Barely Used Food Truck In Need Of New Home (SOLD)
Barely Used Food Truck In Need Of New Home (SOLD)
Barely Used Food Truck In Need Of New Home (SOLD)
Barely Used Food Truck In Need Of New Home (SOLD)
Barely Used Food Truck In Need Of New Home (SOLD)
Barely Used Food Truck In Need Of New Home (SOLD)
Barely Used Food Truck In Need Of New Home (SOLD)
Barely Used Food Truck In Need Of New Home (SOLD)
Barely Used Food Truck In Need Of New Home (SOLD)
Barely Used Food Truck In Need Of New Home (SOLD)

This unit has already been SOLD.

Condition: Used

In early 2019, two years after selling our successful pizza shop, we decided to build a mobile kitchen. Over the years we have catered many events with just as many different menus. Sometimes our clients wanted a backyard barbecue and other times they wanted a cocktail party. So the idea of a mobile kitchen was to build it in a way that would allow us to cook whatever we wanted.

We found a truck that the owner had started converting but had to quit for health reasons. We bought the truck and all the equipment and took it to Custom Creations in Franklin, Ohio. James completed the build and we got the truck back late in 2019. Then spring came and so did the coronavirus.

We were able to get the gas lines certified but we were unable to get the health inspection done. We (I’m embarrassed to say) did a couple of weddings anyway before the crowd restrictions were put in place in Ohio. Fast forward to Fall of 2020 and my wife’s last parent dies. We parked the truck and pretty much lost our cooking mojo. That is why we are selling our dream. We hope it can be someone else’s.

The truck is a 1997 Utilimaster step-van with an 18 foot box. It has a Vortec V-8 and an automatic transmission. Mechanically, the truck is tip top. My brother is a master automotive technician and he replaced many suspension pieces, tires, battery, engine computer, and did a complete tuneup. The rear suspension has been beefed up with additional leaf springs so it drives great. I wouldn’t be afraid to drive it anywhere.

The food truck was professionally built by Custom Creations in Franklin, Ohio and contains the following:

– 8 foot exhaust hood and fan
– Stainless steel backsplash (all other walls are covered with aluminum)
– 13,500 BTU rooftop A/C
– LED ceiling lights
– ServWare 24” 4 burner gas oven
– Star 36” Flat top gas griddle
– APW Wyott 24” gas charbroiler
– 48” Sandwich prep table
– 27” Worktop refrigerator
– OMCAN 5 well steam table
– Work tables
– Microwave
– 36” 3-compartment Sink with cutting board insert
– Hand Wash station
– 30 gallon Fresh water tank
– 45 gallon Waste water tank
– 3 gallon Water heater
– 120 Volt water pump
– (2) 100 lb LP tanks with an 800K BTU regulator
– 7000 Watt Onan gas powered generator (installed under the floor), used less than 2 hours
– Class K Fire extinguisher
– Portable Gas leak detector
– Carbon monoxide detector
– Backup camera
– Lots of shelving

In addition to the food truck, we have lots of catering equipment that can be included in the sale.

Important: Never pay send or wire payments to any individuals without viewing the unit in person first. No legitimate seller will ask you to make a down payment to “hold on” to a unit before purchasing it. If any seller listed on this website reaches out to you requesting a payment or wire transfer in advance of your seeing the vehicle, please email [email protected] to report these individuals.

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  • Cooking Equipment: Burner Stove, Chargrill, Griddle
  • Permits: Gas line leak certification
  • Height: 11 foot 9 inches
  • Length: 18 foot box, 27 feet overall
  • Fuel Type: Gas
  • Mileage of Vehicle: 200000
  • Model of Vehicle: Utilimaster
  • Make of Vehicle: GMC
  • Year of Vehicle: 1997 Chassis built to be food truck in late 2019
  • Other: AC Unit
  • Operations: Exhaust Fans, Generator, Propane
  • Health & Sanitation: 3 Compartment Sink, Hand Wash Sink
  • Storage: Fridge