Known for its parks, beaches, and consistently warm weather, San Diego is positioned along the Pacific coast of California. The city is part of the County of San Diego located 120 miles south of Los Angeles and just north of the Mexican border. Historically known as the “birthplace of California”, San Diego was the first site visited by the Europeans when they discovered U.S. West Coast.

Over the past 20 years, however, San Diego has transformed from a surf town to a leader in craft brewing industry which is why San Diego is now known as the Craft Beer capital of America. According to, there are 157 active breweries in San Diego and that number continues to grow.

And where there’s great beer, of course, there’s terrific food. In fact, you’ll find many food trucks serving at these local breweries that are located throughout San Diego County. Many breweries want to focus on making beer, not running a restaurants. As a result, the food trucks and breweries have become examples of how different businesses can work in a mutually beneficial way to serve their customers.

So what can you expect to find on San Diego food trucks? Local food truck owners have more to offer than fish tacos although there are plenty of taco options if that’s your craving. From the traditional hot dogs and BBQ’s to Asian, Mediterranean, and even coffee vendors. Mexican cuisine has a strong presence in the city since it is close to the border itself.  Find out what the top 50 food trucks (ranked in no specific order) are serving across San Diego.


Devilicious started as a food truck on a reality tv show, but now has restaurant as well.

Description: Devilicious is a food truck offering amazing food around the city of San Diego. Their grilled cheese is not just white bread with some ordinary cheese, their version includes butter poached lobster or duck confit. All these are put inside a freshly-baked artisan sourdough bread. Other offerings in their menu include their versions of the All-American burger and Cheese Steak, All Crab Crab Cake, Buffalo Chicken Melt, and the Cubano. The food was so popular, the food truck was featured on the television show, The Great Food Truck Race season 2. Check their schedule on their website to have a taste of what everyone’s talking about.

Featured Menu Item: The Butter Poached Lobster Grilled Cheese is one you’ll probably keep asking for more. It’s a butter poached lobster tail meat, melted jack & cheddar cheeses, caramelized onion & Roma tomatoes on freshly baked artisan sourdough.

Reviews Online: Mmm…mmm good! Can’t wait to have it again!    – Cindy G., website review


Cucina Caprese

Description: Cucina Caprese is a company which uses traditional Italian culinary methods such as the il Forno a Legna, an old style wood-fired oven cooking. They use local and organic ingredients like their meats, as well as cheese and extra virgin olive oil straight from Italy. They prepare their dough the traditional, Napoli way which is only made up of special flour, yeast, and water. their pizza is also prepared the traditional, Neopolitan way which is wood-fired oven cooked. Other than the food truck they also cater to various events such as weddings, festivals, picnics, and corporate events just to name a few. If you want to taste the traditional Italian wood-fired oven cooking, look for them at 7335 Girard Ave, or roaming around San Diego’s streets.

Featured Menu Item: The Caprese is a starter. It’s seasonal tomatoes with fresh Basil and imported buffalo mozzarella and extra virgin olive oil.

Reviews Online: Close your eyes, take a bite, and you’d think you’re at an Italian pizzeria (IN ITALY)! – Marc Nguyen, Facebook


Super Q Food Truck

Description: Super Q Food Truck is a food truck and catering service offering a variety of Barbeque dishes. They bring the city of San Diego some of the best barbeque recipes such as All-American BBQ with elements of North Carolina, Texas, and St. Louis style flavors. Each slow hickory smoked barbeque is prepared at their restaurant at Kaminski’s BBQ & Sports Lounge in Poway. The menu also includes specialty sandwiches, sliders, vegetarian entrees, and plated meals. The food truck roams around the streets of San Diego from Balboa Park to Downtown San Diego, for a complete list, check out their website for more details.

Featured Menu Item: Try the Super Q Pork Melt, it’s a three cheese Mac-n-cheese, BBQ pulled pork, topped with sautéed onions on grilled sourdough with melted cheddar.

Reviews Online: Try the mac and cheese… try any of the food. You get service with a smile and you’ll always be coming back for more! – Crystal Crayfish, Facebook


Temaki Express

Description: Temaki Express is first Temakeria in San Diego serving fresh Japanese seafood and delicious exotic desserts. They are known for their nine-inch Japanese hand rolls and their sushi burger. The menu includes Poke bowls which are a combination of vegetables, healthy brown rice, salad, and topped with marinated tuna poke which is considered a healthy meal. Some of their other well-known dishes are Teriyaki Sushi Burrito, Spicy Chicken & Rice,  and the Fried Spring Rolls. If you crave for a unique take on Japanese cuisine, you can find them at 4637 Market St.

Featured Menu Item: Their Sushi Burgers has a unique take on the hamburger. Try one to discover what everyone’s raving about.

Reviews Online: Had the chance to indulge in this food after going to Hillcrest and getting my nasty on.. amazing bowls! Just by reading the name of the truck makes me crave it!!    – Pao N., Yelp


Pierogi Truck

Description: Pierogi Truck is the only restaurant and food truck in San Diego offering Eastern European and Polish cuisine. The business is operated and established by a Polish family who migrated to the Chicago and eventually moved to San Diego after two decades. The first observation was there were no restaurants or food trailers offering Eastern European cuisine. They opened the food truck in 2011 with the goal of serving the city of San Diego authentic Polish and Eastern European dishes. Their signature dish is the Pierogi in which they offer 10 different variations for the dish. If you want a taste of authentic Polish and Eastern European dish, you can find them at 4637 Market Street.

Featured Menu Item: Their signature dish is definitely the one to try here. Pierogi are dumplings of unleavened dough first boiled, then they are baked or usually fried in butter with onions. It is usually stuffed with sauerkraut, potato filling, ground meat, cheese, or fruit.

