Known for its museums and other cultural offerings, Tampa is a city located along Florida’s Gulf coast. Tampa is the county seat of Hillsborough County in the state of Florida. Acclaimed as the “Cigar Capital of the World”, Tampa is home to the locality of Ybor. This neighborhood was developed by Spanish and Cuban cigar factory workers at the turn of the 20th century and is now known as a dining and nightlife destination on the city. Typically threatened by tropical storms due to its location in the Southeast, no hurricane has made landfall in the area since Tampa Bay hurricane of 1921. Summertime weather is predominant in the city from mid-May extending up to October, coinciding with the rainy season.

Tampa is also home to three major professional sports teams, the Buccaneers in the NFL, the Lightning in the NHL, and the Rays in the MLB. The Buccaneers, Lightning, and the Rowdies of the United Soccer League have each won a championship in their respective sports league. Tampa is divided into the following areas: North Tampa, East, Tampa, South Tampa, West Tampa, Downtown Tampa, and New Tampa. Some of its known neighborhoods include the city of Ybor, Tampa Heights, Forest Hills, Davis Islands, and Sulphur Springs just to name a few.

The city is also known for its diverse culinary scene due to its rich heritage. From farm-to-table restaurants to mobile food trucks, Tampa is host to a number of international cuisines which includes Puerto Rican, Cuban, Spanish, Vietnamese, Italian, Colombian, and other foreign cuisines. Seafood is popular in the area due to its location as well as traditional American staple like the Barbecue. Let’s take a look at popular food trucks which make the Cigar City tick. You can also learn more about what to do in this great metro area by reading the Insider’s Guide to the Greater Tampa Area.

Hot Mess Food Truck

Hot Mess Food Truck Food.

Description: Established in 2012, Hot Mess Food Truck offers comfort food that’ll keep you coming back for more. The food truck serves the hottest Tots you’ll ever find in town, as well as hot dogs and platters. Roaming around the streets of Tampa, their menu includes their signature Hott Mess Tots, Tots-Ziki, the Pork Tenderloin Sandwich, and the Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad just to name a few.

Featured Menu Item: Their signature Hott Mess Tots is too yummy to ignore. It’s Tater tots, topped with seasoned ground beef, bacon cheese sauce, chipotle lime crema & garnished with scallions.

Reviews Online: Awesome food, service, friendly happy staff. Really cool decor. Fresh homemade salsa is the bomb and the bacon wrapped hot dog on a pretzel bun with bacon cheese sauce… WOW. Just love the buffalo chicken tacos and dirty south Hott mess tots. (Mac & cheese on top of tater tots w/ barbeque sauce) – Cheryl Hansen, Facebook


Burger Culture

Description: Burger Culture is a mobile gourmet food truck serving a variety of burgers and the slider for lunch and dinner. Recently, they expanded their menu to include grilled cheeses which will make you come back for more. They also serve cheesesteaks, chicken sandwiches, fries, wagyu, lamb, and bison just to name a few. Their burgers are so good, they are included in the Burger Museum by Burger Beast.

Featured Menu Item: Go for their signature, the BC Cheeseburger. It’s American with relish, raw onions, and that cheese and patty, it’ll make you crave for more!

Reviews Online: These burgers are to die for. So flavorful and delicious. Definitely worth the price. Yum! – Megan Beltran, Facebook


Wicked ‘Wiches

Description: Hungry? Then let ‘Wicked Wiches fill in your hunger. They pride themselves of having a passion for culinary innovation and unsurpassed quality when it comes to their dishes. The culinary team of Brent, AJ, and Christine brings your culinary experience into a whole new level. They are known for their signature sandwiches as well as their slow and low cooked barbeques and a fusion of different world flavors.

Featured Menu Item: That ‘Wich is definitely a starter. All ingredients are local, organic, and sustainable. Herbed turkey and avocado spread covered in mayonnaise and pepper Jack cheese. Garnished with homemade mustard, lettuce, tomato, and a blend of salts.

Reviews Online: The menu is amazing and the food is on the same level. I’m still here and I’ll definitely be back again to try many more things. – Jordan Prosser, Facebook


Around the World Burgers

Description: Around the World Burgers puts each flavor on the map, literally. They serve gourmet burgers using only the freshest ingredients locally. Their one-of-a-kind blend of spices creates a special flavor which you’ll surely approve. The menu includes the Polynesian Sweet Burger which has Applewood smoked bacon with a Teriyaki/Pineapple Glaze and the Latin America Burger with Guacamole, Lettuce, Tomato, Avocado, and Cilantro. They also have their signature burger, the Captain’s Burger which has melted cheddar, dark, thick rum, and pepper BBQ sauce. Other than their gourmet burgers, they also serve fries and beverages for a complete scrumptious meal to fill your craving palate.

Featured Menu Item: If you want a different kind of burger, try the Exotica Burger. It’s Cheddar Cheese, Applewood Smoked Bacon, and Peanut Butter Sauce on a patty.

Reviews Online: Best Burgers you are going to find anywhere… If you see a line it is because you can’t rush QUALITY and it is worth the wait. – Jan France, Facebook


Two Asians & a Grill

Description: Two Asians & a Grill serves the best Hibachi & Sushi, express style in town. Their Hibachi includes the Beef n’ Broccoli fried rice, the Vegetable fried rice, and the Steak fried noodle. Other than their Hibachi, they also serve finger foods like Chicken tenders, sandwiches like the Philly cheese steak, wraps, as well as Mexican delicacies like the Chicken Burrito.

Featured Menu Item: The Vegetable Fried rice is worth the trip. It’s served with onion, broccoli, mushrooms, fried rice, egg, garlic butter, and soy sauce.

