chip Cookie1 Pc$0.99
Chocolate Chip Cookie3 Pcs.$1.79


Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
Gallon of TeaSweet$3.99
Gallon of TeaUnsweet$3.99
Kidz Drink$1.09
Apple Juice$1.09

Extra Sauces

Menu ItemPrice
Zax Sauce$0.25
Spicy Zax Sauce$0.25
Honey Mustard$0.25
Tongue Torch$0.25
Sweet & Spicy$0.25
Buffalo Garlic Blaze$0.25
Hot Honey Mustard$0.25

Extra Dressing

Menu ItemPrice
Blue Cheese$0.25
Honey Mustard$0.25
Lite Vinaigrette$0.25

Zax Family Packs

Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
Fingerz Family PackRegular$26.99
Fingerz Family PackSauced$32.79
Boneless Wings Family Pack$28.49


Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
Chicken Fingerz Platter40 Pcs.$54.99
Chicken Fingerz Platter60 Pcs.$73.99
Buffalo Fingerz Platter$58.99
Boneless Wings Platter$49.99
Traditional Wings Platter$60.49
Chicken Fingerz and Traditional Wings Zampler PlatterRegular$60.49
Chicken Fingerz and Traditional Wings Zampler PlatterSauced$62.49
Chicken Fingerz and Boneless Wings Zampler PlatterRegular$51.99
Chicken Fingerz and Boneless Wings Zampler PlatterSauced$58.99
Nibblerz Platter$43.99
Tate Chips Platter$24.99
Texas Toast Platter$11.99
House Zalad PlatterPlatter/Bar$57.99
Cobb Zalad PlatterPlatter/Bar$59.99
Garden Zalad PlatterPlatter/Bar$50.99
Cookie PlatterRegular$7.99
Cookie PlatterLarge$25.99

Boxed Lunches

Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
Zaxby's Signature Sandwich Boxed Lunch$4.99
Grilled Chicken Sandwich Boxed Lunch$5.19
Fingerz Boxed Lunch2 Pcs.$3.29
Fingerz Boxed Lunch3 Pcs.$4.29
Fingerz Boxed Lunch4 Pcs.$5.39
Fingerz Boxed Lunch5 Pcs$6.49
Nibble Boxed Lunch$3.99
Boneless Wings Boxed Lunch$4.99
House Zalad Boxed LunchFried$8.99
House Zalad Boxed LunchGrilled$9.09
House Zalad Boxed LunchGarden$6.99
Cobb Zalad Boxed LunchFried$8.99
Cobb Zalad Boxed LunchGrilled$7.29
Cobb Zalad Boxed LunchGarden$9.39

FAQ’s About Zaxby’s Menu

Are Zaxby’s salads premade?

A lot of people ask if Zaxby’s salads are premade and the answer is no. The salads at Zaxby’s are made to order so you can be confident about the freshness of your meal. 

Zaxby's restaurant poster.

Zaxby’s restaurant poster.

A personal favorite of mine is Zaxby’s House Zalad, their signature salad that is made with their salad base, fried onions, cheddar cheese, and cucumber. You can also have it with fried or grilled chicken, either way, it sure is going to taste phenomenal. 

When does Zaxby’s open and close?

Here are the typical hours of operation for Zaxby’s:

  • Monday – Thursday: 10:30 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Friday – Saturday: 10:30 AM – 11:00 PM
  • Sunday: 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Keep in mind that some locations may have different slightly hours or be closed on holidays like Thanksgiving or Christmas. 

Zaxby's Chicken

Zaxby’s chicken.

Is Zaxby’s considered expensive?

Zaxby’s is considered a fast-casual restaurant and the prices generally reflect this. Most combo meals are priced between $9 and $15. It’s not considered “expensive” when compared to a fine dining or high-end restaurant, but it can be more expensive than other fast-food chains.

Of course there are plenty of people on social media and websites like Reddit who feel the prices have gone up way too much over the past couple of years. Here are some of the comments from Reddit users about Zaxby’s prices:

  • “I’ve always considered Zaxby’s to be the most expensive fast food chain.”
  • “Zaxby’s has always been too expensive.”
  • “I think Zaxby’s prices are justified because they use higher-quality ingredients.”

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I don’t want to share some of the more colorful comments here because this is a family-friendly website. As you probably already know though, Zaxby’s is not alone in increasing menu prices. 

According to the National Restaurant Association, menu prices at fast casual restaurants increased by an average of 7.2% between April 2022 and April 2023. Unfortunately, menu prices have increased everywhere that we track. If you want to save money, I suggest taking advantage of this promotion that will get you a free Big Zax Snak during your next visit. This is the best inflation busting offer I know of!

Will Zaxby’s ever bring back milkshakes?