Reviews Online: This is some of the absolute best Polish food I have ever had. When I treat myself, my only regret is that I didn’t buy more. So delicious! – Christa Sakowski, Facebook


New York on Rye

Description: New York on Rye prides itself of being an artisan deli food truck using fresh local ingredients and premium quality meats. They believe that making a great deli relies on using the best possible ingredients and hand-crafted from scratch. The menu includes Smoked Brisket, Corned Beef, Pulled Pork, Pastrami, Turkey, Potato Salad, Tuna Salad, Cole Slaw, and French Fries. So if you’re craving for some of the best delis in town, look for them at 7128 Miramar Road.

Featured Menu Item: The Corned Beef Hash Fries is a starter. It is packed with french fries cooked to perfection, cheese sauce, and of course, the delicious hash corned beef.

Reviews Online: Pulled pork and house brisket sandwiches were perfect! Best French fries ever – perfectly salted and crispy but not overdone or too crunchy!!! – Claire Oksayan, Facebook

Nana’s Heavenly Hot Dogs

Description: Nana’s Heavenly Hot Dogs offers America’s favorite comfort food, the hot dog. In 2010, brothers Dan and Jeff Hart decided to bring to life a dying tradition of preparing hot dog sandwiches while adding a modern touch to it. Nana’s Heavenly Dogs was born, naming it after their mom who was better known as Nana. They basically made the hot dog, how their mother used to it which was topped with cream cheese and chili. From the basic preparation, the brothers made their own combination of toppings to give it flare.

Featured Menu Item: The Ranch Dog is one yummy treat by these guys. It’s the basic, topped with bacon, buttermilk, ranch dressing, and freshly sliced tomatoes.

Reviews Online: I would recommend ordering two dogs right away since you will most likely be craving another. I was very impressed by Nana’s Dogs and will definitely be back. They have great food, great prices and are a great value. – Sherry Jackson, North Park | website review


SnoCal Shaved Ice

Description: SnoCal Shaved Ice’s idea started when owners Joe and Loretta traveled to Maui for their wedding. They first tasted shaved ice o the island and left a lasting impression on them. Back in San Diego, the couple planned to start a business. The food truck concept came into mind considering the high cost of putting up a brick & mortar restaurant. After countless hours of research, they finally decided on purchasing a Chevy P30 and the rest, as they say, is history. You might think it’s just shaved ice, but it’s what’s inside that counts. Their ice goes through a multi-step to produce pure blocks of ice. A process called “tempering” is then used to produce a shave just right for adding the flavor. SnoCal uses only filtered water and pure cane sugar for their syrup. They have 24 different flavors from Blue Bubblegum to Peppermint with a variety of toppings to choose from.

Featured Menu Item: The Piña Colada is a great way to remind you of the islands of Hawaii.

Reviews Online: Awesome shaved ice. They do remind me of Hawaii. The only thing missing is being on the actual islands.– Kareen-Grace T., Yelp


Aunty Lynne’s

Description: Auntie Lynne’s combines the flavors from around the Pacific Rim. They serve a variety of food from Asia and the Pacific such as Japanese, Hawaiian, Filipino, Chinese, Korean, and American cuisine just to name a few. The menu includes housemade lumpia ( a snack made of savory fillings wrapped in crepe skin), popped Chicharrones, Salmon Teriyaki salad, and Korean BBQ fries. They also have specialty drinks like fruit smoothies, Hawaiian style shaved ice, and Bubble Teas to quench your thirst. If you want a taste of the different islands in and across the Pacific, visit them at the Balboa Park and roaming around the streets of San Diego.

Featured Menu Item: The BBQ Pulled Pork is one for the hungry tummy. It’s a large serving of seasoned fries, topped with a slow cooked / Dry rubbed pork butt which is super tender.

Reviews Online: I asked what their specialty was and the friendly lady (who I assumed was Aunty Lynne) told me the Korean BBQ fries were probably their most popular.– Yelp


Beachin Boba

Description: Beachin’ Boba is a food truck which serves specialty drinks and desserts. The food truck has been serving its clients around the streets of San Diego for the past 9 years. Other than the food truck service, they also cater to weddings, corporate functions, music fests, sporting events, as well as street fairs and many more. The menu includes Smoothies, Boba Teas, Fruit slush, Hand-dipped Ice Cream, Churros, Soft Pretzels, and some delis like burgers upon request. If you’re in for desserts and specialty drinks, check out their website.

Featured Menu Item: Try their Smoothies in a variety of flavors: Taro, Coconut, Honeydew, Avocado, Pina Colada, and Green Tea Matcha

Reviews Online: If you like Boba you’ll like it here. I like this place been coming here for years. My favorite is the Thai iced tea. – Johnny R., Yel


Born in Brooklyn

This sandwich was Born in Brooklynn.

Description: Born in Brooklyn prides itself of having the most mobile kitchen in San Diego. They offer the city of San Diego the flavors of the East coast using the freshest ingredients. Established by siblings Scott, Jen, Big bob, Justin, and Ken, who were inspired by their chef mom, Leslie, who put up Petite Cuisine in Brooklyn way back in the 80’s. The siblings yearned to share their mom’s recipes to the city of San Diego and experience the East coast flavor. Their menu includes Heroes, Grilled cheese, Burgers, and Sides with the flavor of Brooklyn to give it flare. You can find them at the corner of 86th Street and 18th Avenue.

Featured Menu Item: The BB’s is a must try, it’s a Buffalo Chicken Balls served with Blue Cheese and a side of Celery and Carrots with dressing.

Reviews Online: The food was super good and the portions are crazy big. Overall, a great value. – Sara E., Yelp


Caliano by Spinelli

Description: Caliano by Spinelli is a fusion of Southern Italian and Mexican cuisine, blended with the California lifestyle. The food started with a concept on an abandoned shell of an old ‘83 Frito-Lay® delivery truck, from there, it has now evolved into a moving synthesis of food, art, and life. As culinary experts, they aim to deliver artistic creations both visually pleasing and delicious cuisine. The menu includes freshly made meatball sandwiches and wood-fired pizzas.

Featured Menu Item: Their wood-fired pizzas are a must. Try one of these artistically crafted pizzas to experience the authentic Italian style pizza.

