Muslims around the world mark Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, as a time of fasting, prayer, introspection, and solidarity. Ramadan may be phrased as Ramazan, Ramadhan, or Ramathan. The yearly Ramadan observance, which marks the anniversary of Muhammad’s first revelation is among the Five Pillars of Islam and lasts from one sighting of the crescent moon to another for a period of twenty-nine to thirty days.

Want to wish our Muslim brothers well in this time of reflection? Here are some example messages and well wishes you can share during the holy month of Ramadan.

Ramadan is a time of joy and connection.

Ramadan Wishes for Work

I send you my best wishes for peace and joy as we observe the holy month of Ramadan. Ramadan Mubarak!

Always keep in mind that Allah is around you if you ever feel down or alone. He will never abandon you and will always lead you. Ramadan Mubarak!

I pray to Allah that He fills your life with innumerable moments of joy and happiness. Happy Ramadan!

O Allah, pardon us for all of our transgressions and accept us into your bounty and joy. Please grant us the fortitude to face sins because we are so vulnerable.

May Allah grant us the fortitude to have a good beginning to this Ramadan. Kareem Ramadan Mubarak!

We pray that Allah gives us brave hearts and guides us toward victory. Ameen. May Allah remain with us forever.

In your prayers, please don’t forget about my family and I. For Ramadan, my family and I wish you all the best and may God bless you all.

I send my best wishes for a blessed Ramadan to you and your family. May Allah provide us the fortitude to meet this month’s obligations.

I pray that Allah Almighty may keep you and your family safe and prosper. He is the sole deliverer. A blessed Ramadan to everybody!

I send you and your family my best wishes for four weeks of blessings, thirty days of pardon, and seven hundred and twenty hours of enlightenment during this sacred month of Ramadan. Ramadan Mubarak!

I hope you can spend this Ramadan performing good deeds with your family. O Allah, pardon us for all our transgressions and accept us into the privileged ones.

This Ramadan, I send you and your family my sincere wishes for numerous blessings from Allah. Happy Ramadan Kareem!

Do commit to making an effort to break all of the negative habits during this Ramadan. O Allah, pardon us for all of our past transgressions.

Ramadan Wishes for the Boss

May you purify your soul this month and carry its energy with you always. Happy Ramadan, sir, and be kind to all.

Ramadan is not merely a custom or a religious observance. It is an act of adoration directed at Allah and the principles of the Qur’an. Ramadan Kareem!

I want to wish you, sir, a joyous, healthy, and spiritual holy month.

May you experience the happiest and purest love and happiness you have ever imagined throughout this Ramadan. I hope the festival of lights makes your life and the lives of your loved ones brighter. Ramadan Mubarak!

On this holy day, I send you my best wishes for health, joy, and contentment. May Allah bestow upon you His knowledge and blessings.

Happy holy month, boss. May Allah bless you and your loved ones.

A blessed Ramadan to you and your family, sir! May you and your loved ones celebrate this holy month while seeking Allah’s love and blessings.

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I send you my best wishes for a great Ramadan that is filled with peace and joy. Ramadan Mubarak!

I’d like to wish the best boss in the world a very happy Ramadan and hope that you receive the best possible care from Almighty Allah’s blessings. May your life be filled with optimism, contentment, and wealth.

I’m wishing you a happy and joyous Ramadan and offering you my best wishes for the holiday. Keep me in mind while you meditate. May Allah abundantly bless you in every shared laughter and smile in each silent prayer heard and answered, and in every chance that comes your way! Ramadan Mubarak.

You would run out of ways to remember all the blessings Allah has bestowed upon you if you attempt to enumerate them all. But I thank Allah for providing me with a leader like you. I hope you have a blessed Ramadan.

May Allah, the Great, grant you all of your hopes and aspirations, and may you live in peace and happiness.

May Allah bestow innumerable blessings on you and your family. Please remember me in your thoughts. Ramadan Mubarak.

Ramadan Wishes for Friends

This Ramadan, may you devote all of your thoughts and energies to Allah and to His worship. My family wishes your family a blessed Ramadan.

I hope your family’s Ramadan celebrations will be peaceful and meaningful.

