Personal chefs are increasing in demand and with many individuals still not feeling safe about venturing our to restaurants there is no better time to start a personal chef business. According to, there’s an estimated 25,000 people employed as personal chefs in the United States with a respectable salary from $18.00 – $31.00 per hour.

People employ personal chefs to create meals for them if they can’t cook, to open them up to new cultural food, or to cook nutritious, calorie-controlled meals to help them achieve their health goals. If you are employed as a personal chef, it’s very likely you’ll be employed by a celebrity, athlete, high-level business executive, or wealthy family with enough income to cover this ongoing expense.

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The number of personal chefs is expected to grow in the United States by 5% annually.

Your name must inform customers how they will benefit from hiring you. If you specialize in a particular type of cuisine or dietary requirement then make sure your name highlights this. 

We have all the tips and tricks to help you choose the perfect name for your personal chef company; we’ll even give you 153 examples. No matter what you want your brand to represent, we have some ideas to help you start your personal chef company organized by theme:

High-End Personal Chef Company Name Ideas

Malcolm Bedell, prepping for an upcoming catering event.

If you plan to plan and cook meals for wealthy people, then you will need a name to appeal to them. Firstly, consider whether you plan to cook for single businesspeople, couples, or families. That will be an important distinction to make for your branding and company name.

Let your clients know they will get good quality food and dishes that feel like they are eating out every night. 

  1. Tiny Table
  2. Bespoke Menu
  3. Personally Plated 
  4. Plate and Garnish 
  5. Farm and Cellar 
  6. Chopped Plate
  7. Parsley and Thyme 
  8. Wine and Dine 
  9. Chef on Speed Dial 
  10. My Menu 
  11. Private Chef
  12. Home Cooked 
  13. Table for Two 
  14. Home Restaurant 
  15. Kitchen Takeover 
  16. Custom Menus 
  17. Paired With Wine 
  18. Meals When You’re Ready 
  19. Fine Family Dining 
  20. Cooked To Perfection 
  21. Discerning Bellies
  22. High Class Cooking 
  23. Chopped Cuisine 
  24. Chef On Standby 
  25. Plated to Perfection 
  26. Blue Plates
  27. Steel and Fire 
  28. Chef of Your Own 
  29. Desserts On Speed Dial
  30. Four Course Lifestyle 
  31. Custom Cuisine 

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Health and Fitness Name Suggestions

Many people hire personal chefs so they can stick to a specific diet and save time.

A big reason that people hire a personal chef is to help them eat healthy and nutritious meals that will help with their fitness goals. It could be someone who is trying to lose weight and has no idea where to start with their eating habits, or it could be someone who needs the extra time in the gym rather than cooking. Either way, pick a name that will stand out to your clients. 

  1. Honest Chef 
  2. Clever Plate 
  3. Nutrition In A Box 
  4. Food Doctor
  5. Gym Food 
  6. Not Just Chicken and Rice 
  7. Clean and Lean 
  8. Clean Cuisine 
  9. Flat Belly Foods 
  10. Green Chef 
  11. Abs Are Made In The Kitchen 
  12. Fit Foods 
  13. Fired Up 
  14. Nutrient-Packed 
  15. Marginal Gains 
  16. Macro Meals 
  17. Meal Plan Ban 
  18. Fresh and Fit 
  19. Muscle Meals 
  20. Strong Flavors
  21. Eat Like A King 
  22. Cooked For You 
  23. Fresh Cooked Nutrition 
  24. Personal Trainer Approved 
  25. Call A Chef 
  26. Abs In The Kitchen 
  27. Swole Food 
  28. Good Cook 
  29. Gym Meals 
  30. Wellness Catering 
  31. Protein-Packed

Special Diet Personal Name Ideas


An increasing number of people are eating specialty diets like vegan or Keto.

Many people are vegetarian, vegan, keto, or gluten-free now. If you can market yourself as a personal chef that specialises in one of these dietary requirements, then you will stand out to your customers.

Even though most personal chefs will know how to cater to these dietary requirements, there is a peace of mind that comes with hiring someone who caters specifically to their needs. They know they will get a range of imaginative dishes that support their lifestyle needs. 

  1. Kind Cuisine 
  2. Herbs and Spices 
  3. Keto Cook 
  4. Flour Free Food 
  5. Gourmet Gluten-Free 
  6. Chefs Against Gluten 
  7. Glutton Not Gluten 
  8. Veggie Chefs 
  9. No Meat Feast 
  10. Plant-Based Plates
  11. Raw Chef 
  12. Plant-Powered Chef 
  13. Celiac Chef 
  14. Happy Tummies 
  15. Toxin-Free Teatime 
  16. Dietary Delights 
  17. Fuss-Free Food 
  18. Raw Raw 
  19. Look, Mum, No Carbs 
  20. Carb-Free Cuisine 
  21. Keto A Go Go 
  22. Kind Kitchen 
  23. Detox Dinners 
  24. Sugar-Free Feasts 
  25. Sugar-Free Chef 
  26. Whole Food Feasts 
  27. Just Natural Cooks 
  28. Low-Cal Cuisine 
  29. Don’t Miss Meat 
  30. Rawful Bliss 
  31. At Home Eats

College Student Personal Chef Company Name Ideas

A lot of parents will pay for this service to ensure their kid gets the proper nutrition they need while away at college. In this case, it is important to remember that while you are cooking for college kids, you will be marketing to their parents. Play into the concept of ensuring their kids are getting the food they need; food that is healthy but delicious. 

  1. Dish Delivered
  2. Chef In a Box 
  3. Kiss the Cook
  4. Dial A Chef 
  5. Cuisine King 
  6. Dinner Is Served 
  7. Fuss-Free Feast 
  8. Nutritious Meals 
  9. Busy Schedule Meals 
  10. College Delivered Plates 
  11. Hot and Healthy 
  12. Prepared Plates 
  13. Heat and Go 
  14. Personalised Menu 
  15. Daily Bread
  16. Just Like Mama Makes 
  17. Eat Well Cooking 
  18. Campus Cooking 
  19. Real Food Revolution 
  20. Three Square Meals 
  21. Sorted 
  22. Bosh Baking 
  23. Taste The World 
  24. Ready To Go Meals
  25. Ellie’s Eats
  26. College Kid Catering 
  27. Dorm Room Dinners
  28. Delivered To Dorms 
  29. On-Campus Cooking 
  30. Healthy College Kids 

Speciality Cuisine Name Ideas