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Manufacturer: West Coast Custom Carts, LLCwest coast custom carts

Description: West Coast Custom Carts based out of Salem, Oregon, and has experience building carts with a variety of customer goals and needs in mind. These carts help vendors sell more shaved ice, hot dogs or tacos from their trailer.

One of the most unique offerings from West Coast Custom Carts has to be the Ultimate Taco Trailer. One of the advantages of operating a taco trailer is that you can offer a wide-array of food items with just a handful of core ingredients such as cheese, ground beef, tortilla shells and a few condiments. The other offering that is rarely available from other manufacturers is the Deep Fryer cart. Deep fried foods such as pickles or the famous Deep Fried Twinkie are some of the most popular items at fairs and other events. Unfortunately, these high profit menu items aren’t able to be sold from a cart.. until now. If you’re looking for a certain type of food to be built off a cart, give West Coast Custom Carts a call and they will very likely be able to execute your food concept from a cart. Replacement parts are also available through the company website and there is a cash discount for customers.

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3684 Kashmir Way SE STE C
Salem, Oregon 97317
United States

Phone: (503) 269-7519

Website: WestCoastCustomCarts.net



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