2014-08-30 12_33_52-Sno Shack Online Store - Internet ExplorerManufacturer: Sno Shack, Inc.

Description:  Sno Shack is a world-wide supplier of shaved ice supplies, equipment, ‘ingredients,’ and franchise buildings. Working out of Idaho, we specialize in helping individuals start up and grow their own shack ownership, being a resource for them as well as a help center; especially in assisting you find the best locations to focus on. Our Shacks, which we build, include both a large stationary building and a mobile ‘trailer’ with the same design (put simply variety and customization is not really an option). We are really proud and excited about all our flavor syrups and the combinations that you can put together for customers! Consider a Sno Shack business start up today.

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Past Customers: Various Sno Shack franchise carts and businesses throughout the region.

Customer Reviews:

Opening a Sno Shack has been a rewarding experience for me and my family. It is a lot of hard work, but the rewards are worth it.  We have learned how to start and run a business, established a gathering place which is the social hub of our community, we employ up to 20 teens each season, and not only have my children learned about hard work, they have been able to buy cars, have spending money, and they will also be able to pay for college.     – Julie, UT

My business partner and I have owned 1 Sno Shack for 6 yrs and opened #2 about 2 years ago.  The customer support at Sno Shack is excellent and always goes above and beyond to be of assistance.  As far as the concentrate flavors, the taste is so exact to the flavor, it’s unbelievable.  We are constantly told by our customers that our flavors beat the competition hands down.  Customers wish we could be open 12 months instead of 6 months. They anxiously wait for April/Mayto come around to get their first Sno Shack of the season.  Each year we try to add a new flavor or two (we let the employees pick) to our offering.  It’s always exciting as we gear up for opening!  We love working with Sno Shack and look forward to another great season.  – Sharon, VA
We have been using Sno Shack flavors and block ice shavers for ten years.  Sno Shack’s product quality surpasses any on the market.  The shavers shave ice so fine it literally comes out as fluffy as snow.  This allows the flavors to be fully absorbed into the ice and not flow over it to the bottom of the cone.  Instead, it produces a soft, smooth texture which is very pleasing to the customer. The flavors are the most natural tasting we havefound.  There are many to choose from, each resulting in a very authentic,flavorful product.  We have hundreds of repeat customers because our snocones are the best around, thanks to Sno Shack!  – Lloyd & Debbie, OH



P.O. Box 1010
2774 North 4000 West
Rexburg, ID 83440

Phone: (208) 359-0866

Website: http://snoshack.com/


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