colorado standbyIn today’s post, we are here to help you decide where to put your generator! There are 4 GREAT OPTIONS for you to choose from when it comes to where you should put your generator for your Food Truck and Colorado Standby is here to provide those for you! Call Colorado Standby at 866-888-6111 to order any of the following options:

1) Built-in Compartment Boxes
2) Underfloor Mounting kit /Tray
3) Slide Tray Kits for your Compartments
4) Gear Deck – Outside storage box – simply AMAZING!

“I have room in the body of my truck/trailer!”

Great, the built-in compartment box is for you! Compartment boxes are for generator
installations requiring a sealed location and allow for fresh air to be drawn in.

built in compartment box

“I have room under my vehicle frame!”

An underfloor mount kit may be perfect to hold your generator! Just make sure you have enough clearance. Colorado Standby sells complete kits for underfloor installations and mounting trays.
underfloor unit
“I already have a generator compartment!”

Wonderful news…Colorado Standby sells slide kits or riser kits so you can slide out your
generator for easy access allowing for better maintenance!

slide kit

“I don’t have any room inside or under my truck/trailer!” or “I have a portable generator. Where do I put it?”

This is why Gear Deck exists! Colorado Standby sells this storage box which attaches to your hitch and has 17 cubic feet of space available inside the box for your generator. The Gear Deck is a better option for your small, portable generator. All you have to do is open the compartment and start running your generator. How much easier could it get?

gear deck

Easy and strong hitch attachment, complete environment protection, easy access to your generator…and above all…it’s above ground! But if you want it on wheels for easy removal and storage, the Landing Gear is available for this box as an accessory. Just fold down this 4-legged heavy-duty landing gear and lock into place. What more could you ask for?!

This is the most amazing portable compartment storage for your generator since generators were invented.
To purchase or learn more about ways to store your food truck generator, give Colorado Standby a call at 866-888-6111 or visit our website at!

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