Reviews Online: It was seriously one of the best pizza’s I have ever tried. I hope to have some again soon. Keep up the good work! The price was also good. – Ramiro Elizondo, Facebook


Cappuccino in the Park

Description: Cappuccino in the Park is a mobile coffee vendor offering specialty coffee to the North County San Diego area since 1992. They cater to every age and different taste preference. They offer mobile coffee services such as Mobile Coffee Cart, Specialty Mobile Coffee Catering, Espresso bar, and Smoothie Bar to almost any type of event. Their years of experience can speak for what service they can bring to you or your event.

Featured Menu Item: Cappuccino of course!

Reviews Online: Love Cappuccino In The Park! We’ve had many Broker Caravans and Open Houses that were a huge hit thanks to you! The food and drinks are delicious and fresh, and more importantly the kindest customer service too! Thank you for making our events so happy and successful! – Elaine G., Yelp


Casanova Fish Tacos

Description: Casanova Fish Tacos was started by chef Hector Casanova in 2009. It was a turnabout after being laid off from a county job after the economy took a dive in 2008. With the help of some friends, he was able to put up the first mobile fish taco company in the city of San Diego. They are the only catering service in San Diego which offers true Baja Style Cuisine. Chef Hector also prides himself of creating his recipes from scratch, from the batter’s, the aioli creams to the salsa which are all made fresh daily. The menu includes the Baja Style Shrimp Ceviche and Green Shrimp Aguachiles for starters and of course his specialty, the Baja Style Fish Tacos. Look for them at 2731 Via Orange Way Ste 111 Spring Valley.

Featured Menu Item: His specialty, the Baja Style Fish Tacos is the one to try here. It is served as a deep-fried and lightly battered White Fish, Cabbage, and his Signature Aioli cream.

Reviews Online: The care and detail that goes into each order create perfection. Our whole family loves Casanova’s tacos. Thank you!!! – Rienzi H., Yelp


Chameleon Cuisine

Description: Chameleon Cuisine is a food truck in San Diego offering Mexican, Italian, and Vegetarian cuisine. All their meals on the menu are made from scratch by the talented team of Chameleon cuisine. If you’re craving for Mexican, they got their own version of Tacos, homemade corn tortillas in orange marinated meats and pineapple. They also got American classics with a special twist like Grilled cheese, Buffalo wings, homemade Burgers, and Fries which will surely make your day. Given the name of the food truck, most dishes in their menu are named after famed lizards. You can find them at 4637 Market Street or roaming across the San Diego County.

Featured Menu Item: The Madagascar is a must try. It’s a grilled cheese with mozzarella, pesto, basil, tomatoes, with a splash of balsamic vinaigrette served with tasty fries.

Reviews Online: Yum! Now one of my new favorite food trucks. They have an eclectic menu of grilled cheese with extras, wings, salad, and desserts all named after cute lizards (both mythical and real). My first time at the truck and I had Dragon wings garlic honey and a churro stack. – Leslie Y., Yelp



Description: Chilatruck brings traditional Mexican cuisine to the streets of San Diego with a modern twist. The chilaquiles is a traditional Mexican breakfast staple, but Chilatruck thinks it’s high time to offer this traditional dish all day. It is common for Mexican dishes to have regional and family variations but in Chilatruck, you can make your own version of each dish. Starting with a Plato or a Torta, you can create your own delectable dish with a selection of salsa for seasoning and top it off with your choice of meats, eggs, and cheese.

Featured Menu Item: The Torta De Chilaquiles is the one to try here. It’s Rojos, Verdes, Mole, Chipotle, Campechana with Cream, Cotija cheese, and Onions. You can also add the following: Grilled Panela, Asada, Chicken, Cochinita Pibil or Chicken Milanese.

Reviews Online: Great food and service. Bringing more Mexican culture to this city. Try the torta campechana. One of my top five food trucks. Thank you Chilatruck. – Richie Ceniceros, Facebook


Chip’s Beach Eatz

Description: Chip’s Beach Eatz is a family run gourmet food truck operating in the Pacific area. Owner Chip McCarty is a San Diego native who offers his customers with unique healthy choices for their menu. In fact, they source organic and sustainable products from local farms such as Brandt True Natural Beef, the Maciel Family Farm, and seafood from local fisherman John West. Chip and his wife have over 40 years of experience in the culinary industry which ensures you only get the freshest and delectable dishes in their menu. The menu includes Chip’s Fish Taco grilled or beer battered, Chicken Tostada  Salad, Oh So Veggie Torta, and a lot more.

Featured Menu Item: You can start with Chip’s Fish Taco grilled or beer battered to taste their fresh and organic ingredients.

Reviews Online: We’ve had Chips Beach Eatz at several of our school’s events. The families love them and always request they come back. The prices are right for our families and the food is great!– Andre Stratton, Facebook



Description: Doubies is a gourmet food truck in San Diego offering modern Mediterranean street food. Two cooks from Israel, Daniel and Matan started the food truck. Their goal is to give the residents of San Diego an exquisite taste of northern African and western European dishes. They are especially proud of their produce, which is fresh and hand-picked with care. Their menu includes Steak and egg pita, Shakshuka pita, Chicken & the garden, as well as bowls, salads, and Hummus.

Featured Menu Item: The Magic Beet Balls Pita is a must try. It’s fried beet balls, arugula, lettuce, mint cilantro, tomatoes, red onions, and beet tahini sauce.

Reviews Online: Crazy pita, amazing service, worth every penny and every bite! WOW! – Shaii Pe’er, Facebook


Corazon de Torta

Description: Located in Sherman Heights, Corazon de Torta aims to serve the community of San Diego with authentic Mexican Abuelita style home cooking. The food created by the culinary genius, Jose “Joe” Figueroa, include specialty Torta, Tacos, and Burritos. Their menu includes Torta De Albondigas in Chipotle,  Carne Asada, and Cauliflower Mole Taco which is Vegan style. You can find them at 2490 Commercial St. from Mondays to Saturdays.

