2014-08-22 13_42_48-Food Carts _ All a Cart - Internet ExplorerManufacturer: All a Cart Mfg. Inc.

Description:  Operating out of Columbus, OH, All a Cart has earned a Better Business A+ rating and multiple Inner City 100 Awards for their designs and manufacturing. The goal and mission we hold is to earn our clientele’s respect and loyalty through manufacturing the very best mobile and modular vending systems we can in a cost effective manner. Our customers have come from all over the US to hire us to design their mobile units.

We provide all types of vending and serving carts, including but not limited to tricycles, trailers, trucks, portable buildings, driller cabins, etc, with Custom flexibility to design our products towards any kind of food and product. Our Modular Merchandising division provides extensive consulting services to assist with the total promotion of your concept and products.

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Past Customers: Roppolo’s Pizzeria, Big Dipper Ice Cream, Whole Foods “Streetside Chefs”

Customer Reviews: “When I first came to All A Cart, I had some basic requirements and knew very little about what I really needed. On top of that I had an EXTREMELY short deadline. Everyone at All A Cart worked long hard hours to get my project done on time and to my specifications.” — Chiammaya Custom Crafted Chocolate, Walt Lewis

“All A Cart was able to put together a high quality, custom flower cart in an extremely short time frame. Our unit was specially designed to coordinate with the unique design of the building and fits in well. The unit was personally delivered to the site to make our open house date for the project.” — Innerspace Interiors, Lisa Frasure

“My business dealing with Jeff and his staff at All A Cart Manufacturing was a very pleasant experience. I purchased a stand-in vending trailer two years ago and was treated like a friend throughout the entire proccess. Although I was unable to go forward with a particular business idea due to personal physical impairments, I will be forever grateful to the company for guiding me through what would have otherwise been a difficult venture. The equipment I purchased was built at All A Cart Inc. and is one of the finest of it’s kind. If I were able to put the energy neccessary into operating a vending business, I am confident that I would be successful. Not only because of the fine craftsmanship of the cart, but because of the support of All A Cart after the purchase.” — Gables, Rick Minerd

“All A Cart provided a great product and has excellent customer care. I would highly recommend them to anyone! They really take the time in assisting you with the purchasing process and even offer support with any questions you have after your purchase. I look forward to doing business with them again!” — Dogs On The Run Toledo, Kimberly Coates

I contracted with All A Cart Manufacturing in Columbus Ohio over 1 year ago (April 2015) to outfit my 1973 Dodge Travco recreational vehicle to be used in my business as a mobile food vendor. I paid All A Cart a 50% down payment ($33,426) in April of 2015. They stated in the contract that the work would be completed in 10-12 weeks. As of today, May 1, 2016 there has been no work done per the contract. There was some structural modification work done on the vehicle in October 2015 that was paid for separate from the original contract. We have been calling the business in attempts to meet with the owner and project managers repeatedly over the past several months but they do not return phone calls. We have left messages with the owners’ secretary, trying to schedule a meeting with him to discuss progress, but are always told he is on the other line and he never calls back.  We have spoken to the project manager, who essentially knows very little about what has been done or what needs to be done.  He normally states that he will have to ‘check with Jeff (the owner) on that’ or that he hasn’t really been close to this project lately.

After repeated phone calls, I was finally told by the secretary, Marilyn Coleman, on March 29, 2016 that the generator was ordered and would be delivered on April 4 or 5.  However on April 26, 2016 the project manager, Nelson Gladden, told me the generator had not been ordered and he didn’t know why.  I asked Marilyn why the generator had not been ordered and she said she didn’t know either even though she told me she ordered it and is responsible for ordering it.  I asked her if she had lied to me back in March and she couldn’t give an answer.  I suspect it is a cash flow issue, and that the 50% down payment I gave them has since been spent on other projects and that they no longer have money available to purchase the equipment outlined in the quote for my project.

On April 28, 2016, the project manager texted me a photo of the generator that had apparently been delivered.  I requested a copy of the shipping receipt to confirm the correct generator had been delivered but have not received it nor any return phone calls as of May 2. – Karin Reed

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2001 Courtright Rd
Columbus, OH 43232
United States

Phone: (614) 443-5544

Website: http://allacart.com/



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