I recently took my two daughters, aged four and six, to Hibachi Grill for the first time ever. What an experience! Some of the highlights from the hibachi chef included impressive tricks like tossing a shrimp in the air and catching it in his apron to flipping a pair of spatulas like an old-west gun slinger.

In this post, I share the updated menu prices at Hibachi Grill in 2023 if you’re planning a visit soon. I also discuss the significant price increases over the past 2 years and share my personal experience dining here so you know what to expect.

Adult Buffet

MenuSize / QuantityPrice
All Day Sat.-Sun.$22.99

Senior Buffet

MenuSize / QuantityPrice
All Day Sat.-Sun.$17.99

Children’s Buffet

MenuSize / QuantityPrice
3 to 8 Years Old$8.99
9 to 12 Years Old$10.99

Buffet To Go

MenuSize / QuantityPrice
Regular Buffet To-GoPer Lb.$9.99
Seafood Buffet To-GoPer Lb.$15.99
Reg. w/Seafood Mixed To-GoPer Lb.$15.99
Dim Sum Buffet To-GoPer Lb.$16.49

Did Hibachi Grill Increase Buffet Prices? 

Hibachi Grill has had to increase the price of their buffet over the past few years. These increases are not unique to Hibachi Grill of course. Virtually every restaurant and buffet has been forced to pass along the increased cost of food, transportation, and wages to the consumer. As you can see from the chart below, the buffet prices of average percentage increase in buffet prices from 2020 to present is approximately 57.61%.

Hibachi Grill menu poster

Hibachi Grill menu poster.

Buffet Item: Lunch

  • 2020 Price: $9.69
  • Current Price: $14.99 (Increase: 54.70%)

Buffet Item: Dinner

  • 2020 Price: $12.89
  • Current Price: $19.99 (Increase: 55.08%)

Buffet Item: All Day Sat.-Sun.

  • 2020 Price: $12.89
  • Current Price: $22.99 (Increase: 78.36%)

Buffet Item: Senior Lunch

  • 2020 Price: $8.39
  • Current Price: $12.99 (Increase: 54.95%)

Buffet Item: Senior Dinner & All Day Sat. – Sun.

  • 2020 Price: $10.89
  • Current Price: $17.99 (Increase: 65.11%)

Buffet Item: Kids 3 to 8 Years Old

  • 2020 Price: $5.99
  • Current Price: $8.99 (Increase: 50.08%)

Buffet Item: Kids 9 to 12 Years Old

  • 2020 Price: $7.99
  • Current Price: $10.99 (Increase: 37.55%)

I won’t lie. The buffet prices from just a few short years ago look appealing. But hear me out, I still think the buffet is a good deal. I mean, you’ll be hard pressed to get a burger and fries for less than $10 at most sit-down restaurants. Considering you can still get all-you-can eat dinner for around $20 is a win in my book.

What is Hibachi Anyway? 

Hibachi is a traditional Japanese cooking method where food is cooked on a large, flat grill, usually in front of diners. The chef often performs various cooking tricks and skills to entertain the guests. It is Japanese in origin, not Chinese.

The word “hibachi” literally translates to “fire bowl,” referring to a traditional heating device. However, in the context of Westernized “hibachi” restaurants, it’s associated with teppanyaki-style cooking. “Teppan” means iron plate, and “yaki” means grilled.

beef chicken hibachi

Beef and chicken.

How much do you tip a hibachi chef?

For hibachi chefs, a tip of 20% of the bill is customary depending on the quality of service. Some diners might tip more if they feel the chef put on an exceptional show, cracked some good jokes, or provided a memorable dining experience.

When I was at the Hibachi Grill the chef did a tremendous job making the experience fun for my kids. The chef flipped some chicken into our mouths from the grill. The chef stacked onion rings to form a pyramid shape, then poured oil into the center and lit it on fire, making it look like a smoking volcano.

traditional Japanese cooking

Traditional Japanese cooking.

My four and six-year olds personal favorite was “the train.” The chef moved two spatulas rapidly against the griddle to make the chopped vegetables “chug” along like a train.

As a result of all the effort and attention from the hibachi chef, I decided to tip him $20 for the show or $5 per person at the table in our family. Then the

Tip Pooling: It’s not uncommon for restaurants, including hibachi restaurants, to pool tips among various staff members. This means that the tips could be split between chefs, servers, and sometimes even bussers or host/hostesses. The specifics of how tips are divided depend on the establishment’s policy.

What is the table arrangement at Hibachi Grill?

Upon entering Hibachi Grill our eyes were drawn to the distinct design of the tables. Each was essentially a dining stage: a sizable, gleaming grill sat in the center, encased in a sturdy frame that might’ve been dark polished wood or perhaps metal.

The seating arrangement was particularly intriguing for first timers. Chairs were placed around three sides of the rectangular grill, allowing diners a front-row view of the culinary performance. At each seat was a neatly set plate, a smaller dish likely for sauces, and a set of eating utensils, including chopsticks. The fourth side, conspicuously raised like a platform, was reserved for the chef.

Scallops and seafood served.

Scallops and seafood served.

Here, there was a mini arsenal of culinary tools. Spatulas of varying sizes were organized next to finely honed knives. There were also dainty bowls filled with vibrant seasonings, oils, and aromatic sauces. An overhead ventilation system.

As we settled into our seats, we found ourselves next to a jovial couple. They were decked out in oversized chef hats, prompting a whispered exchange between my daughters, speculating if the hats were rewards for being frequent patrons.

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Throughout the evening, the table transformed from a mere dining surface to an arena of culinary artistry. Our chef’s performance was punctuated by the clatter of utensils, the sizzle of ingredients, and the shared laughter of diners. And of course, the playful moment where a shrimp tail, seemingly lost to the grill, made a surprise appearance behind my youngest daughter’s ear, courtesy of our cheeky chef. We showed our praise by clapping, laughing, and dropping $20 into a tip jar for the chef.

By the end of our meal our chef bowed and exited stage right. The once-organized table was a delightful chaos of empty plates, scattered remnants of sauces, and shared memories. As we left, the unique table arrangement and those comical chef hats lingered in our minds, promising to be the topic of many future family anecdotes. If you decide to visit Hibachi Grill sometime soon, I promise you too will have some new stories to tell.

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