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Description:  If you’re looking to get into the hot dog vending business, want to make some decent money, then Willy Dogs is the cart seller for you! We build about a dozen different styles of dog-based vending carts with various set-ups and kinds of cookers (steam, grill, fryer, etc) to fit our customers’ different needs and wants.

Willy Dogs will work extensively with you to really help you start your vending business and succeed. Haven’t run a business before? We provide advice on setting business plans, choosing location, dealing with health departments, day to day operations, and provide everyone with a free Hot Dog Cart Operations Manual that covers everything else. Don’t have any money to even buy a cart? We’re partnered with professional financing companies who can provide quick approvals. We are the Franchise company with No Franchise Fees. Our company is based out of New York state, where our history began.

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Past Customers: Various Willy Dogs ‘franchisers’

Customer Reviews: “I have been doing business with Willy Dog successfully & profitably for a few years now and it has been nothing but good. I had a few questions in the start but once Will & his staff showed me how everything worked it has been FANTASTIC. Be careful of what you read.”

“I purchased a cart from Willy Dog and when I voice my displeasure of seeing a $29 bbq that he charged me $300 for, he eventually sent me a cheque for a replacement. Over all not the best experience. ”

“Willy Dog is tops.
Hi, my name is Rob & I have been in the business for about 2 years now.
I bought my second cart about 6 months ago from Will himself at Willy Dog. The cart was everything it was promised to be and is far better than the one I bought earlier from a cart re seller in Miami. Less money too!”

“I was a little disappointed when my cart arrived, there was a scratch (due to shipping), and the fresh water tank/ top of the bread box had separated from the body. Overall it was a smooth transaction (delayed in customs for 3 weeks), and I would defenintly buy from Will again. Next time I would like to see the cart, instead of looking at pictures”

“I bought a Hummer, with grill from Will and it’s just fine. I operate in upstate NY. I modified the cart a bit by adding mounts for 40-pound tanks. I also modified the steam table burners as they ran a bit too hot for my application. I use the cart 6-days a week and it’s fine. I am actually a REAL full time operator, and I can tell you that the product I bought from Will is just fine. As with all business’s (especially manufacturing), you can’t please all the people all the time, so I’m sure Will has had some complaints, just like EVERY other business. Thats life. All I can tell you is that the cart that I bought, the Hummer, is exactly what I was promised.”

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800 Proctor Ave
Ogdensburg, NY 13669
United States

Phone: (613) 308-9197

Website: http://www.willydogs.com/





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