May you perform good deeds during this holy month and receive forgiveness for all your sins. May this Ramadan bring comfort to your soul.

This universe was created by Allah, who is the highest being. All of your heart’s aspirations will come true this holy month if you bow your head in reverence to Him. Brother, have a blessed Ramadan.

May your family come together throughout this heavenly month, and may your delight be multiplied infinitely. My family wishes your family a blessed Ramadan.

I’m hoping you have a change of heart during this Ramadan. May the divine month alter your perspective. When the shadows try to engulf your soul, may the celebration serve as your guidance. Ramadan Mubarak my friend.

Let Ramadan be a happy month for you. May you flourish as a result of your humility. You and your family have a blessed Ramadan.

I hope that kindness spreads throughout your heart as water does in an ocean. I hope your Ramadan celebrations will be as extensive as the sky above you. Ramadan Kareem to you and your loved ones.

I genuinely hope your soul is enlightened by this heavenly month. Blessings from Allah be with you. Wishing you a peaceful holiday season this year. Dear friend, Ramadan Kareem.

This Ramadan, may Allah know every detail about you. May He fulfill all of your requests, grant all of your desires, wipe down all of your sorrows, heed all of your prayers, and satisfy all of your heart’s aspirations, my friend.

All the water in the world and all of the stars together cannot compare to Allah’s love. You will be the wisest person on this planet if you give yourself over to His praise this Ramadan.

You can never run out of good fortune if you are thankful to Allah for both the Iftar meals and everything else He provides. Greetings of Ramadan, dear brother.

May Allah bless the workers who prepare the Iftar meal. May they be blessed, help the needy, and bring love to everybody. I wish you and your family a blessed Ramadan.

Ramadan Wishes for Colleagues

I wish you a pleasant Ramadan and may Allah be with you always to bestow His blessings upon you and to fortify you with His wisdom and determination for a successful tomorrow.

Keep a level head, focus on the name of Allah, who transcends our comprehension, and act as though every day is Ramadan. Ramadan Mubarak!

We really pray that you would be absolved of all your transgressions and have the chance to learn from them and advance in life during this time of blessings. Happy Ramadan!

Anyone who confesses their sins to Allah on time will have their sins pardoned because Allah is a great pardoner. If we pray sincerely during Ramadan, Allah will hear what we have to say.

My coworker and friend, Ramadan Mubarak. You contribute to the cozy atmosphere at work. Thank you for everything.

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To my great coworker, Ramadan Mubarak! May you have a happy life and find success in all facets of your life.

The option to ask Allah for forgiveness during Ramadan is provided by the Quran, which states that on the day of judgment, every sin committed throughout life will be considered. Happy Ramadan, my friend!

A happy Ramadan to you, coworker! I pray to Allah that He would lead you, take care of all your problems, and provide you with serenity.

We should be grateful to Allah, the Almighty, for allowing us to observe Ramadan’s holy fast and conduct prayer. I’d want to wish you and your family a very happy Ramadan.

On this holy occasion, I offer you my warmest greetings. My colleague, I hope you have a blessed Ramadan!

When we pray to Allah during the month of Ramadan, it points us on the correct path and protects us from the perils of doing evil things.

Ramadan serves as a reminder that we should work on improving our hearts as much as our material circumstances. May Allah guide us in the correct direction.

The holy month of Ramadan offers you the chance to repent of all your sinful deeds and put more effort into building a better and more beautiful world. Ramadan Mubarak to you!

End of Ramadan Wishes

Ramadan is a time when we are all at our most morally upright, but when this magnificent month comes to an end, we must not allow that to change.

Let’s make a commitment to praise Allah in our prayers for his unending love as we conclude the month of Ramadan.

The fact that Ramadan will soon return and offer us joy and smiles is the one good thing about it coming to an end.

Even though Ramadan will soon come to a close, I just hope that the many blessings we have received during this month continue to have a positive impact on our lives.

I pray that goodness continues for all of us even after Ramadan. Let’s keep sharing happiness and love with everyone.

Keep in mind that your positive and great deeds don’t come to an end when Ramadan draws to a close. Always be the lovely person you have been this month and always.

