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2014-09-08 11_48_05-Satisfied customers offer testimonials to the quality products and relationshipManufacturer: Merchandising Frontiers Inc

Description:  After purchasing and resurrecting the recently ‘deceased’ business ‘Ala-Carte’ in 1993, MFI (Merchandising Frontiers, Inc) began the long road of operations. Now, based out of Iowa, we custom design and fabricate Carts, Kiosks, and Small Format Modular Buildings for small owners and large companies throughout the major US. We look to provide comprehensive and reliable services and solutions in this aspect so that you, our customer, can focus solely your business. Our team provides extensive documentation, design, engineering, on-site coordination and direction, delivery, etc. Thus our ‘one-stop-shopping’ concept helps you to save much time and money in the startup process. Years of experience and researching our customers’ needs has helped us to provide you the best service and options we can.

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Past Customers: Universal Studios, T-Mobile USA, Schwans Food Company, Wild Republic

Customer Reviews: “The carts look great. We can’t thank your team enough for the outstanding customer service and flexibility that your company provided. It was an extreme pleasure to work with you”.

“I am thrilled with the performance of my carts. They look great and have been flawless in operation”.

“Thanks for the high quality, customized food kiosks that MFI manufactured for our college and university clients. MFI provided a commodity that is all too rare these days; I am most appreciative of all your support and help especially after a project was completed. MFI’s assistance and advice was invaluable. I was glad to have your knowledge and expertise available during the entire process. I wish MFI continued success in your outstanding manufacturing talent and customer service.”

“We wanted first class stores in modular buildings, that would be differentiated from the competition and cause customers to take notice. We began searching for a world-class manufacturer, a company possessing the best skill and expertise in this specialized field. After an exhaustive search, we selected MFI. We are fully satisfied and proud of the finished product that was produced through a process that I can only describe as professional and pleasant. From your comprehensive analysis to your press for relevant data, I found MFI to be thorough, thought provoking, and precise. Your process truly caused an objective and reflective review of our projects strengths, weaknesses, and achievements. MFI has demonstrated a unique ability to capture our needs and manufacture a commercial modular building that is long lasting, imaginative and, distinctive. My association with MFI has truly been a pleasure.”

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1300 E. Buchanan
Winterset, IA

Phone: (515) 462-4965


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