Featured Menu Item: If you’re in for Vegan dishes, the Cauliflower Mole Taco is the one for you.

Reviews Online: Holy!!!! I just picked up 5 different tacos from the Fall Brewery spot. I went for the cervesas and last minute X-Mas gifts, but wow! The Cauliflower Mole taco was unbelievable, BUT next was the Short Rib Taco…It blew my mind! Absolutely brilliant. It is seriously the best taco I have ever eaten!!!! Wow! I don’t even want to eat the 3 remaining tacos. The Short Rib is a work of art!!!!! – Greg Spielman, Facebook


Crabcakes 911

Hunger emergency? Call Crabcakes 911 now.

Description: Crabcakes 911 traces its history during one of the country’s darkest hours. Providence canteen in Manhattan fed the first-responders on ground zero who’d been working without rest and food. They were one of the volunteers which gave a glimmer of hope to a city grimacing from a terrible disaster. Today, they continue to donate a percentage of their income to the first responders. Crabcakes 911 continues to serve sumptuous Maryland Style Crabcakes made from 99% blue crab. Their Blue crabs are caught wild, hand-picked and these are gluten-free. The menu includes the crabcake sandwich, Maryland crab soup, and crabcake sliders among others. You can find them at the East Village and roaming the streets of San Diego.

Featured Menu Item: Their Maryland Style crabcakes are the one to try here, it’s 99% blue crab and it’s gluten-free!

Reviews Online: When you see the Crabcakes 911 red food truck, go check it out, you’ll be happy you did!– Alisa C., Yelp


Delicioso Food Truck

Description: Delicioso Food Truck brings the fresh flavors of Southern California to the streets of San Diego. They offer Tex-Mex infused flavors on their sandwiches, salads, burritos, and a lot more. Their menu includes the California classic, the Carne Asada burritos with their signature salsa and Veggie Tacos with basil rice. Other than the food truck, they also do catering services for birthdays, office parties, carnival, and a lot more. You can find them at 4637 Market St. or roaming around the neighborhood.

Featured Menu Item: Carne Asada Tacos Order with basil rice is a California classic you need to try. It’s a Carne Asada topped with pico de gallo and avocado.

Reviews Online: I love this food truck’s food! They use super fresh ingredients and the food is super delicious! I love all their tacos!. They also use different kinds of delicious salsas. I especially love their cilantro one! Mmmmmmm! – Kloe, website review


DK Local Kitchen

Description: DK Local Kitchen brings a seasonal menu to its customers, all year round! Using only the freshest ingredients daily, they offer new and traditional American food as well as Mediterranean cuisine. Their menu includes the Döner Kebab Salad Plate, Vegan Wrap, and the Vegetarian Plate and a lot more. Look for them at 4637 Market St. or roaming around streets near you.

Featured Menu Item: The Döner Kebab Warm Pita Wrap is definitely the one to try here. It comes with all the toppings (lettuce, cabbage, tomato, onion) and all the sauces (hummus, tzatziki and Turkish spice)

Reviews Online: Holy balls this is the best Caesar salad I’ve ever had in my life. Thank you so much for opening back up as I swung by! I would eat this every day. – Christina Giordano, Facebook


Dos Bandidos

Description: Dos Bandidos started operations in February of 2014 offering exquisite Mexican cuisine to the San Diego community. In a short period of time, they were recognized as one of the top food trucks in San Diego. In 2015, they started their catering services serving parties and weddings among others. By 2016, the popularity of their sauces led them to sell these for retail. Last year, they were already able to put up their 2nd food truck named El Shrimp Bucket offering Mexican food based on recipes from the Pacific coast. They offer authentic Mexican cuisine from Tacos, Tortas, Nachos, Quesadillas, and a lot more. Dos Bandidos also prides themselves of only using the freshest produce in preparing their food. Look for them at 9045 Judicial Drive for exquisite Mexican cuisine.

Featured Menu Item: We can’t single out just one, you have to try any of their dishes and choose from any of their fillings from Pork, Chicken, Shrimp, Veggies, or even Lobster.

Reviews Online: We had Dos Bandidos come by work today and they are AMAZING!! The owner and staff are so accommodating and willing to adjust items on the menu for those with food restrictions. The shrimp and lobster tacos were the BEST!! I highly recommend this Food Truck for company events or every day eating!!! Our employees were thrilled with the food and service. We will continue to schedule them for future lunches. Thank you Dos Bandidos for making our day that much better!!! – Nicole DeWindt, Rutledge Claims Management, Inc.


Eat Your Heart Out

Description: Eat Your Heart Out offers local cuisine and turning them into handy treats. They pride themselves of using locally sourced ingredients and create delectable cuisine which you can enjoy with your hands. Their menu features health conscious and delicious vegetarian dishes, while also offering healthy, flavor-rich meat cuisine. They offer Philly Cheese Steaks, House Smoked Bacon BLT’s, Kimchi Quesadillas, and Twice Baked Potato bites among others.

Featured Menu Item: Their Squash & Black Bean Burrito is not to be overlooked. It’s served with seasonal mushrooms & squash, house-made salsa, fire roasted peppers & onions, pico de gallo and shredded lettuce on a flour tortilla.

Reviews Online: This truck is always great and maybe one of the best in SD. For those health-nuts and not so health-nuts, EYHO has something for everyone! – Chris J., Yelp


Epic Eatz

Description: Epic Eatz considers living well means eating well. The food truck offers indulging yet nutritious dishes whenever you want it, wherever you want it (Of course, that’s for the San Diego area only). With delectable dishes created by chef Chris Bracamonte, Epic Eatz offers some of the scrumptious and healthy dishes you’ll taste this side of town. Their menu includes Shrimp Asparagus & Mushroom Quesadilla and Baja Fish Taco which is served in beer battered mahi-mahi fish topped with cabbage, cilantro, onion, salsa, and crema. You can find them around the area of Carlsbad.

