Ready to sell an RV van conversion or converted camper van? List your van life build with us and retain 100% of the profit for the sale. Other brokers take a fee between 5% – 10% of the sale or require payment for listings. These fee’s can really cut into the profit from a sale.

Each month our website gets over 500,000 visitors so you can be confident your unit gets seen. You may list Dodge ProMasters, Ford Transits, and Mercedes Sprinters, and any other model of van with us. Check out our current inventory of used van conversions here. 

Complete the form below and your listing will be reviewed within 48 hours. A confirmation email will be sent upon review of your listing after it is approved. That’s it!

Tips for Van Listings 

  • Read our Listing Submission Tips / Training
  • Include Photos of Your Van – The more information and more detailed description you provide the more likely your truck listing will be approved. Be sure to include plenty of interior and exterior photos. A layout or blueprint of the interior is also helpful to improve the listing if one is available.
  • Write a detailed descriptions of your van. Put yourself in a potential buyer’s shoes. Explain the details that you would would want to know.
  • We require a flat-fee payment of $10.00 to list your unit until it sells. For many years we offered free listing services, but too many bad guys were submitting fake listings. We found that a small charge prevents almost 100% of bad listings from being submitted and protects our visitors. Additionally, you will not be billed until your listing is reviewed and approved.

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