In 2010, Zaxby’s announced a new line of products including chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry flavors. Since then, they’ve also come up with limited-time-only milkshake flavors to give their patrons more variety with their most-loved product. One of the most popular flavors was Birthday Cake milkshake. The shake had a vanilla ice cream base blended with cake-flavored syrup, whipped cream, and sprinkles to give it that birthday cake feel. 

However, in 2017, fans were shocked to find out that Zaxby’s are discontinuing their milkshakes, suggesting it was time for the boys to leave the yard. Expectedly, fans were not happy at all. Some even pointed out how it was such a waste having all that equipment only to be served a cookie desert which obviously, not everyone was a fan of. At the time of writing, there are no publicly announced plans to bring back milkshakes to the Zaxby’s menu. 

What is Zax Sauce?

Many fans swear by the deliciousness of Zaxby’s Zax Sauce and I happen. I love a signature sauce. While the exact recipe is a secret, there are many copycat recipes available online that list ingredients like mayonnaise, ketchup, garlic powder, Worcestershire sauce, and black pepper. If you play around with these core ingredients, you might be able to come up with something that comes close. 

Zaxby's fries

Zaxby’s fries and sauce.

The signature dip from Zaxby’s is characterized by its creamy texture and a flavor profile that balances savory, sweet, and slightly tangy elements with a hint of spiciness

Does Zaxby’s have side salads?

Yes, Zaxby’s has side salads and they’re great when paired with chicken. Zaxby’s side salad or house salad has between 150 – 180 calories depending on the dressing you pick. This salad comes with mixed greens, red cabbage, carrots, cucumbers, Roma tomatoes, cheddar and Jack cheeses, and fried onions with Texas Toast. 

What is Zaxby’s signature meal?

Originally, Zaxby’s Signature Sandwich was the star of the chain and for good reason, it was tasty and definitely filling. But in 2021, Zaxby’s rolled out a better version and called it the Signature Club Sandwich which features basically the Signature Sandwich plus two slices of bacon, pickle chips, and American cheese and of course slathered in Zax Sauce. 

Zaxby's chicken sandwich

Zaxby’s chicken sandwich.

Zaxby’s new Spicy Zax is made with jalapeño sauce and red cayenne and is supposed to be as spicy as the Tongue Torch Sauce. The Spicy Zax will taste like heaven for fans who want all that spice without burning down the flavor of the Signature Club Sandwich. According to Zaxby’s Chief Marketing Officer, the Signature Club Sandwich has been 30 years in the making.  

Originally, the Signature Club Sandwich was only available in certain areas and gradually rolled out to all locations. So, if you want something more special than Zaxby’s Signature Sandwich, I suggest getting the Signature Club Sandwich. I promise you won’t regret it. 

Are Zaxby’s wings good?

With eight different wing sauces, choosing just one flavor of Zaxby’s wings to order can be a challenge. The wing flavor options available at Zaxby’s include hot honey mustard, BBQ, Buffalo Garlic Blaze, teriyaki, sweet & spicy, Wimpy, and Tongue Torch available PLUS an additional 5 that can work as dips (honey mustard, ranch, blue cheese, Zax Sauce, and Spicy Zax). 

Zaxby's social media

Zaxby’s social media account.

Here are my favorite wing flavors to try out for yourself. I love spicy food so I am ranking Nuclear sauce the number 1 option. Nuclear is Zaxby’s spiciest sauce so if you don’t mind a little more spice than usual, go nuclear! Although it’s not as HOT as they described it to be, a “mouth-detonating mix of atom-splitting heat and serious flavor fallout.” 

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If you love classic Buffalo-style chicken wings your best bet is the Zaxby’s Wimpy flavor. Thanks to the added butter, the spice level is much more manageable for those who like it mild. 

Another Buffalo-style flavor is Zaxby’s Buffalo Garlic Blaze but with an added garlic flavor. This is another signature worth sampling in my humble opinion. After all, the taste of garlic has broad appeal. 

Sweet & spicy is another wing flavor that never goes out of style. The sweetness of honey gracefully waltzes with the fiery punch of chili in this wing flavor. 

The BBQ sauce hits the spot because it does what it should, giving you that BBQ taste on your chicken. Zaxby’s BBQ sauce tastes sweet and has a bit of a vinegary tang. 

What oils does Zaxby’s use to cook food?

Unlike other fast food restaurants that use peanut oil, Zaxby’s only uses soybean oil to cook food. Soybean oil has a higher smoke point than peanut oil making it more suitable for high-temperature cooking producing harmful smoke. Soybean oil also has a more neutral flavor than peanut oil, which allows the natural flavors of food to shine through.

What is a nibbler at Zaxby’s?

Zaxby’s Nibbler is their classic Chicken Fingerz put into a toasted bun and served with Zax Sauce. If you’re having friends over after school, you might want to order the Zaxby’s Nibblerz Platter which consists of 20 nibbler sandwiches. These are essentially chicken sandwich sliders. 

