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Description:  Kitchens on Wheels, Canada, has been in business since 2003 and already sold over 350 trailers and trucks. Located near the southern border of Ontario, our business has recently started receiving orders across to the US as well as our own country. KoW offers both Custom builds and Used Units, which though affordable may need to cost a bit to bring up to code. We follow all regulations in regards to your City for each of the builds we partake in, KoW being ESA certified and TSSA inspected.

Products revolve mainly around custom built, larger-sized Trailers, most of our Food Trucks being based off refurbished Purolator models. Graphics are done by our Designer, who’s contact info we will forward you, who will work with you on the exterior logo and other details, whether it’s applying franchise logos or painting by hand.

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Past Customers: Blue Donkey StreateryGastronomo Vagabundo, Cold Stone Creamery

Customer Reviews:

Kitchens on Wheels Canada or Canada kitchens on wheels, in Alexandria, Ontario. Terry & Manon Sauve, have cheated so many customers it’s overwhelming. Yet they continue to take money on orders that they have no intention of completing. A ponzi scheme with trucks! Be careful.

I have been approached by about 6 Parties who have paid as much as $80,000.00 and received little or nothing.
It gives the industry a bad name.  – Bill
Kitchens on Wheels Canada. I have dealt with them for the last 5 years – they built my unit, serviced it, and upgraded as needed according to Gov regulations. They have been ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE to deal with, and more than that, incredibly helpful outside of just servicing the trailer or equipment when needed. There have even been occasions where the government regs have changed and I was unable to afford the upgrades required to make my unit legal and they did it anyways telling me to pay when I could. No papers, no interest… just a handshake and the value of our ‘word’. I HIGHLY recommend them to anyone looking for a food or concession vehicle…. regardless of the negative comments above… I do not believe them to be true whatsoever – especially Mr. Bill with his very vague and generalized accusations…. sounds more like a disgruntled competitor than a customer.  – Robert Parker