Featured Menu Item: The Shrimp Asparagus & Mushroom Quesadilla is a must try. It’s served as butter garlic sauteed Shrimp, asparagus, mushrooms onions and peppers placed in a butter garlic toasted Flour tortilla with a 3 cheese blend melted to perfection.

Reviews Online: Fantastic presentation and great food. Chris set up was ready when we all arrived. The food is definitely not typical food-truck fare, but more in line with what you would find in a nice restaurant. The presentation and flavor of the food were tops, and the prices very good. I’d recommend these guys to anybody. – Andy Brightman, Facebook


Fork Yeah!

Description:Established in 2016,Fork Yeah! provides the city of San Diego with fun and freshly made comfort food which is sourced locally. Other than their food truck, they do catering for weddings, private parties, events, pop-up dinners, and a lot more. With over 40 years of combined experience in the culinary industry, you’re sure to get one of the best, delectable dishes this part of California. The menu includes the Farmer’s Market Grilled Cheese which is presented in mild cheddar, provolone, arugula, organic heirloom tomato, homemade chipotle aioli on a sourdough bread.

Featured Menu Item: The BBQ Chicken sandwich is not to be overlooked. Presented in all Natural chicken breast, BBQ sauce, cheese, butter lettuce, organic heirloom tomato and crispy onions on a brioche bun.

Reviews Online: Amazing food. Honestly blown away by the quality of ingredients and incredible taste of this food. Vanessa gave us our food and checked in on us making sure we were happy. I have never had such a great food truck experience in terms of quality, taste, and service combined. Absolutely love Fork Yeah! – Kathryn TheToon Florance, Facebook


God Save the Cuisine

Description: Dave Keylock along with his brother Kevin started the food truck way back in 2012. He brought his culinary experience to San Diego from Britain, hence the title, “God Save The Cuisine”. Their goal is to provide local, sustainable, organic food to their customers. They source their ingredients from local fisheries and farmers while serving authentic British Cuisine to the city of San Diego. God Save The Cuisine caters to weddings and other events other than operating the food truck itself. The menu includes the traditional British dish, Fish and Chips, Smoked Salmon on Flatbread, and the Butty.

Featured Menu Item: The Butty is a good way to start the menu. It’s served with a local, sustainable, fish, truck-made local beer batter, warm brioche bun, handmade coleslaw, and tartar sauce. This includes Suzie’s farm organic mixed greens and a fresh lemon.

Reviews Online: Amazing! So good! Fish n’ Chips are so so good! Can’t wait to try the rest of your menu! – Katie MacFarlane, Facebook


The Go Go Truck

Description: Just like other food trucks in the area, The Go Go Truck’s aim is to provide delectable treats using locally sourced and sustainable cuisine. The truck was created by Ari and Liam, who met in San Francisco while working in a catering company. Liam’s extensive experience as a chef and Ari’s experience on food sustainability is a good combination to provide fresh food fast to their customers. Their menu includes Steak And Egg Sandwich for breakfast and Fried Chicken Banh Mi for lunch or dinner.

Featured Menu Item: Their Fried Chicken Banh Mi is not to be overlooked. It’s served as fried chicken breast tossed in a house made sweet chili sauce with carrots, cucumbers, and cilantro aioli on a French roll.

Reviews Online: The Go Go Fried Chicken sandwich is what it’s all about! – Fred Rose, Facebook


Grater Grilled Cheese

This is not your mom’s grilled cheese. This is greater!

Description: As their name suggests, Grater Grilled Cheese is all about injecting chef-inspired twist on the regular grilled cheese sandwich. Their story began with a passion for the grilled cheese sandwich and a food truck. They started experimenting on different flavors of cheese with their creations. Today, they have ten chef-inspired delectable creations while you can also build your own. Their menu also includes Pomme Frittes which are grated cheese on french fries, Grater burgers, as well as Mac and Cheese. They currently have five locations which are at Mission Center Road., Pearl Street, Del Mar Heights Road, Irvine Center Drive, and at 5th St. in Huntington Beach. So if you’re into melted grated cheese goodness, visit them at any of their locations.

Featured Menu Item: The Lobster Grilled Cheese is a sure-fire hit. It’s basic 5 Grilled Cheese with butter fried Lobster, Krab, and their signature Pale Ale Beer Chipotle Aioli.

Reviews Online: “I can’t say enough good about this place. Cheese paradise, to be sure.” – Website review


Haad Sai Thai Food

Description: One of the few food trucks serving Asian cuisine, Haad Sai Thai Food offers authentic Gourmet Thai food on wheels. Other than the food truck, they also do catering services for events and even parties. The menu includes the scrumptious Crispy Chicken with Sriracha, the Panang Curry Chicken, and the Crispy Chicken with Lemon cream sauce. Catch them around San Diego with this schedule from their website.

Featured Menu Item: Don’t leave the truck without having a taste of their Panang Curry Chicken.

Reviews Online: I had the Panang Curry Chicken at She Fest and it was ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS! Thank you so much!– Birdie Gutierrez, Facebook


Herb N Donuts Truck

Description:Herb N Donuts is not your traditional sweet delicacy. They claim to have re-invented the donut by making it healthy. Backed by 40 plus years of culinary experience, their goal was to create the improbable, making the calorie-rich donut a healthier snack. After two years of hard work, they were able to create the Yo-Nut™, a gluten-free donut without comprising its sweet, delicious taste we all love. From there, they were able to expand their menu which includes custom-made donuts, as well as homemade sauces to supplement the donuts flavor. Herb N Donuts is true as they say, “Not your average donut”.

Featured Menu Item: The Berry Your Sweet Tooth is truly sinful if you see what it looks like. It’s berries and whipped yogurt sandwiched in a gluten-free donut. Add a Sea Salt Caramel dip and experience the explosion of flavors come to life.