Reviews Online: They really know what they’re doing!! Great food! Great service! Don’t let the location fool you at the pink pony it’s so delicious and I promise, you will be going back again and again. – Samantha Young, Facebook


Taco Bus

Description: Taco Bus Tampa is actually a mobile food truck with locations around Florida, and luckily we have one here at East Hillsborough. They serve Mexican, Vegan, and Vegetarian dishes on lunch and dinner wherever and wherever they’re at. Taco Bus has been around for some time, even before food trucks were a trend. They have already featured on T.V. as well as making it to the list of the U.S. top food trucks. Their menu includes the Twin Grande Tacos, Tostada, and the El Jefe which is over 2 lbs. If you’re craving for authentic Mexican cuisine, the Taco Bus has a lot to fill that craving tummy.

Featured Menu Item: If you’re in to fill in your stomach, the El Jefe is sure tummy filler. Weighing in over 2 lbs, it’s two tortillas wrapped with your choice of protein, double Mexican rice and beans, cheese, sour cream, and guacamole!

Reviews Online: I get the burrito every time I go. for 8$ you get this 3lb burrito which is packed with meat beans rice and veggies. I love this place. Great service and friendly people as well! – Steven LaGreca, Facebook


Surf and Turf Truck

Description: Surf and Turf Truck has a simple mission, to make and serve exquisite food in the most casual and friendly way possible. They want to provide a worry-free environment where you can enjoy your food like you’re eating it on the beach. Surf and Turf basically serve seafood cuisine and their specialty is lobster rolls. They also offer a variety of sandwiches and rolls, Vegetarian cuisine, and fries. Their menu includes the Blue Crab Roll, the Triple-Decker Lobster Grilled Cheese, and their signature, the Warm Lobster Roll.

Featured Menu Item: Their signature Warm Lobster Roll is really the one to go to. It’s served as warm buttered lobster topped with chilled mango and diced jalapeno pepper, and citrus kale on a toasted split-top bread.

Reviews Online: First visit here at lunch… OMFG… amazing! the flavors on the shrimp taco are phenomenal! cool cucumber with spicy sauce.. give me more! – Julie Davis, Facebook


Renny’s Oki Doki

Description: Renny’s Oki Doki was created by Renny Braga from Iwakuni, Japan. Growing up on the Japanese island of Okinawa, he wanted people to taste the food he grew up with. Now living in Tampa, his dream has come true with his mobile food truck. They serve hiyashi chuka soba which is a cold noodle dish prepared with chicken and vegetables. Other Okinawan dishes include the harumaki, gyoza, and soki soba. Their Japanese flavorful menu includes the Okinawan Hot Soba Bowl, the Azama Gyoza, and the Naha Sliders which are Teriyaki pulled pork sliders with pickled cucumbers and wasabi mayo.

Featured Menu Item: The Okinawan Hot Soba Bowl is definitely a delectable treat. It’s a comforting, hot pork broth with authentic Okinawan soba noodles, topped with vegetable garnish and pork spare rib or slice of braised pork belly.

Reviews Online: By far one of the best and most original food trucks I have ever eaten at. The food is fresh, perfectly cooked, and has a flavor you will never forget. Always say Oki Doki to the Katsu Chicken! – Scott Lambright, Facebook


Michelle Faedo’s On The Go

Description: Michelle Faedo’s On The Go opened its mobile food truck business back in 2003 by Michelle and Robert. Since then, they have been recognized by local and national food editorials. They are known for gourmet deviled crabs and their exceptional Cuban sandwiches on-the-go! Their menu includes their signature Devil crab, Michelle’s Egg salad, and the Ybor City Cuban.

Featured Menu Item: I’d probably go for their Devil crab since it’s their specialty and probably the Ybor City Cuban sandwich for an authentic taste of Cuban cuisine.

Reviews Online: The best in Tampa Florida hands down!!!! I first had their amazing food at my job MetLife and told my husband and friends and we can’t get enough! A beautiful family with great food!! If you have not tried them yet your missing out! Congratulations on the store!!!! – Juaneka Bouie, Facebook


Gone Bananas

Description: Gone Bananas serves fresh frozen treats such as Bananas, Chocolate, and Vanilla soft serves. All the items in their menu are organic, vegan, non-dairy, and gluten-free. This is because their aim is to provide a healthy alternative to traditional food concessionaires. Even their cups and spoons are biodegradable making them a healthy and environmentally friendly mobile food truck. Their menu includes the Classic Banana Whip, the Pineapple Banana Whip, and the Frozen Chocolate-Covered Banana.

Featured Menu Item: The Frozen Chocolate-Covered Banana is a favorite among its customers. Its toppings include chocolate, sprinkles, peanuts, and coconut.

Reviews Online: This place is great! I’m one of those people that God might hate because I can’t have ice cream. Thanks to this place, I can have ice cream again. The banana whips are great (I’d recommend it with peanut butter), and the ice cream is awesome. – Andre F., Yelp


The Cheesesteak Truck

A Classic Cheese Steak Sandwich and French Fries.

Description: The Cheesesteak Truck opened back in 2012 by the Bradley family offering authentic Philadelphia Cheesesteaks. Each of their signature dishes comes with their very own, Fondue cheddar cheese, or you may select your own cheese. Their menu includes the Buffalo-Philly, the Chicken-Steak fusion, and the Pizza Steak which is steak & tomato sauce topped with melted provolone cheese. Craving for authentic Philly Cheesesteak this side of Florida? The Cheesesteak Truck will surely fill up that stomach.

Featured Menu Item: Their signature Cheesesteak is a must try, you can’t get anything this close this side of Florida! It comes with their signature Fondue cheddar cheese or you can select your own cheese: Provolone or American, add-ons: onions, peppers, mushrooms, banana, and jalapeno.

Reviews Online: Best cheesesteak ever! great service…go back all the time! – Asaad Craig IV, Facebook


Sims Smoked BBQ & Seafood

Description: Sims Smoked BBQ & Seafood combines two of America’s all-time favorite dishes, Smoked BBQ and seafood. They smoke their meats over wood with a low heat of 200-250 degrees which is the traditional way of cooking BBQ, low and slow. Sims also serve Shrimp and Snow Crab legs covered in garlic butter sauce. They also have sandwiches, proteins (meats), side dishes, and desserts on their menu.

