Manufacturer: Dog House Cartsdog house carts

Description: Dog House Carts has been building trailers and food carts for over 20 years. This company specializes in manufacturing hot dog carts, but also builds food trucks and trailers. A couple of the key differentiators of Dog House Carts is that they use the highest quality building materials. By using the highest grade steels and metals will help your vehicle last longer, avoid rust, and spend less on repairs over time. The other key difference in these carts is that they are modular. They can be upgraded with new equipment if you want to expand your business in the future.

One of the nice elements of Dog House Carts is that they publish their blue prints and design schematics on their website, including an insiders look at their flagship cart American Bulldog. The drawings published online are for their stock offerings, but the company will also create custom designed carts if you need something special. One of the other benefits of their website is an extensive food cart license and permits section that provides resources on getting started across all 50 states. Many new entrepreneurs are surprised when they discover just how difficult it can be to pass the local health codes or even figuring out what the laws are so this is an incredibly valuable compilation of information. Dog House Carts also offers financing and a unique lay away option starting at a $250 minimum order.

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Fort Wayne, Indiana 46801
United States

Phone: (877) 490-6655



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