Reviews Online:

These gluten-free donuts are outta this world and you won’t believe they’re made of organic Greek yogurt. And I could eat the dipping sauces by the spoonful. What a treat! – Lauren Essex, Facebook


Joes on the Nose

Description: Joes on the Nose is just one of the coffee trucks stationed in the city. But this orange truck started in streets of San Diego way back in 2007, making it one of the first gourmet food trucks in California. Their story started with a surfer/javaphile’s fantasy of creating a surf coffee truck. The name Joe referred to a cup of coffee, or a cup of joe, not after the owner or anyone in particular. Upon purchasing a truck from a botched deal, Joes on the Nose was born and the rest, as they say, is history. The menu includes artisan coffees like Espresso, Americano, Latte, and Cappuccino as well as Hot chocolates, Teas, Cold beverages, and Smoothies. Look for them at 5909 Sea Otter Place, Carlsbad, from Mondays-Fridays from 7AM-2PM.

Featured Menu Item: The Aloha Latte is hard to ignore. It’s Mocha with Macadamia nuts & Coconut, topped with Coconut whipped cream.

Reviews Online: Cold brew and tonic…..sounds strange, extremely delicious.  We were hesitant but the girl in the truck said it was delicious and we couldn’t agree more.  Bitter coffee, sweet tonic, it was great. – Kristie J., Yelp


King Kream

Description: King Kream is a family owned and operated ice cream truck based in San Diego. It was established way back in 2004 with unique mobile ice cream trucks offering soft-serve ice cream to the San Diego County. Besides the food truck, they also cater to events and parties from corporate parties, school functions, even at weddings. With years of experience and using only the finest ingredients, King Kream provides a satisfying ice cream experience to its customers. Their menu includes shakes, sundaes, banana splits, custom-made sundae specials, floats, slushies, and even nachos! For a truly satisfying snack experience, look for them at 767 Anita Street, Chula Vista.

Featured Menu Item: Their Banana split is truly a delightful treat. It’s three mounds of creamy ice cream with any three toppings to choose from, along with whip cream, peanuts or sprinkles, and cherries on top!

Reviews Online: King Kream brings back some great memories from my childhood!We had Mr. Softee back in the Bronx as a kid…
When King Kream started visiting my place of employment “Ford Dealer” on the regular, I was in heaven…
As others have stated, awesome! – Rob D.


Kona Ice

Description: Kona Ice brings the Hawaiian shaved ice goodness to its customers. They pride themselves of being able to serve 500 people in a single hour. That’s truly impressive considering containing everything in a food truck. Being self-contained is also one of their assets since the truck operates on its own without outside power or machinery needed. As they say, everything’s mobile so you can see them anywhere roaming the streets of San Diego. The Flavorwave is a distinct characteristic of this shaved ice truck. There’s a machine on the side of the truck where you can put your own flavor, that’s right! you can put your flavors on your own shaved ice cup. Kona Ice shaved ice treats does not contain artificial sweeteners, peanut derivatives, and are gluten-free. Their flavors include lemon lime-a-licious, blue raspberry, strawberry’d treasure, and island rush just to name a few.

Featured Menu Item: If you’re craving for the island flavors, then Island Rush is for you. With tastes of the tropics, you’ll instantly transport to your favorite beach with the wind blowing through your hair.

Reviews Online: We love when we hear their loud exciting music. It sounds like steel drums playing up and down our streets. The kids LOVE their shaved ice and getting to flavor it themselves. They really love the color changing cups they got tonight in Webb City. You guys are awesome and should be plenty busy this summer glad we have one in our area now!!! – Marleah Strobl Atkin, Facebook


Local Kebab

Description: Local Kebab offers authentic Turkish cuisine to the community of San Diego. Just as the other food trucks around the area, they source their ingredients locally to sustain the freshness of their food. They offer gluten-free and vegan options in their menu which also includes chicken, and beef & lamb döner kebab options. Other than their food truck, they also cater to companies for lunch, breweries, as well as private events.

Featured Menu Item: The Chicken Döner kebab is the one to try here, so don’t leave the truck without it, it’s surely worth the wait.

Reviews Online: Between sets performing at Bolt Brewery La Mesa last night I had to try the chicken kebab because the wonderful smells were driving me crazy! I don’t normally eat when I perform but couldn’t resist. It was so worth it. Great taste, fresh ingredients and just delightful and delicious. – Tim Atkins, Facebook


Marcel Belgian Waffles

Description: Marcel Belgian Waffles is one of the few food trucks in San Diego which offer this exquisite pastry. Created from only the finest Belgian ingredients, Marcel waffles ingredients are directly imported from Europe and baked fresh daily. Marcel Belgian waffles are based on an authentic Belgian grandmother’s recipe, so this is the closest you’ll get to tasting an originally created Belgian waffle. Their menu includes the signature dish, Brussels Waffle and the Liege Waffle among other great custom-made creations. You can find them at Market Street and roaming around the neighborhood of San Diego.

Featured Menu Item: The Strawberry Love is the one to get here, it’s even recommended by Hollywood actor, Jon Voight! It’s Brussels or Liege waffle topped with strawberries, ice cream and freshly made whipped cream. The pictures above show a Strawberry Love made with a Brussels waffle.

Reviews Online: Just love their food. They are definitely our favorite of all food trucks that come to Valentia Apts or UTC neighborhood. Never had a bad dish, but their meat pies are the very best we’ve ever had! Don’t miss a chance to eat at Marcel’s Waffles! – Katherine Hart, Facebook


Mastiff Sausage Company

Description: Mastiff Sausage Company is a company which serves German hot dogs and sandwiches for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. When they decided to put up a food truck to expand their market, they knew they need more minds to achieve their goal. So in 2012, chef/co-owner Eric and Jacob set out on the project, they focused their concept and effort on the food truck. The duo was able to set up a 25 ft Grumman Olsen Step Van into a massive modern mobile kitchen which can sustain their operations to store and prepare food. The multi-purpose truck can cater to parties, events, and table service for their customers. Their menu includes the Mastiff Classic Bratwurst, the protein plate, and the salads which cater to the health conscious.