When you look forward to Ramadan all year, it is usually incredibly difficult to say farewell.

The month of Ramadan will come to a close with this day’s sunset, yet it will always inspire us with some lovely memories to treasure for all time.

Despite the fact that Ramadan is coming to a close, it will nonetheless continue to inspire us in a wide range of ways.

Let’s unite and pray to Allah, asking him to grant our request to be present with us throughout Ramadan the following year.

I pray that Allah’s magnificent blessings continue to be bestowed upon you as the truly inspirational month of Ramadan draws to a close.

Our feelings are only telling us one thing right now: we will all miss Ramadan. May it return as soon as possible.

Even though Ramadan is coming to a conclusion, it will always serve as an inspiration for us to carry out acts of kindness in our daily lives. Let’s carry on doing that.

Thank You for Ramadan Wishes

We are grateful for your heartfelt Ramadan wishes, and we hope that this Ramadan will be the brightest one yet for you as well. Ramadan Mubarak.

Thank you for your kind words on this blessed occasion of Ramadan. May Allah’s finest blessings be bestowed upon you on this momentous occasion.

May God grant everyone the opportunity to become the beautiful soul they so desire as the holy month gets underway. Many blessings for Ramadan to you as well. Thank you for your kind wishes.

We appreciate your love and well wishes with all of our hearts. Wishing you and your family a blessed Ramadan!

Let the warmth of your family be a blessing to you as you return home. Thank you for the Ramadan greetings.

Without your kind wishes, our Ramadan commemorations would not have been fulfilled. Thank you and have a blessed Ramadan.

I appreciate your wishes for a blessed Ramadan, my friend. I pray that God would shower you with many of the world’s blessings. Ramadan Mubarak, and may happiness and success be your friend!

We are so grateful for your kind words on this special Ramadan day. I’d want to wish everyone a very pleasant Ramadan.

Happy Ramadan to you and your loved ones, and we appreciate you thinking of us on this significant day.

We have been deeply moved by your kind Ramadan wishes. Greetings and a blessed Ramadan to all of you.

We appreciate each and every one of your kind wishes as we observe the holy month of Ramadan. Ramadan Mubarak.

I appreciate your Ramadan greetings. We hope that your home will be filled with joy and tranquility on this momentous day.

May the joyous spirit of Ramadan fill your life with goodness and pleasure. I appreciate your wishes for a blessed Ramadan.

Holy Month Messages

During this holy month of Ramadan, may Allah make it a little easier for you to endure difficulties and bestow upon you a bounty of peace and wealth. Have a blessed time! Ramadan Mubarak.

Sending you my best wishes for the upcoming holy month.

With a heart overflowing with peace, harmony, and joy, celebrate the month of Ramadan. I pray for your protection and guidance, and for the blessings of Allah.

I pray that the crescent moon will illuminate your road to enlightenment and that Allah will provide you with peace and mercy.

May you receive many blessings and move toward enlightenment throughout this holy month. You and your family have a blessed Ramadan.

I send you blessings for four weeks, atonement for thirty days, and enlightenment for seven hundred and twenty hours. Happy Ramadan!

In this holy month of Ramadan, may Allah grant all of your requests. You and your family have a blessed Ramadan.

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During this holy month, may the Ramadan Spirit remain in our hearts and shine forth from within our souls.

Let the holiness of this holy month purge your mind of any impure thoughts and infuse it with thankfulness for Allah. I wish you a blessed Ramadan.

May Allah continuously lead you on all of your life’s journeys. I hope that the courage you gain from this holy month will enable you to overcome life’s challenges.

May Allah accept our prayers and abstinence, and may the rewards of Ramadan be upon each and every one of us. A happy Ramadan to all.

I pray that you experience serenity and joy throughout this holy month while you fast and make prayers to Allah.

Allow Allah to lead and guard you during this Ramadan and always. On this holy month, I wish you good health and abundance.