Featured Menu Item: The Smoked Rib Dinner is a good sampler for their menu. It comes with the Smoked Rib with barbecue sauce, with Collard Greens and Mac & Cheese on the side.

Reviews Online: One of my favorite spots. I was eating them so much I had to take a break. – Christopher Bell, Facebook


Ramen & Waffles

Description: Based in Dunedin, FL, Ramen & Waffles opened its mobile food truck business last March of 2017. They serve a unique combination of gourmet ramen and exceptional waffles which is not your everyday Belgian waffles. Their ramen is made to order so you can mix and match the ingredients your craving tummy desires. The menu includes the Coconut Red Curry Ramen, Biscuit n’ Gravy Waffle, and their one-of-a-kind Spike’s Tacos. Whether you’re in for a flavorful ramen or exceptionally delicious waffles, Ramen & Waffles has it for you.

Featured Menu Item: The “Truck” Ramen is definitely a sampler here. It’s pork & chicken broth, noodles, scallions, bamboo shoots, pickled ginger, seasoned soft boiled egg, and braised pork shoulder.

Reviews Online: OMG! This was my first time trying the Ramen bowl from the Ramen & Waffles food truck. Hands down the best ramen bowl ever! Another review said that you will drink the juice from the bowl when you’re done. I was like…..yea right. Well, honey…I DRANK THE JUICE! The food was that good! – LaNettia Sullivan, Facebook


Maggie on the Move

Description: Maggie on the Move is owned and operated by Maggie Loflin and was opened way back in December of 2011. Starting at the age of 16, Maggie presents 30 years of culinary experience in her food truck. It has since received recognition as one of the top food trucks in the Tampa Bay area. Maggie on the Move offers a fusion of fresh and healthy Mediterranean cuisine daily. Most of the items in the menu are Maggie’s creation applying her touch on Moroccan, Greek, and Spanish cuisine. The menu includes the Hummus or Tzatziki w/Pita, Smoked Salmon and Pita sandwich, and the Gyros el Fuego.

Featured Menu Item: The Gyros el Fuego is a must try. It’s handmade from fresh lamb & beef, seasoned & slow roasted to perfection, then thinly sliced & served in a warm pita with chopped peppers, tomato salsa, tzatziki sauce, feta, and pepperoncini.

Reviews Online: Maggie on the Move is seriously my favorite food truck ever. Her creative swing on “normal” cuisine is innovative (who would think to put bacon in baklava!!) and delicious! I’ve never had anything I didn’t like and Maggie is super sweet too. If you see her truck out, definitely stop and get something amazing! You won’t be disappointed. – Lisa Martino, Facebook


Casablanca Fusion

Description: Casablanca Fusion has one mission: To blow your mind with tasty food and more importantly the experience. Opened last May of 2017, Casablanca Fusion offers a variety of traditional snacks created in their own version. They serve cheesesteak melts, fries, tacos, rice bowls, and a lot more. Their menu includes the Blow your mind rice bowl, the Couscous Mac N’ Cheese, and the Cheesesteak Melt.

Featured Menu Item: Their Rice bowl is definitely the one to try here. It’s served as white rice, Moroccan style seasoned black beans, Pico de Gallo, corn and cheese topped with their signature sour cream sauce and your choice of shaved ribeye beef or grilled chicken.

Reviews Online: No reviews yet.


Tree Dog Roots

Description: Tree Dog Roots was founded in 2010 by owner Donna Craig with the aim of providing a healthier food alternative to their customers. Most of the food in their menu is of Celtic and German heritage. Their food is based on root vegetables where it is either boiled, baked, broiled, or roasted. These are then mixed with marinated meats which creates a delightful blend of flavors. They are known for their signature “SMASH” bowls which include mashed potatoes with parsnips, chevére goat cheese, carrots, butter, and salt & pepper. Their menu includes SMASH bowls such as Walnut Basil Pesto, breakfast & brunch eats such as scramble & scrapple and 3 egg omelet.

Featured Menu Item: Their SMASH bowls are their best sellers. You can choose any of their 5 SMASHES: 4 Kinds of cheese, Chicken N’ Cheese, Bacon Avocado & Ranch, The Loaded, Walnut Basil Pesto, and the Bangers & SMASH.

Reviews Online: If you are looking to eat more veggies this is a wonderful alternative to some of the less healthy food truck options. I will definitely be following Tree Dog Roots food truck in the future so I can try their Walnut Basil Pesto smash! – Michelle M., Facebook


Vamos Gourmet Food Truck

Description: Vamos Gourmet Food Truck opened in October of 2016 offering Colombian inspired cuisine. Chef Nicolas Gomez was born and raised in Colombia, hence, the Colombian influence in their menu. In his 16 years in the industry, he has worked with some of the best restaurants around Tampa. Owner/Operator Melinda Murray Gomez, on the other hand, is from Central Illinois before moving to Tampa in 2006. She has over 12 years of experience in the hospitality industry and is an aspiring Sommelier. Vamos is known for their Arepas which is made from scratch using white corn. They have a variety of fillings which includes roasted pork shoulder, mozzarella cheese, roasted vegetables and olive oil for vegans, and a lot more.

Featured Menu Item: The Chimichurri Beef is a good start on their menu. It’s roasted beef, chimichurri sauce, herb roasted potatoes, plus Vamos! House salad.

Reviews Online: Vamos serves The BEST fish tacos and arepas. Fresh, delicious, and fantastic service! My family and I love their food! it can’t be beaten. Check them out and enjoy!!! – Blair Mac, Facebook


Kickin Carribean

Description: Kickin Caribbean is a mobile cafe offering Caribbean cuisine. Chef Carrie Small has been serving these goodies around Tampa Bay for the past 3 years. She also brings her food truck for catering services such as private functions, birthday parties, picnics, and a lot more. Their food is also available for online ordering and delivery. Their menu includes the Jerk Chicken wrap, salads, plantains, and curried goat just to name a few.