Featured Menu Item: The Protein Plate is the one you should not miss. It’s a house made sausage served over a bed of lettuce & cabbage with house vinaigrette – You can choose 1 Meat + 2 Toppings.

Reviews Online: A solid food truck that could easily compete with Austin, TX. I ordered the curry chicken sausage with no regrets – lol!  I got a side of their loaded fries and felt I came out ahead of the price vs flavor. Great food for less!– Don L., Yelp


MIHO Gastrotruck

Description: MIHO Gastrotruck is a sub-company of A MIHO Experience, a family of brands based in San Diego California. The company offers rental, events, and catering services. The Gastrotruck story started back in 2010 when Kevin Ho and Juan Miron thought of driving a food truck around San Diego offering gourmet food to the community. After a few years and with the success of the MIHO Gastrotruck, they ventured into a full-service catering service to expand their network of customers and the rest, as they say, is history. The menu includes appetizers such as Crispy Squash Blossom, and entreés like Swiss Chard & Goat Cheese Ravioli, and a lot more. You can find them at 4696 Ruffner Street, Suite A and around the neighborhood.

Featured Menu Item: The Duck Confit Taco is a starter. It’s a free-range duck confit bathed in apricot salsa, sliced jícama tortilla, salsa de cacahuate.

Reviews Online: The idea of a food truck is somewhat unappealing to me, but I have to say I love the Miho truck and their “farm to street” approach to food.  Their food is fresh and amazing and I’ve loved what I’ve ordered each time I’ve caught the trucks. – Monicka C., Yelp


Organic Food Truck

An example of the farm-to-table goodness of the Organic Food Truck.

Description: The Organic Food Truck brings fresh, healthy, delicious farm-to-table cuisine to its customers. They offer a fresh approach to some of America’s traditional foods. Their menu includes grass-fed beef/chicken burgers, Lobster Mac & Cheese, and Lamb with herbs just to name a few. They also serve traditional European dishes such as Brussels Sprouts Plate and the Greek Salad with Salmon or Chicken.

Featured Menu Item: The Surf & Turf can truly satisfy your cravings. It’s their signature grass-fed beef burger topped with lobster Mac & Cheese.

Reviews Online: Great food, passionate chef…winning combo. And yes…. the Brussel sprouts are amazing. – Gus Lackerdas, Facebook


Quick Stop Grill

Description: Quick Stop Grill is a food truck in San Diego offering Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine. Their menu includes the Chicken/Steak Shawarma, Chicken/Steak subs, Habibi burger, and Salads just to name a few.

Featured Menu Item: The Steak Sub can be a good way to start with their menu. It’s Toasty, meaty and garlicky which will truly satisfy anyone’s cravings.

Reviews Online: Delicious! best food I’ve had in a while. Randy and Hector really love what they do and it shows when you eat the delicious food! Just the smell will make your mouth water! – Rebecca Smith, Facebook


Salt + Lime

Description: Salt + Lime offers contemporary Mexican cuisine to the city of San Diego. Voted by the San Diego Reader for Best Traditional Taco, Salt + Lime blends traditional authentic Mexican flavors with a modern twist. They also cater to private events, parties, and other office functions if ever you & your friends crave for Mexican dishes. More than the traditional Taco, the menu also includes large Burritos and Tostadas that’ll surely satisfy your fish cravings.

Featured Menu Item: The Quesitaco is a good way to start the menu. It’s marinated steak wrapped in chicharrón de queso, chipotle sauce, avocado, and pickled onions.

Reviews Online: The staff was awesome the food was killer and prices were on point. One of the places I’m going to look forward to coming back to when I come back from Seattle next time. These guys are on to something great. – Jaclyn Price, Facebook


Smoothie Rider

Description: Smoothie Rider offers healthy and sweet smoothies prepared fresh daily. Established in 2015, the idea started with an accomplished chef’s dream to go back to the basics, going to the local market and smelling the aroma of fresh produce. With the help of his family, they share the same passion in bringing fresh ingredients in creating their one of a kind smoothies. The menu includes the D-Tox which is Orange Juice, Spinach, Kale, Avocado, Ginger, Celery, Apple, and Orange peel. You can find them at Historic Decatur Road, and now serving at Liberty Public Market.

Featured Menu Item: The U-Beta is a must try. It’s a blend of Almond Milk, Orange Juice, Carrot, Strawberry, Ginger, Turmeric, Date, Orange peel, and Cantaloupe.

Reviews Online: Love the options. Been here a few times just for a refreshing option or an option for post workout and it’s been on point every time. The best smoothies in Liberty Station hands down!– Navid Hannanvash, Facebook


Seoul Man Food Truck

Description: Seoul Man is a gourmet truck which offers a fusion of Korean cuisine with Southern flavors to give it a modern twist. It is a family owned and operated food truck who shared their passion for fresh and healthy food. The team is a collaboration of people from different backgrounds which complement each other to deliver an exceptional culinary experience. The menu includes the Gangnam Style Flat Iron Steak Bowl which is made of certified Angus Beef and the Bacon Psy Fries which is made from Fresh Cut Seasoned and Battered Pub Style Fries. For their schedule, you can call 1-844-YUM-KBBQ or 1-844-986-5227 Toll-Free.

Featured Menu Item: The Gangnam Style Flat Iron Steak Bowl is a real fusion of Korean and Southern flavors. It’s Certified Angus Beef flat iron steak, Heirloom rice, Korean Radish in Wasabi rice wine vinaigrette, Scallion, Shredded carrots, Bourbon Kat sauce, Spicy Microgreens & Roasted sesame seeds. By the way, it’s Gluten-free.