Ramadan Holiday Quotes

“In Ramadan, you should eat less and think more.” – Tariq Ramadan

“Like the sun that sets at the end of the day, so too will Ramadan come and go, leaving only its mark on our heart’s sky.” – Yasmin Mogahed

“I look forward to hosting an Iftar dinner celebrating Ramadan here at the White House later this week, and wish you a blessed month.” – Barack Obama

“The month of Ramadan is the world’s most widespread fast and yet its teachings are minimized, neglected, and even betrayed (through literal application of rules that overlooks their ultimate objective).” – Tariq Ramadan

“Where is your heart? Is your heart with God? Is it with your own ego or your lust? Is it with your greed, your pride, envy, or your resentment? This is a time when you can go into yourself and ask: Where is my heart? Ramadan is a time to give the heart back to the One who possesses the hearts.” – Hamza Yusuf

“I look back and half of Ramadan is over in the blink of an eye. Before I know I’ll be saying that about my entire life” – Nouman Ali Khan

“Ramadan is, in its essence, a month of humanist spirituality.” – Tariq Ramadan

“According to Muslim teachings, God first revealed His word in the Holy Qur’an to the prophet, Muhammad, during the month of Ramadan. That word has guided billions of believers across the centuries, and those believers built a culture of learning and literature, and science. All the world continues to benefit from this faith and its achievements.” – George W. Bush

“Sometimes you don’t realize how special something is until you lose it. That’s how I feel about Ramadan every year.” – Omar Suleiman

“Don’t let this Ramadan be just a holiday of rituals. Don’t finish reading the Quran without it transforming you. Don’t feed your body at suhoor, but starve your heart of Qiyam. Don’t reduce this downpour of mercy to just a month of sweets and lavish iftars. Seek Him, and you will find. Take a sincere step towards change, transformation, and redemption. If you do, you will find Him in front of you. Find Him this month. He’s been there all along. Closer than your jugular vein. Look and you’ll find. Walk and you’ll arrive.” – Yasmin Mogahed

“There’s a battle going on inside you in Ramadan, and for 30 days Allah gives you the power to win.” – Nouman Ali Khan

“Every day of Ramadhan Allah beautifies Jannah and says: “Soon my righteous servants will finish their work and will rest in you.” On the last night of Ramadan Allah forgives the sins of His servants.’ They asked: ‘Is the last night Lailatul Qadr?’ He said: ‘No, but the worker is paid when he finishes his work.” – Muhammad

“It’s a tradition in Islamic society to issue pardons at the end of Ramadan.” – Hooman Majd

“Many Americans celebrate both Christmas and Xmas. Others celebrate one or the other. And some of us celebrate holidays that, although unconnected with the [winter] solstice, occur near it: Ramadan, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa.” – John Silber

“Islam brings hope and comfort to millions of people in my country, and to more than a billion people worldwide. Ramadan is also an occasion to remember that Islam gave birth to a rich civilization of learning that has benefited mankind.” – George W. Bush

Massive celebration of Ramadan.

When is Ramadan? What does it celebrate?

In 2023, Ramadan will start at dusk on Wednesday, March 22nd and end on Friday, April 21. The ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar, which comprises twelve months and is based on the phases of the moon, is Ramadan. The lunar calendar is 11 days behind the solar calendar in terms of dates. Because of this, Ramadan does not begin on the same day every year but rather progresses through all four seasons throughout time.

Muslims commemorate Ramadan as the month in which Muhammad received the first revelations of the Quran, their sacred book. One of Islam’s five guiding pillars is fasting. Muslims abstain from food and liquids from sunrise to sunset each day during Ramadan. They must also refrain from immoral ideas and actions.

Every adult Muslim who is not terminally or chronically ill, elderly, nursing a baby, diabetic, or menstruating is required to fast from sunrise to sunset. The nighttime feast that ends the fast is known as iftar and the early morning meal is known as suhur. While fatwas have been given stating that Muslims who reside in areas with midnight sun or polar night should adhere to Mecca’s timetable, it is customary to adopt the timetable of the country that is the nearest and where night and day can be differentiated.

With over a billion devotees, Islam is the second most popular religion in the world after Christianity. The globalization of Islam has its roots in Arabia. Indonesia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nigeria, Iran, Egypt, and Turkey are among the nations having the greatest populations of Muslims. With mosques located in each of the 50 states there are approximately 7 million Muslims in the United States.

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