Featured Menu Item: Their Jerk Chicken Wrap is a must try so don’t forget to grab one when they’re around!

Reviews Online: Amazing jerk chicken wraps! Deep fried is a whole new kind of deliciousness! Fried Mac and Cheese is one of a kind and the pork…what else is there to say..this is authentic Jamaican food hands down… Found my new happy place! – Kurt Pj DeVries, Facebook


Tampa Blue Crab and Seafood Market

Description: Where do you look for the best seafood market in Tampa? Tampa Blue Crab and Seafood Market of course. If you’re into fresh seafood, Tampa Blue Crab and Seafood Market is the place to go. They have a wide variety of seafood from clams, to shrimps, a wide selection of fish and of course the blue crab. You can let them cook your fresh produce and they provide some of the best seafood dishes you’ll ever see in town. Their menu includes shrimp cooked in garlic butter and a lot more.

Featured Menu Item: Choose any seafood cooked in butter and garlic would surely make you stay for more.

Reviews Online: We happened upon this place while looking for seafood and were not disappointed. Stone and Dungeness crab, grouper and shrimp were fresh and cooked to perfection. The owner claimed his batter and garlic sauce would “change our lives” and it did. This is definitely the BEST place to go for awesome seafood in Tampa!!!! – Temple M., Facebook


Nico’s Arepas Grill

Description: Craving for one of the best Arepas in town? Look no further, Nico’s Arepas Grill is here to satisfy your craving. Nico’s Arepas Grill is a Venezuelan restaurant which offers Cachapas, Tequeños, Arepas, and a lot more. Opened in 2012, Nico’s Arepas Grill serves a wide variety of authentic Venezuelan dishes coming from different regions of the country. The menu includes empanadas, the Asado Negro, the Pabellon, and the Patacones. Their Arepas has a wide range of fillings which include shrimp, shredded chicken or beef, white cheese, salads, and a lot more.

Featured Menu Item: If you want a little bit of everything, they have Nico’s sampler for you. Its got 2 mini Cachapas, 2 mini Arepas, 2 Tequeños, and 2 mini Empanadas served in a platter.

Reviews Online: Very excellent food and good attention. Prices are very good with generous portions. Also, the place is very clean and decorated with good taste.. also your mobile car keeps the same standards. I love Nico’s! – Jimmy Pizarro, Facebook


Thai Mama

A bowl of delicious Thai Mama food.

Description: If you’re looking for homemade Thai food, Thai mama is here for you. Born and raised in Buri Ram, Thailand, Chef Prayoon Brink offers authentic Thai food to the neighborhood of Tampa. She developed her culinary skills at the tender age of 12 from working at hotels and home guests around Bangkok. At 25, while working as an assistant chef, she met her husband, Glenn Brink. The couple moved to Florida to raise their family and after cooking Thai cuisine for friends, they decided to take their talents in the streets of Tampa. As they say, the rest was history. Their menu includes Thai favorites such as the Pad Thai, the Thai Panang curry, and the Yum Talay which is a spicy seafood salad.

Featured Menu Item: The Pad Thai is a good sampler from the menu. It’s classic Thai rice noodles stir-fried with egg, bean sprouts, scallions, and ground peanuts.

Reviews Online: Excellent food! I tried the Pad Thai “Drunken noodles” and it was the most delicious Thai platter I have ever eaten. The place is clean, beautiful and the staff was very friendly. Highly recommend it. I’ll definitely be coming back soon. – Lina Diaz, Facebook


Xtreme Tacos

Description: Want extreme Tacos? Here’s the most “Xtreme” Tacos in the Tampa area. Xtreme Tacos stimulates your taste buds by serving Mexican-American cuisine this side of Florida. Opened in February 2017, Chef Uzi brings traditional Tijuana style cuisine with a fusion of Mexican and American dishes. Some of their unique creations are the handmade tortillas out of masa and roasted corn on the cob. The menu includes the Xtreme taco, the Meat Lovers Burrito, and the Veggie Torta.

Featured Menu Item: The Xtreme Taco is definitely the one to try here. It’s your choice of meat topped with thinly shredded cabbage, pico de gallo, sour cream, guacamole, and fresh mozzarella.

Reviews Online: Xtreme Tacos was a wonderful surprise to encounter at the Lowry Parade on Friday night. Then we had the Xtreme tacos with a few different portions of meat, a quesadilla and both versions of their churros. Everything was absolutely fantastic! So delicious that I had to write a review! Can’t wait to run into this food truck in the future! – Rebecca Mena, Facebook


Mr. C’s Grilled Cheese

Description: Craving for oozing melted cheese? Then come to the daddy of grilled cheese in the Tampa Bay area, Mr. C’s Grilled Cheese. They’re not just about some cheese smacked into two slices of bread, they create out-of-this-world combinations which will surely make you ask for more. Their mouth-watering gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches include the Plain Jane, the Mac Daddy, and the Buffalo Soldier. These yummy sandwiches won’t be complete with their signature dips: Spicy Chipotle, Tomato Soup, Creamy Pesto, Buttermilk Ranch, and the Savory Bleu Cheese.

Featured Menu Item: You really can’t go wrong with grilled cheese, and the Buffalo Soldier will definitely solidify that belief. It’s made with Provolone, Mozzarella, chicken, buffalo sauce and tomato on Texas Toast. Recommended dip is either the Ranch or the Bleu Cheese.

Reviews Online: Their food is amazing! You can’t go wrong with grilled cheese… And they do it to perfection! – Tammy Sheeler, Facebook


I Wanna Wok

Description: I Wanna Wok! Wok!, no, this is not the band Twisted Sister’s food truck but it’s close to being twisted. Opened back in 2013, I Wanna Wok is a gourmet food truck serving Asian infused with a twist! The twisted menu includes the Boom Box, the Gyro-Shima, the Egg Man, and a wide choice of wraps. The Boom Box comes with White or Fried rice, vegetable spring roll, Asian slaw or Kimchi with your choice of Korea Bulgogi beef, Char Siu sliced BBQ Pork, Hawaiian chicken, and a lot more. They also have a large variety of tacos and fries which will surely make your hungry stomach, twisted! In a good way that is.