Reviews Online: “Chef Camacho’s recipes are well thought out. The sauces are sweet, savory, and just the right amount of spice. Favorite dish: Duroc it don’t stop it seared pork belly bowl.” – Dr. Frank Giardina, Website review


Simply Fresh

Description: Simply Fresh was founded by chef Blake Duplass back in 2010. His menu was inspired by his love of California’s year-round abundance of fresh produce. The menu presents delectable and healthy takes on traditional soups, salads, wraps, and sandwiches. Simply fresh only uses high-grade quality, fresh ingredients to keep their food maintain its flavor. Their menu includes signature sandwiches and wraps such as the Chicken Club Panini and the California Wrap.

Featured Menu Item: The California Wrap is a must try. Presented in a thinly sliced turkey breast, crispy bacon, avocado, tomato, Swiss alfalfa sprouts, spring mix lettuce and homemade chipotle ranch all rolled up in a warm garden spinach tortilla.

Reviews Online: Every bite was scrumptious and fresh! Tastes just as good as if you were at a full-service restaurant but even BETTER! Try it! It’s my new favorite food truck! Can’t wait for my next trip back to try a new sandwich/wrap! Had the Cuban panini and it was tasty and filling! There’s room to share with a friend or in my case, a hubby. – Molica Nuon, Facebook


Soul Cal Pit Stop

Description: Soul Cal Pit Stop is a food truck based in San Diego offering freshly made traditional American food with a Southern twist. The menu has a lot to offer, from hot dogs, burgers, chicken fingers, and deep fried pickles just to name a few. Be sure to catch them roaming around the street of San Diego.

Featured Menu Item: The Chicken Club Sandwich is the one to try here. Its got your homemade Chicken patty with lettuce and tomatoes on a specially made bun.

Reviews Online: Their food is not complicated, but it is prepared well and with a lot of thought and care. AND it is tasty. I would not hesitate to ask Soul Cal to attend a future event that I host. They were great!– Stephanie M., Yelp


Sub Fusion

Description: Sub Fusion is home of the Carne Louca & Chicken Chipotle Subs as well as their French Fries counterparts. It is owned and operated by a family which has a passion for crafting unique homestyle recipes. The menu includes the Carne Louca which is made with au jus braised beef, melted Muenster cheese, and house aioli and the Fusion Burger which is a ½ lb. seasoned beef patty, creamy Brazilian catupiry cheese, and caramelized onions. Find them along Market Street and roaming around the neighborhood.

Featured Menu Item: The Carne Louca is the star of the menu here, hands down. It’s a juicy Shredded Beef Brisket and Rib, fresh Greens and Tomato, topped with melted Muenster Cheese & their Sub Fusion sauce.

Reviews Online: Love at first bite doesn’t do this place justice. Don’t miss out on that Carne Louca! – Arick Stillwagon Jr., Facebook


Sushi Uno

Description: Sushi Uno is the first sushi food truck in San Diego. Established in 2014, it rode the wave of food trucks, which were then beginning to gain popularity. Though at the time, there was no sushi food truck around. Sushi Uno set the bar for others to follow, they are the only custom-made, cutting edge sushi truck in the city. Prepared fresh daily, the menu includes Poke Bowls, Traditional and Specialty Rolls like the Matador which consists of tempura shrimp, avocado, cucumber & cilantro – topped with crab, cooked shrimp, house mayo and spicy sauce.

Featured Menu Item: The Jalapeño Popper is a starter. It’s an organic cream cheese and crab, then battered, breaded and fried on top: spicy sauce, house mayo, eel sauce and sesame seeds. Presented in 3 pieces per serving.

Reviews Online: Great service and food! If you’re looking for some freshly rolled sushi, you should follow Sushi Uno food truck.– Cenk Aydin, Facebook


Sweet Treats

Description: Sweet Treats is one of the pioneers in the San Diego food truck industry which has been serving the community since 2008. They have a unique set-up since they have three mobile food servers roaming the city of San Diego; an Ice Cream truck, a Dessert truck, and Ice Cream motorcycles. They are also the only food truck in San Diego which has a certification of Small Local Business Enterprise (SLBE). Other than the food truck, they also accept catering services for events and parties. Their Ice Cream menu includes Fruit bars, Snow cones, Ice Cream, and Cookie Sandwiches, as well as known brands such as Ben & Jerry’s and Haagen Dazs.

Featured Menu Item: I guess everything on their menu is worth the treat, who doesn’t love Ice Cream?!

Reviews Online: If there were 10 stars I’d give it to Sweet Treats! Great organization, always on time, great follow up and all around good people! Contracted with them for a business event and would do it again tomorrow! Thank you, Chris and Jennifer! – A.B., Yelp


URBN Catering

Description: URBN Catering is a full-service catering and Pizza truck serving the areas of Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego. URBN and its partner BASIC restaurants have been serving its customers for the past 10 years. They serve salads, Pizzas, sandwiches, and desserts. They also cater to the health conscious since most of the items in their menu are Gluten-Free and are recommended for Vegan and Vegetarian customers.

Featured Menu Item: The Roasted Chicken is a suggested family dish. It’s a wood oven roasted quartered whole chicken in fresh lemon, olive oil, and herbs. You know what’s better?, It’s Gluten-Free!

Reviews Online: If you’re in the Vista Village area and hungry after beer tasting, I can’t think of a better thing to soak up the suds then something from this place. – Danny W., Yelp


La Cochinita

Description: La Cochinita is a unique San Diego based food truck since it’s a fusion of Mexican and Japanese cuisine. A rare mix indeed, they even put it into their name and slogan: La Cochinita, Japanese Food Factory. They take their history from the introduction of Teriyaki sauce based dishes way back in 1989. Their menu list includes Japanese dishes like Yoshima, Minorus, and Hatsumi as well as Mexican dishes like the Cochinita Pibil, Tacos, and Nuevo Milenio. You can find them at Otay Center Drive or roaming around the streets of San Diego.

Featured Menu Item: The Minorus is the one to try here. It’s a bowl of steamed white rice topped with Roasted chicken.

Reviews Online: Fresh food, great price, and value, flavors are on point… I recommend the Minoru which is a teriyaki chicken bowl YOU HAVE TO ORDER IT WITHOUT SKIN THOUGH – Grace G., Yelp


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