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Trying to figure out what kitchen equipment you need installed in your food truck’s mobile kitchen? We have a list of cooking equipment needed to execute five common food trucks menus. Most importantly each of these concepts is proven to work on a food truck already. Some concepts are too complex to be realistically cooked on a truck, but each of these menus has been vetted by real food truck operators. More than likely you’ve seen some of these menus being served up by trucks in your area as well.

In addition to the cooking equipment check list we’ve also organized a list of price estimates for each item. It certainly pays to shop around when it comes to purchasing food truck equipment and if you have more time than money you might be able to scope out some deals by finding used equipment on eBay.

One thing to keep in mind is that this post only covers cooking equipment needed for each food concept. You’ll need to consult your local health code regulations for other needed components. As an example most areas will require a 3-compartment sink and hot / cold water to be installed. Beyond health requirements there may be other pieces you need to execute something special or unique on your truck, which is highly advised. That being said you’ll find checklists below for burgers, pizza, gyros, coffee and grilled cheese units below.

Burger Food Truck: Kitchen Equipment Checklist
Equipment Cost Purpose
48″ – 60″ Flat Top Grill $1,000 – $5,000 This is a versitile piece of equipment that can be used to cook hamburger patties, toast buns, eggs, potatoes and just about anything else.
Bun Warmer $500 – $2000 A bun warmer will save preparation time and make your burgers more consistent. There’s a reason most fast-food restaurants put these to use.
Deep Fryer $500 – $1,500 If you plan to serve sides like french fries or tater tots this is must have on the truck.
Commercial Fridge / Freezer $1,000 – $5,000 You need a place to freeze buns to keep them fresh and cut food waste. Also to keep toppings cool. Cost depends largely on size of equipment.
30″ x 60″ Prep Table $500 – $2,000 You’ll need a place to assemble and store toppings. Make sure you’re table is wide enough to handle two cooks working side by side.
Exhaust Hood $500 – $1,500 When you’re cooking burgers on a flat-top you will want good ventilation.
Broiler Grill $400 – $1,200 Depending on how you want to cook your patties a broiler grill may needed needed.
Gyro Food Truck: Kitchen Equipment Checklist    
Equipment Cost Purpose
36″ Griddle $1,500 – $3,500 This piece can be used to warm flat bread, pita, chicken, lamb or other ingredients inside the gyro.
Fryer $500 – $2000 If you want to serve Greek seasoned fries or zucchini sticks this is a nice to have.
Refridgerated Sandwich Prep Table $1,000 – $3,000 This device keeps toppings cool and has a fridge underneath the prep area. A single sandwich top fridge may be all you need on a food truck.
Commercial Fridge / Freezer $1,000 – $5,000 You’ll need a place to store pita and uncooked meats.
Prep Tables $500 – $2,000 When assembling gyro’s you’ll want plently of working space. We reccomend at least 2 – 3 tables per truck.
Vertical Broiler $750 – $2,000 A gyro machine AKA vertical broiler allows you to slowly spin and cook meats in the traditional way.
Grilled Cheese Truck: Kitchen Equipment Checklist    
Equipment Cost Purpose
36″ Griddle $1,500 – $3,500 This is a the classic way to cook a grilled cheese at a restaurant. Requires skill to cook and maintain consistency between sandwiches.
Sanwich Press $150 – $500 This is a great way to create consistent grilled cheese sandwiches fast.
Convection Oven $3000 – $7,000 If you’re planning to stuff your grilled cheese sandwiches with lots of amped up toppings and meats this is a great option for melting cheese throughout the sandwich.
Commercial Fridge / Freezer $1,000 – $5,000 If your local water is high in minerals consider a water filter on board. You could also purchase bottled water if needed.
Prep Table $500 – $2,000 Catering is a big source of revenue for most coffee trucks. You should have portable coffee containers like these in-stock that you can give to customers.
Pizza Truck: Kitchen Equipment Checklist    
Equipment Cost Purpose
Pizza Prep Tables $2,000 – $3,500 You need a nice large space to store ingredients and add toppings to your pizza pie.
Pizza Oven $5,000 – $20,000 Your pizza oven of choice will depend on preference and theme of food truck. Gas vs electric, pizza deck or conveyor ovens can all work well depending on your goals.
Commercial Fridge / Freezer $1,000 – $5,000 You’ll need a place to store dough, vegetables, and meats.

Are there any other equipment lists you would like to see organized in the future? Feel free to add your suggestions to the comment section below and we will get started on organizing your requests. 

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