Featured Menu Item: The Boom Box is definitely an experience to remember. You have a wide selection of meats and seafood, plus it comes with rice, vegetable spring roll, and your choice of either Cucumber salad, Asian slaw, or Kimchi.

Reviews Online: THE. BEST. EVER.
We had a food truck rally at work, 9 trucks. They had a large line but I needed to try this place for the first time. The wait was surprisingly not long at all. I ordered the wrappers delight with teriyaki chicken, and all the toppings (minus kimchi) and my god. Everything was hot and fresh. And I was beyond full for under $10. Very pleased with both the food and the staff. Well done. – Britney Foster, Facebook


En Mi Viejo San Juan

Description: En Mi Viejo San Juan is a food truck in Tampa serving delectable and authentic Puerto Rican cuisine. Chef Ariel cooks up some of the best Puerto Rican delicacies you’ll taste this side of Florida. Their menu includes the Tostones con Chicharrones de Pollo, the Jibarito de Pollo o Biftec sandwich, and appetizers such as the Taquitos de Carne.

Featured Menu Item: The Tostones con Chicharrones de Pollo is your starter here. It’s Tostones served with fried crispy chicken bites.

Reviews Online: Awesome surprise. Literally feel like you have been transported once you step into the backyard. So unexpectedly peaceful. The food was great. Not greasy. Flavorful. The owner made you feel at home as if you were visiting family. And of course, loved the Spanish music! – Maria M., Yelp


Mobile Munchiez

Description: Mobile Munchiez is a family owned and operated mobile food truck roaming the neighborhood of Tampa. Founded in January 2011, Chef Pops serve some of the best Italian, American, and Latin-infused cuisines. They also cater to certain functions such as birthday parties, office celebrations, and other private gatherings. Their menu includes the Chorizo rice balls, the Tostones & Italian Sausage, and the Ham Swiss & Bacon sandwich.

Featured Menu Item: If you want a little bit everything, you should get The Sampler!!! It’s served with one Chorizo rice ball, four mini stuffed potatoes, and a dozen Yuca fries with a drizzle of their homemade signature aioli.

Reviews Online: Mobile Munchiez is one of my top food trucks on the streets of Tampa Bay! Their food is excellent and I regularly have cravings for it. The truck serves Spanish-Italian fusion cuisine, which is actually the background of the two owners. Silvia who runs the front is Spanish and her husband Fernando has been an Italian chef for over 30 years and cooks all the food. – Carlos H., Yelp


Open Fire Grilled Brazilian

Description: Chef Cesar started the concept of the Brazilian Steakhouse concept in the United States as far as way back in 1996. He has been around the world sharing his expertise of meats and culinary mastery of Brazilian cooking throughout Brazilian steakhouses around the world. In 2013, he opened the Open Fire Grilled Brazilian to share his over 30 years of experience to the community of Tampa. Chef Cesar’s specialty includes the Marinated Chicken Breast Skewer, the Filet Mignon, and the Sirloin Steak. Open Fire Grilled Brazilian offers tasteful, tender meats cooked fresh right off the grill and served to perfection. Their menu includes his specialties, the Grilled Mixed Vegetables, and the Grilled Sweet Plantains.

Featured Menu Item: Try any of his specialties which are served with White Rice, Black Beans, Vinaigrette and Farofa (Yucca Flour, Bacon and Herbs).

Reviews Online: I honestly felt like I had a 5-star meal for $12. I’ve never had food so delicious. I got steak Skewer meal. I will be stalking this truck around the bay! Thank you for great customer service and the best food I’ve had in a while!!! – Kresha Prater, Facebook


Vietnamese Food Truck

Description: Looking for Vietnamese cuisine roaming around the city? then look no further, here’s Tampa’s very own Vietnamese food truck. Vietnamese Food Truck serves authentic Vietnamese cuisine in the Tampa Bay area. Their menu includes the PHO Noodle, the Vietnamese Beef Stew, and the Vietnamese sandwich.

Featured Menu Item: For a truly authentic Vietnamese culinary experience, the PHO Noodle is definitely must try. It’s served as a traditional Vietnamese noodle soup with broth, rice noodles, herbs, and beef.

Reviews Online: I absolutely love this truck. They came to my job today, I actually was going to a Vietnamese restaurant… however they were in the parking. Have them try of the lord best PHO & Vietnamese egg rolls EVER!!! – Lovett Kerri, Facebook


Tacos Gone Mobile

Description: Tacos Gone Mobile offers authentic Mexican cuisine in the Tampa Bay area. They started with a food truck way back in 2008 serving Mexican dishes which became a hit to its customers. Ten years since they became a hit, they now have 3 locations around the Tampa area. If you’re craving for Mexican delicacies, look for that bright orange food truck at 1309 E Fletcher Ave. and their two other locations. Their menu includes the Tacos Supreme, the Quesadilla with meat, and a lot more authentic Mexican dishes.

Featured Menu Item: The Tacos Supreme is definitely the one to try here. It’s corn tortilla, your choice of meat, Cilantro, cabbage, onion, sour cream, and tomatoes.

Reviews Online: Great AUTHENTIC tacos!!!! Great prices!!! Will definitely be back. – Jenni Cabezas, Facebook


Taco Holic

Description: Located in the center of Downtown Tampa, Taco Holic offers homemade Mexican food for your craving tummy. They offer Tacos, Burrito, or Bowl with your choice of fillings which includes steak, fish, chicken, or beef. They also serve Quesadillas, Flautas, Tostada, Empanadas, and Chicken Wings among others.

Featured Menu Item: To have a taste of everything, try their combo number 3. It’s served with 1 Tostada, 1 Chicken Taco, 1 Steak Taco, 2 Crunchy Tacos, and a drink.