The only downside to the Nibblerz Platter is that you can’t order different types of nibbler sandwiches.

Can you get a free Big Zax Snak at Zaxby’s?

When you sign up for the Zaxby’s Rewards program, you’ll get a coupon for a free Big Zax Snak ($5.99 value).  This meal comes with three hand-breaded chicken fingers, Texas toast, crinkle fries, small drink, and a side of Zax Sauce. 

But that’s not all! What’s even better is that you’ll get a second free Big Zax Snak meal for your birthday when you sign up for the loyalty program. This adds up to a value of $11.98 in free food the first year you sign up for Zaxby’s Rewards at a minimum. 

If you haven’t downloaded their app yet and haven’t signed up for the Zax Club, today is the day to do so. 

Are there coupons or other discounts at Zaxby’s?

As I mentioned earlier, you can get discounts when you download the Zaxby’s app or by joining the rewards program. In addition to the free food you’ll also be notified about limited-time coupons and special offers. 

2 short kings

2 nibblers for $4 is a fantastic deal.

On your next Zaxby’s visit, make sure to check the bottom of the receipt you’ll usually find the Zaxby’s Listens area. Make sure to complete the survey in this are and you’ll get a BOGO Big Zax Snak coupon valued at $5.99. You just have to complete the survey within 14 days of your visit and it takes less than 15 minutes. Take note, you can get this coupon every time you visit a location and fill out the survey! 

Looking for ways you can gift a friend or a family member? How about giving them a Zaxby’s gift card? If you didn’t know, you can buy a Zaxby’s gift card from Raise doing so will get you a 2% discount. How cool is that? You’re given a discount by gifting a friend or loved one. It’s a win-win situation no matter what way you look at it. 

Are there menu hacks at Zaxby’s?

There are a lot of creative menu hacks at Zaxby’s. Here are some of my favorites that either save you money or allow you to try something experimental. 

Zaxby's menu

View the Zaxby’s menu.

Zax Family Packs for big groups 

First on the list is the Zax Family Packs. For only $24.99 you can order the Zax Family Pack where you can choose 20 Chicken Fingerz or 30 Boneless Wingz, plus 2 Baskets of Crinkle Fries, a basket of Texas Toast, and your choice of drink, whether that’s 1 gallon of tea or 4 small drinks. I don’t remember the last time I took my family out to dinner for $25 so this is a valuable offer.  

Zaxby’s Tuesday Deal: 99¢ Kids meal from 5 PM to 8 PM

You got kids aka children under 12 years old? Then remember the next hack and put it in your mind and soul. Every Tuesday, from 5 to 8pm, Kids Meals are only 99¢. 

But hold-up, before you plan your Tuesday visit to get dinner for the kids, you might want to call your Zaxby’s location first because some stores have this deal every Thursday. 

Zaxby’s Thursday Deal: Nibblerz only for 99¢

Nibblerz aka Zaxby’s chicken finger on a bun is originally sold at $1.69 each but that’s everyday except Thursday because Thursdays mean you can have it only for 99¢. This is a savings of 41% just for ordering the meal on Thursday. Plus, there’s no limit to the number of Nibblerz you can order at this discounted price. 

Zaxby’s Sunday Deal: 10% OFF Day with a Church Bulletin

Did you know that some Zaxby’s locations will give you 10% OFF on every single Sunday when you bring your church bulletin? Make sure to call ahead or contact your individual stores social media account to find out if your neighborhood Zaxby’s is making this offer. 

Upgrade your chicken finger sandwich

The next time you’re at Zaxby’s and want to try something new with your usual chicken finger sandwich, the best way to do it is by adding Zaxby’s Marinara and a slice of cheese. Promise, you will thank me later.

Upgrade your chicken sandwich meal

If you’re a chicken sandwich meal fanatic, there’s actually another way you can enjoy it better. All you have to do is a chicken sandwich meal and ask for honey mustard instead of ranch then put the fries on the sandwich. 

Add Zax Sauce: Zaxby’s is famous for their Zax Sauce. You could potentially add this sauce to items that don’t usually come with a menu item for a flavor boost.

Salad Swaps: If you’re ordering a salad, you could request different ingredients or dressings to customize it to your preference. Feel free to go wild and make something new based on the available restaurants on the restaurant.

Founded in August 1990, Zaxby’s is your typical American chain serving chicken wings, chicken fingers, salads, and sandwiches. Its goal was to serve good quality food in a fun environment. Zaxby’s prides itself on its incredibly good chicken and Zax Sauce. 

The first Zaxby’s restaurant was opened in Statesboro, Georgia by childhood friends Zach McLeroy and Tony Townley in September 1994. 

The chain mostly operates in the Southern United States and most of its restaurants are owned by franchisees, but 123 are owned by the company itself. As of 2022, there are 941 Zaxby’s restaurants in the United States. 

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