2014-08-13 11_58_09-Armenco Catering Truck and Hot Dog Cart Manufacturing Co., Inc. - Internet ExploManufacturer: Armenco Catering Truck Mfg. Co, Inc

Description:  Family owned in North Hollywood (or Sun Valley, who knows), California, since 1977, Armenco Catering Truck Mfg has been providing Hot Dog Carts and large, sturdy Catering Vehicles for motion picture and other people and companies “from around the world” for years. With the recent popularity in street food, they’ve started to branch out in their offerings, now also making custom builds for differently designed carts and trucks. A quick run through on their products on the site will tell you, though, that their focus still remains on simpler street carts and the standard 2-window, big-size Catering/Food trucks, even after claiming three different categories in “Standard Catering, Gourmet Food, and Motion Picture” Trucks (they’re basically the same design).

What they make they make well, using galvanized steel beneath the paneling, heavy frame reinforcement, and use the highest grade materials. They offer full design and schematic drawings for the customized inside of your needs, along with repair services and a large inventory of parts.

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Past Customers: Da Burger Boss, E.A.T. , Cookin’ with Lenny Catering

Customer Reviews: “I am not sure what type of organization Armenco is running but the quality of response and customer service is disappointing.I had to proactively call 3 times in order for someone to even begin to talk to me about our business.  Every time that I called, I was told someone would call me shortly. I called the morning of the first day. No one called me back.  I called the 2nd day. No one called all day. At this point I am on the verge of no longer considering Armenco.  I know that businesses get busy so I call again at 4:30 in the afternoon.  I am forwarded to someone who is disinterested and impatient.  Enough so that I just hung up on him.  They guy was yelling at me after 60 seconds of conversation!”

“Two and a half years ago, Armenco built a trailer underneath my mobile cart so I could tow directly onto the hitch on my jeep.  The job appeared to be done well at the time.  About 6 months ago, my cart needed some small things fixed.  The owner Heros, who I worked with before was not there so Jerry was handling the job.  I asked him to give me an estimate first.  2 days later he called me to tell me that it was fixed and ready for pick up.  So I went in and had a $500 bill and only 2 of the 4 things I asked to be fixed, were fixed.  I asked why he didn’t send me an estimate and he started screaming at me…it was truly unbelievable.  The owner barely apologized for Jerry’s screaming.

Fast forward to last week, the trailer metal broke off on two places on the freeway.  I had it towed to Armenco (big mistake). I asked to only work with heros and he was acting very aloof and uninterested.  I told him I have insurance and needed an estimate.  Later that day, I asked his assistant who handles the paperwork to take a couple more pictures and she agreed to do so.  20 minutes later, Heros called me screaming at the top of his lungs that I never told him I had insurance.  The screaming escalated as he (once again) started working on it without giving me