Reviews Online: Best tacos in all the Tampa Bay area! – Aaron Jackson, Facebook


Taqueria Mi Rancho – Carrollwood

It doesn’t need to be Tuesday to enjoy tacos.

Description: Taqueria Mi Rancho is a food truck in Carrollwood, Tampa offering Tex-Mex cuisine. Their aim is to serve you Mexican food as if you were in a ranch. They offer authentic Tex-Mex dishes such as Sopes, Tortas, Tacos, Huaraches, Burritos, and Horchata. Taqueria Mi Rancho also has a wide variety of meat fillings which includes Asada (Grilled Beef), Chorizo (Mexican Sausage), Lengua (Cow Tongue), and Chicharron (Pork Skin) just to name a few.

Featured Menu Item: The Tacos Supreme is a nice menu sampler. It comes with lettuce, tomatoes, cream, cheese, onions, and cilantro.

Reviews Online: The quesadilla was a nice size and had so much flavor to it. Every bite was a great experience. Came back the next time, tried the tacos and just as good! Highly recommend if you are in the mood for some authentic Mexican tacos or quesadillas. I will definitely frequent this place more often to get some more and some horchata! – Noel S., Yelp


Chalkboard Special

Description: What’s the chalkboard special for the day? It’s up to you! Chalkboard Special is a unique mobile food service that’s because they let you make your own truck and menu through their affiliate caterers. They are the first rentable mobile event service in the city. Opened last 2014, the idea was born out of a brainstorming with a friend on being a jack-of-all-trades in the mobile food business. They thought beyond the food and began building up on their concept. The product is a one-of-a-kind food service offered through mobile food truck renting services.

Featured Menu Item: They are what you imagine them to be! Just ask for their affiliate caterers.

Reviews Online: Chalk Board Special is definitely one of the top Mobile event services out there! Very personable cooks with a great attitude plus a delicious variety of food. Highly recommended. – Austin Turner, Facebook


La Fiebre Del Sabor Criollo

Description: Touted as one of the best Latin food trucks this side of Florida, La Fiebre Del Sabor Criollo’s humble beginnings started in the Puerto Rican town of Utuado. After delighting customers of their specialties, they started preparations for what is now their mobile food truck. They serve authentic Puerto Rican cuisine in the area of Tampa, with their known specialty, the Mofongo. Their menu includes the specialty of the house, the Matador and their Mofongo’s with your choice of seafood or meat. They also serve seafood glasses, side-orders like the Tostones, and the kids’ menu.

Featured Menu Item: The house specialty is a must try here. It’s served as an “El Matador” Mofongo with “4 seafood” shrimp, octopus, Carrucho, and Chillo fillet. Seafood Conch meat, octopus, shrimps, and snapper.

Reviews Online: Strongly recommend, their food is delicious! – Ana Berrios-Gonzales, Facebook


Riddle on the Griddle

Description: Riddle on the Griddle offers gourmet handmade grilled cheese. Opened in 2012, Riddle on the Griddle’s humble beginnings started way back in 1979. Their first venture was a food stand in a festival in Tucson, Arizona named “Yogi Hoagies”. Yogi Hoagies is a veggie and cheese pita sandwich. Decades later, after years of experience in the restaurant industry and eventually operating their own restaurant, they decided to take their talents on the street. After two years of struggling with customer demand, they decided to put up a food truck and rode the wave of popularity of the food truck scene in 2014. Their gourmet grilled cheese was the centerpiece of their success in the industry. Their menu includes the Korrie Jo, the Che-Bacon, and of course their classic handmade grilled cheese.

Featured Menu Item: Try the Downtown. It’s a grilled cheese made using Pony Bread and is filled up with roast chicken, apple bourbon BBQ sauce, and mozzarella.

Reviews Online: AMAZING Grilled Cheese’s – So many different kinds that you will walk away feeling happy and fat and sassy lol – Montana Spencer, Facebook


3 Brothers Halal Food Truck

Description: 3 Brothers Halal offers Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and Turkish cuisine to the neighborhood of Tampa. Their menu includes the Lamb Gyro sandwich, the Chicken over rice plate, the Philly Cheese Steak sandwich, and their Chicken wings.

Featured Menu Item: The Lamb Gyro Sandwich is one of their most popular dishes. It comes with lettuce, tomatoes, and onions.

Reviews Online: This food is better than Latin, Chinese, or Mexican! – Lleroy Noredlac, Facebook


Wing Box

Description: It all started with a spring break trip to South Padre Island of eight college friends in 2011. While looking for food to eat, they realized of establishing a food truck which can serve food anywhere, anytime. They basically offer wings, traditional or deboned, with a variety of marinades: BBQ, Hot, Buffalo, Teriyaki, Gold Rush, Habanero, Lemon Pepper, Jamaican Jerk, and Habanero. They also offer loaded wings which are your choice of marinated wings with crispy fries, topped with shredded cheddar cheese, bacon, French fried onions, and ranch dressing.

Featured Menu Item: The Loaded Buffalo box is a scrumptious treat. It’s boneless Buffalo wings with crispy golden fries, topped with bacon, crumbled bleu cheese, jalapeño peppers, and drizzled with blue cheese dressing. Mmmm…yummy!

Reviews Online: Best wings I’ve had ever. Light breading which I don’t normally like, but they kill it with these. The Carolina Gold sauce is also unreal… I crave these things almost every day. – Tim Springer, Facebook


Craving Donuts

Description: Craving for donuts and coffee? Well, here’s Tampa’s very own Craving Donuts! Craving Donuts take their craft seriously. They believe that there is a perfect combination of ingredients in creating the perfect, delicious donuts. The concept started after a previous donut shop the owner worked for closed for business. The idea of bringing fresh and delicious donuts on the streets was born. Craving Donuts serves fresh, warm, light and crispy donuts which go best with fresh locally roasted coffee. Their menu includes a wide variety of donut flavors which includes the Big Guava, Strawberry Delight, So Much S’mores, and the Caramel and Sea Salt. They also serve great coffee so don’t forget to pair your donut with one!

