Trying to figure out what to name your cereal brand? We’re here to help!

When consumers think of cereal brands what often comes to mind is the mass-market ready to eat breakfasts of their yesteryear. Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes. Rice Krispies. And of course what child of the 90s doesn’t remember Kellogg’s Cinnamon Mini Buns! Is that stuff still around?

While cereal makers are continue to be big business in the United States ($10 billion in annual sales), sales have been on the decline for half a decade according to market research company IBIS World. There’s a combination of cross currents impacting the performance of the long-standing consumer staple.

cereal brand

Will you create the next great cereal brand?

First off, consumer tastes have changed since the 90s. Most old-school cereals are high in carbs, high in sugar, and low on nutritional value. This flies counter to the consumers preference to eat healthier meals.

Second, there are more breakfast options than they’re used to be: ready-to-eat breakfast sandwiches, oatmeal, bars. And that’s just what’s in inside consumers cupboards. Fast food chains like McDonalds, Wendy’s and others have entered the breakfast wars offering quick and affordable meals that can be picked up on the way to work for under $5.00. Wendy’s plans to spend $80 million on breakfast advertising alone due to its importance for the business. That’s a lot of Baconators!

In this period of contracting sales from established brands, it’s the ideal time to launch a disruptive cereal brand. There’s plenty of room for innovation in this category and grocery stores are ready to think outside the box by offering a breakfast option that’s local and healthy. Here are a few brand name ideas organized by theme below that you can use to start a breakfast cereal company or use for an upcoming school project.

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Cereal Name Puns

Just trying to come up with a funny name for your cereal box project? If so, scoop up these pun-tastic cereal names we discovered online.

  • Cereal-osly The Best
  • Brand Flakes
  • Cereal About You!
  • Cereal-osly Sweet
  • Luda Crisp (Oh yeah!)
  • Cereal Killer
  • Are You Cereal?
  • Cap’n Morgan Crunch
  • Honey Smacks
  • Cerealsly Corny
  • Welfare Chex
  • Cereal-osly Amazing
  • Universal Cereal Bus

Creative Cereal Names

eating cereal

The most important meal of the day.

Looking for an imaginative name that gets breakfast lovers taking a second look at your box in the grocery lane? Look no further than these suggestions.

  • Kayak Grains
  • Elevate Grains
  • Red Door Whole Grains
  • Better Grains Co.
  • Sage and the Spoon
  • Janus Flakes
  • Proud Flakes
  • Bobcat Oats Co.
  • Community Oats
  • Morning Boost
  • Rise Dish
  • Front Rise
  • Pursuit Organic Breakfast
  • Remarkable Breakfast
  • Flake Seeds
  • Zenith Flakes
  • Awake and Original
  • Marble and Maple
  • Wake Up Genious
  • Wake Up Shots
  • Eating A.M.
  • The First Bite
  • Organic Riser
  • Epoch Natural Bran
  • Timber Naturals
  • Better World Wake Up
  • Life Bowls
  • Nutrition Bowl
  • Nourishing Spoon
  • Vintage Spoon
  • The Radical Cup
  • Ancient Mornings Co.
  • The Breakfast Collective

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Cool Cereal Names

granola cereal

Granola cereal’s are gaining popularity.

Here are suggestions the coolest of the cool kids will appreciate. If you’re searching for an on-trend brand name, you could find it here.

  • Margaret and Maddie
  • Truthfully Made
  • Hand Crafted Cereal Company
  • The Cereal Collective
  • The Breakfast Group
  • Morning Meetups
  • The Heavy Spoon
  • Barley Beginnings
  • Wheat Withstanding
  • Resourceful Rye
  • Raising Rye
  • Charlies Corn Flakes
  • Chomping Chuck’s
  • Mary’s Organic
  • Madison’s Meals
  • Mainstay Meal
  • Essential Mornings
  • Soulful Sunrise
  • Almighty Bran
  • Milk Made
  • Respecting Rice
  • Tribal Source
  • New York Cereal Company
  • California Breakfast Group
  • Texas Mornings
  • Crispy Bites

Bad Cereal Name Ideas

We try to be as helpful as possible in helping you identify a worthy brand name. But sometimes helping you avoid the bad names is just as important. These are some of the worst cereal names of all time in our humble opinion. Steer clear!

  • Prince of Thieves Cereal: This was a limited run cereal based on the 1992 Kevin Coster film, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. No explanation needed on why this is no good.
  • Mr. T Cereal: This is a fantastically entertaining commercial from the 80s listed above. But it doesn’t leave you craving the product.
  • Ghost Buster Cereal: Tying a cereal to a movie or television that will come and go does not appear to be a longterm strategy for success.
  • Grandma’s Celler
  • Auntie’s Attic
  • Seaweed Mornings
  • Morning Breath Cereal
  • Naughty Flakes
  • Freaky Flakes

Baseball Themed Cereal Names

It may seem a little strange, but there are a lot of cereals that have joint ventured with professional sports like baseball and basketball in the past. Most often this is for limited edition boxes for World Series Champions. One such example is Justin Verlander who won the Cy Young award in 2012 and got a limited release box of “Fastball Flakes.” By joint venturing with either a celebrity or athlete you can leverage the likeness of someone else to promote your breakfast.

  • Baseball Puffs
  • Fast Pitch Flakes
  • B-Ball Bites
  • The