Are you hiring for a food truck manager role? If you don’t have the time to write a proper job description, have no fear. I’ve drafted a sample template you can copy, paste, and edit to advertise the position. I walk you through each part of the role description including the expected salary for the position and possible interview questions you could ask applicants.

Check out our food truck manager job description template guide below:


Looking to hire for a food truck manager? Check out this job description sample.

A food truck manager will be the individual responsible for running the food truck business day to day. This includes overseeing the food service operations, making sure all the staff follows the business policies, ensuring sanitary food preparation, providing excellent customer service, managing inventory, overseeing quality control and abiding by the federal state rules of how a food truck business should operate in the area.

Admittedly, this is a challenging and complex job. The right candidate is someone that must be able to work in a fast paced environment, be able to cook everything in the menu, and safely drive a big food truck. Aside from these basics, the right food truck manager must have soft skill as well.

Food Truck Manager Job Description Summary

Here’s a job description summary.

To start, provide a summary of being a food truck manager. It offers the applicant a brief understanding of what the job description is. You don’t have to go into the specifics just yet since you’ll be providing those below.

Here is a sample job description you can follow:

The Moving Burger Project is looking to hire a responsible and passionate food truck manager. The responsibilities will include running the food operations and overseeing the staff. The manager will also see to it that everything is under the health and safety procedures of food preparation that’s fit under the federal state laws. The manager must also be a team player and a leader.

As you may have already noticed, the job description didn’t break down all the specific tasks the food truck manager must do. If you listed everything, it would become a quite lengthy description.

Primary Responsibilities of a Food Truck Manager

Here’s more information on your job description.

After writing down your summary, it’s time to list down the specific responsibilities that a food truck manager must have. Here is an example you can follow below in your own description:

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  • Oversee food operations such as scheduling the staff and their days off, plotting out areas where to operate, and ensuring that all legal permits and licenses are up to date. The manager must also be able to fill in an employee’s position should there be a sudden absence.
  • Train the staff in their respective roles.
  • Must be able to safely drive and park a food truck or trailer.
  • Ensure that all the staff is aware of the food preparation procedures and that they meet necessary sanitary requirements.
  • Ensure the safety of the operations.
  • Will be in charge of keeping the inventory and supplies up to date.
  • Will be in charge of driving the truck and must open and close the food truck every time.
  • Must be able to multi-task.
  • Ensure all permits and licenses are up-to-date. 

This list of responsibilities could grow depending on the critical roles you want a food truck manager to have. Keeping these responsibilities simple but also very specific will be helpful so the applicants understand exactly what you need in this role.

Desired Skills / Role Requirements

Aside from their responsibilities, you’ll need a list of the desired skills and background experiences your food truck manager must have. Here is an example of desired traits of a food truck manager:

  • Has finished high school education.
  • Basic math for inventory and cashiering purposes.
  • Has excellent communication skills.
  • Has experience in serving in a food business.
  • Has a commercial driver’s license.
  • Works well in a team.
  • Is able to communicate with customers nicely and can handle their inquiries and comments.

Just like your list of responsibilities, this list of skills may grow depending business specific needs. For instance, some managers will also be required to be the driver of the truck so it’s important to require the applicant to have a driver’s license already.

Once you’re done with the summary, responsibilities, and skills, provide the following details about the role. These are important details for the applicant needs to understand before applying like whether or not the job is a full-time position and if there are benefits:

  • Job type (full time or part-time)
  • Schedule
  • Salary rate
  • Supplemental Pay
  • Benefits
  • Contact information

And then you’re done! You’ll have yourself a full-detailed food truck manager job description that’s ready to be posted online or distributed on flyers everywhere.

Sample Job Description Template for Food Truck Manager

Here is a free sampl