Featured Menu Item: The Caramel and Sea Salt is definitely the one to try here. It’s Vanilla cake donuts dipped in a caramel glaze and sprinkled with Sea Salt for a luscious treat.

Reviews Online: BEST DONUTS I EVER HAD IN MY LIFE. I can’t say enough good things about them.  If you’re in the area to try them out, do so. You will not want to miss them! – Christina L., Yelp



Description: Stop by Tostones and see what they can create with Plantains. This is what Tostones are known for, other than serving delicious Latin American and Caribbean cuisines. Their menu includes empanadas, chicharron de Pollo Mofongo with Chuleta, and of course their Tostones. Other than their dine-in services, they also deliver and conduct catering services for certain events and special occasions.

Featured Menu Item: Their Tostones of course! The basic contains green plantains, fried once, smashed, and fried again to golden perfection. Salted and served with house sauce.

Reviews Online: WOW, just left this spot it was worth the wait because the tostones and fried chicken were “AWESOME “ Go out there and try it, people!!!



Description: ChubbiNada is all about reimagining the traditional dish, empanada. Other than offering traditional empanadas, ChubbiNada is known for having a unique take on this traditional dish. ChubbiNada’s menu includes their special empanadas, Pepperoni Pizza Empanada, Bacon Mac & Cheese Empanada, and the Caprese Empanada. They also have the Guava & Cheese Empanada which considered a dessert dish.

Featured Menu Item: The Guava & Cheese Empanada is definitely a different take on this traditional dish. It’s served as creamy guava preserve and sweet cream cheese with a hint of vanilla. Get your sweet treat in a crispy shell.

Reviews Online: Wow! Their empanadas are really good! The dough is great! Really loved them and their sweet potato fries were really good too! The owner is super friendly and really can tell takes pride in his food! – Kris Young, Facebook


Los Gorditos Food Truck

Description: Los Gorditos has been serving the neighborhood of Tampa with genuine Puerto Rican and Caribbean food since 2005. They pride themselves of concocting the best Mofongos in town. Their menu includes the seafood empanadas, the chicharrones de Pollo, and the Alcapurrias which are Puerto Rican stuffed Fritters.

Featured Menu Item: Their Mofongo is the specialty of the house. It’s fried green Plantain with your choice of seafood or meat.

Reviews Online: I Love Love this place, their Carne Frita is Amazing & their crunchy Tostones are the perfect pairing for a midnight craving. but they also serve lunch and dinner. it’s all fresh, & made to order. it’s truly Authentic Puerto Rican Food. I love bringing friends and family. – Thalia G., Yelp



Description: Empamamas was created by Stephanie Swanz way back in 2015. It’s not your ordinary empanadas, it’s hand wrapped and made with an American touch. Other than the house specialty, they also serve Tacos and street eats like the Bang Bang Chicken and the off the cob street corn.

Featured Menu Item: The Cheeseburger In Paradise gives an American touch to this traditional Latin American dish. It’s seasoned ground beef, cheddar, mozzarella *& provolone, tomato, spinach, red onion, pickle & their signature Tampa girl sauce.

Reviews Online: The Tampa Girl and the Cheeseburger in Paradise was outstanding!! We could eat them every day. We’re definitely stopping for some again before our vacation is over. They need to franchise. – Andi Vonrockin, Facebook


The Twisted Indian Food Truck

Description: The Twisted Indian Food Truck offers traditional yet innovative Indian cuisine. The Twisted Indian is the passion and project of its owner. It serves Indian inspired food fused with Western cuisine. Whether you’re craving for American, Italian, French, or Latin American flavor, The Twisted Indian has fused it into their traditional Indian cuisine. Their menu includes the Bollywood Bowl, the Naanwich, and the Yogi Fries.

Featured Menu Item: The Bollywood Bowl is a starter here. It’s your choice of protein, white Basmati rice, fresh spinach leaves, curried slaw, Raita yogurt sauce, and cilantro.

Reviews Online: Absolutely amazing, the food is always well-balanced portions with great flavor. This is easily one of the best food trucks in Tampa Bay. My favorite is their chicken tandoori. – John Krebs, Facebook


Xtreme Quisine

Description: Xtreme Quisine offers BBQ with soul to the city of Tampa. They are devoted to achieving the best BBQ they can offer to their customers. Yet, they are more than just BBQ, they also offer scrumptious meals which will surely fill you up. Their menu includes smoked chicken wings, smoked sausage, ribs, pulled pork, and Cajun cod fish sandwich just to name a few. Xtreme Quisine also caters to events and private gatherings.

Featured Menu Item: Try their 2 meats, 2 sides combo to get the best of both worlds. For meat, you can choose between smoked chicken wings, smoked sausage, ribs, and pulled pork. For sides, you can choose between fries, coleslaw, green beans, baked beans, and mac n’ cheese.

Reviews Online: Some of the best bbq in the bay area. From gator nuggets to grouper to wings and brisket you won’t find any better food in a restaurant let alone a food truck. Do yourself a favor and stop by and see Robert and his crew you won’t be disappointed. – Darryl Williams, Facebook


Soul Food Street Kitchen

Description: Soul Food Street Kitchen offers food that will surely satisfy every craving. Joe Dodd’s soulfully loaded food truck serves crispy fried cajun chicken, fried catfish, and a lot more. Their menu includes the Chicken and Waffle, the Cletus’s Catfish Sandwich, and the Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich which is a crispy chicken tossed in Nashville hot sauce and served on a toasted bun with pickles and buttermilk coleslaw. They also have the “Dirty Bird” which is a crispy fried cajun chicken tenderloin flipped with Carolina Gold BBQ sauce and served on a locally sourced bun and topped with pimento cheese.

Featured Menu Item: If you’re a meat lover, The Big Porker is a must try. It’s a 12 hour braised pulled pork served on a locally sourced bun topped with Mama’s coleslaw and a Linghams Maple Glaze.

