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Pizza Concession Buyer’s Guide

dough boys pizza truck

When you think of the hottest mobile food businesses hitting the streets today, you probably imagine some of the old standards: Taco trucks, hamburger slingers, maybe even the occasional barbecue wagon. But one of the most lucrative and profitable mobile businesses hitting the road today may catch you by surprise: The mobile pizza business.

Mobile pizza concession builds tend to be a little different than your standard-issue food truck, and it can be difficult to figure out how to get started and exactly what kind of equipment you need. If you’re trying to negotiate the ins and outs of the mobile pizza business, and you’re not sure exactly what kind of equipment you need, we’ve written a brief guide that can help you determine the size and type of pizza concession vehicle that best suits your needs.

The kind of pizza you want to sell is going to drive a lot of the decision making, when it comes to choosing your equipment for a mobile pizza business, as well as what kinds of similar businesses are operating in your chosen marketplace.

If you plan to offer artisan-style pies that can compete with even the highest-end local pizza businesses in town, you’ll probably need to consider a pizza vehicle that’s built around a massive wood or coal-fired pizza oven. In these types of concession units, most of the physical space in the vehicle is given over to the pizza oven, which can be both enormous and extraordinarily heavy, depending on the materials used for construction. These types of mobile units produce world-class pies, but often at the expense of space or capacity to do much else.

The WoodFire Pizza Wagon.

If artisanal crust considerations such as “gluten formation rate” and “yeast ratios” are less important to your pizza business, and you’re more concerned with cranking out decent pies quickly at a reasonable price, you may want to build your pizza truck around more traditional electric or gas ovens, which can still produce a quality product quickly and at a great price, albeit without some of the “high-end” pizza cache.

In this case, you’ll be looking for a truck which can handle cooking multiple pies quickly, with plenty of auxiliary space for refrigerating dough (either homemade or store-bought), as well as additional storage for cheese and refrigerated storage, and disposable items like pizza boxes, napkins, cups, plates, and straws.

Because you won’t have the space you need for a gigantic multi-deck oven that can fire multiple pies at once, look for trucks or trailers built around ovens that may sacrifice multi-pie volume for ultra-fast cook times. Many of these ovens can cook a pizza in two minutes or less, which means that even if you can’t cook multiple pies at the same time, you’ll be able to pass them through the oven quickly.

While all of this equipment can be crammed into a towable cart or even a small concession trailer, most mobile pizza businesses will need a larger vehicle to suit their needs. Remember, whether you’re going for a wood or coal fired traditional oven, or a rapid-turnover electric or propane pizza oven, much of your truck or trailer’s real estate is going to be eaten up by housing your ovens.

Trailers and carts are typically much less expensive than a large step van or food truck, but do have some limits, in terms of your opportunities for expansion. While you can always start a pizza business that offers just a few different kinds of pies, what if you want to start selling drinks, garlic knots, or pasta dishes?

If your pizza truck dreams include eventually growing and expanding into other offerings, a larger investment in a larger vehicle with room to handle this expansion may make good sense.

Standard Equipment List:

Pizza Tonight Image

What you’ll need to make pizza.

Whether you eventually plan to offer a full-scale self-contained Italian food solution, or simply want to stick to basic pizza service, there are a few “standard features” for a piz