Reviews Online: Soul Food Street Kitchen is the absolute best food truck ever. They make their chicken fresh!!!!! The seasoning is incredible and the food is delicious!!!!!!!!! I am trying to see where they will be next so I can track them down to eat some yummy food. – Sara Hunter, Facebook


La Pelotera Food Truck

Description: La Pelotera Food Truck offers sandwiches, sweet corn cakes, arepas, and a lot more. They serve lunch and dinner to the neighborhood of Tampa. Their menu includes the Cachapas, which is a traditional Venezuelan ground sweet corn pattie, the Salchipapa, and the La Pelotera. They also serve arepas, tequeños, the Patacon, empanadas, and salads.

Featured Menu Item: The La Pelotera is their signature dish. It’s stuffed with chicken, beef, shrimp, chicken salad, and ranger cheese.

Reviews Online: This is a hidden gem among the many food trucks that haunt the streets of Tampa. My favorite is the La Pelotera ($7) which is an amazing combination of large shrimp, shredded beef and chicken, potatoes, peas, carrots, and seasoning. It’s just to damn good for words.

The flavors are the thing…I’ve yet to have a bad dish! – Robert Wilson, Facebook


Pinch A Taco

Description: Pinch A Taco offers authentic Mexican food made fresh daily. They serve Tostadas, Ceviche, Quesadillas, Shrimp Cocktail, Burritos, and of course, Tacos. You can choose the fillings for your Tacos, Burritos, Quesadillas, and Tortas which are either Chicken, Steak, Chorizo, or Alpastor.

Featured Menu Item: The U.S. Style Tacos is the one you should try here. It has tomato, lettuce, cheese, onion, cilantro, and sour cream for that true American flavor.

Reviews Online: Today I got a shrimp burrito that was EXCELLENT. Every bite had shrimp, and I got it with rice instead of refried beans. Highly, highly recommend. I also tried the ceviche which was fresh and flavorful. I got another mango juice because it really is THAT GOOD. Support local businesses!! Also, the people there (maybe mom and son??) are super sweet! – Courtnee R., Yelp


South Pacific Grill

Description: Opened in 2013, South Pacific Grill offers Hawaiian and Asian inspired food made fresh daily by Hung Nguyen. Truly a taste of the islands, his menu is fused with an American twist. Their menu includes the Cheesesteak Egg Rolls, the Banana Fried Spring Rolls, the South Pacific Wings, and the Kalua Pork sandwich, just to name a few.

Featured Menu Item: The Hawaiian Mixed Plate gives you a taste of everything. It’s served as Huli Huli Chicken, Kalua Pork, and Korean Short Ribs and your choice of two slides.

Reviews Online: This is by far one of the best food trucks I’ve ever eaten off of. I have tried almost everything on the menu, and have not been disappointed. Good portions for a reasonable price – Ken DeLano, Facebook


Jazzy B Grille, LLC

Description: Jazzy B Grille offers the city of Tampa with a wide assortment of American cuisine. They pride themselves of preparing and serving their food daily from their Philly Cheesesteaks, awesome burgers, scrumptious shrimp po’boy. Jazzy B Grille’s menu includes the Chicken Wings, the Loaded Nachos & Cheese, and the Jazzy’s Blues.

Featured Menu Item: The Chicken Wings is a must try. Choose among their flavors: Atomic Buffalo, Garlic Parmesan, Honey Hot, Mango Habanero, BBQ, and Sweet Chili. Served with Ranch or Blue Cheese Dressing.

Reviews Online: Great People and Awesome Food you guys need to try the cheeseburger, chicken wings and tenders !!!! I love! – Hansy Musica, Facebook


Whatever Pops

Description: Craving for a sweet and cold treat? Whatever Pops is here to satisfy your urge. Whatever Pops offers fresh, natural, and handcrafted gourmet ice pops, coffees, Acai bowls, gelatos, and much more. Their ice pops and waffles can be dipped or sprinkled in chocolate then curled into nuts, graham crackers, coconut, and a lot more. They give away samples so you can choose your favorite flavor or dip. Their popular ice pop flavors include coconut lime, chocolate sea salt, tangerine cream, and pineapple cilantro just to name a few. Their house-made gelatos tastes like ice cream but low in fat and with much more flavor.

Featured Menu Item: Other than their delicious signature ice pops, the Açai bowl is another bestseller. It’s a thick blend of antioxidant-rich frozen Açaí berries mixed with other fruits, topped with crunchy, gluten-free granola and unsweetened coconut, local honey, and freshly-cut fruit. You can put extra toppings which include hemp seeds, chia seeds, or flax seeds.

Reviews Online: I wish we had this place in Massachusetts! What a nice treat! Very friendly staff. Pineapple cilantro popsicle is a party in your mouth! Definitely would come back here when I visit Tampa again. – Kelly Holbrook, Facebook


Cafe Getaway

Healthy smoothies from Cafe Getaway.

Description: Opened in 2009, Cafe Getaway is a full-service mobile espresso bar which serves hot, cold, and frozen beverages and much, much more. It’s the best way to cool down from the hot Florida sun. They offer organic espresso and coffees in iced, hot, or creamy blends. Cafe Getaway also offers fruit smoothies, organic green smoothies, and protein powder shades. You’ll also love their authentic Hawaiian shaved ice and their flavor infused lemonades and iced teas.

Featured Menu Item: The best way to beat the summer heat is by having one of their fruit smoothies. It’s real fruit puree & green tea, packed with antioxidants and Vitamin C, you can choose one flavor or a combination of their great fruits such as banana, wild berry, passion orange, and strawberry just to name a few.

Reviews Online: A different twist on the food truck craze, this mobile cafe makes awesome espresso drinks (move over Starbucks), organic coffee,  delicious frappes and smoothies, hot chocolate, chai, iced and frozen teas, and even healthful green meal replacement drinks! Catch them at the Tarpon Sunday Market or at nearby Dunedin’s Saturday Green Market. – Gwen H., Yelp


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