Is Pakistani food be the next cultural cuisine discovered by Americans? Currently there are a reported 518,116 that are Pakistani Americans according to the most recent censes data. But this is an increase of 24.17% from the 2010 census. As more Pakistani people continue immigrating to the United States, the more demand and awareness there will be for this type of food.

If you’re here to look for Pakistani inspired restaurant names, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some creative Pakistani inspired names to use in your startup food business.

Pakistani Restaurant Name Ideas

Having been inspired by Indian cuisine some of the names suggestions here contain elements of southern Asian dishes. If you’re not familiar with some of the names, you can search its meaning through the web.

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  • King Kebab Restaurant
  • Bhiryani Dreams
  • Cafe Hossein
  • Halal Treats
  • Kabab Express
  • Spices and Aroma
  • Memana Chops Seemit
  • Mister Nihari
  • Curry Popular
  • BBQ Night in Lahore
  • Baloch Locale
  • Pashtoon Ka Memana
  • Paakistaanee Sabhee Kshetron
  • Spice Up Your Life
  • Punjabi Authentic
  • Tandoori Cooked
  • Memane Aur Chaaval
  • Pajāba Cuṇō
  • Pakistani Curry House
  • Curbabs
  • Sindhee Chikan
  • The Pakistan Place
  • Eating in Pakistan
  • The Pakistani Palace
  • Pakistani Food Co.
  • Pakistani Love

Pakistani Fast Food Name Ideas

Believe it or not, Pakistan is also home to many western fast foods. From McDonald’s to Pizza Hut, the culture has embraced fast food. We made a twist in this fast-food name suggestions by localizing them!

Pakistan has so many snack combinations to choose from so you won’t be short on inspiration. Here are the top suggestions for a Pakistani fast food restaurant.

  • Tea and Snack Corner
  • Punjabi Express
  • Kebab To Go
  • Aloo Tikki World
  • Quick Chaat
  • Pakora Corner
  • I’m So Kachori
  • Flying Kebab Station
  • Sakina’s Masalas
  • Bob’s Kebab’s
  • Rush Pakoras
  • Māṁ’s Pakoras and Samosas
  • Girīdāra Jā Rihā
  • Abdul’s Quick Snacks
  • Snack Chaat
  • Nuts My Boy
  • Shahnaz Assorted Snacks
  • Railway Snack Station
  • Sanaikasa Aikasapraisa
  • Tēza Khādā Hai
  • Sanaika Kauma
  • Quick Serve Pakistani
  • Fast Pakistani
  • The Jumping Pakistani
  • Pakistani Pockets

Urdu Restaurant Name Ideas

Urdu is recognized as the official national language of Pakistan. The language uses Perso-Arabic script as its writing system. These restaurant names are written in Urdu and if you’re not Pakistani, it would be advisable to use Google Translate to understand the meaning of these restaurant name ideas. We also advise providing an English translation to post on a sign if you plan to operate in the United States.

  • گوشت اور مصالحے
  • پاکستانی روایات
  • علی کا بلوچ ریستوراں
  • ڈائننگ پشتو
  • کراچی منتخب کریں
  • پرورش نقطہ
  • مین اسٹریٹ ریسٹورنٹ
  • مصالحے اور جڑی بوٹیاں
  • گوشت کے علاوہ
  • ایک اسٹاپ میٹ اسٹاپ
  • ماسمات کا کباب اور زیادہگھر پکا کھانا
  • متعدد ساحل
  • سختی سے جنوبی ایشیائی
  • علاقائی میراث
  • کھانے کی تنوع
  • دیہی علاقوں کا کھانا
  • اچھے وقت
  • انتہائی تجربہ کار
  • ملاوٹ کی ترکیبیں
  • آسمانی کھانا

Punjabi Restaurant Names

Punjabi is one of the recognized languages in Pakistan. Punjabis are also one of the major ethnic groups within the country. Here are the top ideas that match this theme.

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  • Sathānaka Sabazī’ā*ṁ
  • Pakavānā
  • Dakhaṇī Anada
  • Masālēdāra Pakavānā
  • Mazēdāra Pailiṭa
  • Pajābī Dā Savādab
  • Masālēdāra Khuśabū
  • Miśarita Sabhi’ācāra
  • Śānadāra Racanā
  • Pajāba Ṭā’īmaza
  • Samānatāvāṁ
  • Bihatara Rasō’ī
  • Savāda Nāla Ikaṭhē
  • Abhēda Su’āda
  • Sārā Dina Pajāba
  • Hazāra Su’āda
  • Takhata
  • Hatha Dā Khāṇā
  • Ā’u Khā’ī’ē!
  • Pajāba Saiṇṭarala
  • Karanavīra dā pajāba ḍinara

Milk Tea (Chai) Restaurant Name Ideas

Pakistanis are big tea drinkers. Green teas, as well as black teas with milk, are very popular in the country. Thinking of a name for your milk tea shop can be a task. Fortunately, we’re here to help you out. Here are some creative milk tea shop names you can use for your startup milk tea shop. This concept in particular could also work well on a food truck.

  • Noontime Chai
  • Bon Chai
  • Any Time Chai Time
  • Su’ādī Chai
  • Chai All You Want
  • High Chai
  • Chai Supply
  • Simply Chai
  • Classify Your Chai
  • Chai Ally
  • Chai Corner
  • Sci- Chai
  • Chai Na
  • Electri Chai
  • South Asian Chai
  • Central Chai Station
  • Snack Chai
  • Chai Time
  • Spotty Chai
  • Golden Chai
  • Sky Chai
  • Pakistan Tea Co.
  • The Pakistani Tea Leaf

How to Choose a Pakistani Restaurant Name

You’ve probably noticed by now that most restaurants around town or probably around the world are named after a person or a family name. Despite this being the traditional route there are other ways you can name your Pakistani restaurant in a more unique way. Here are some other proven approaches to naming a restaurant.

  1. Check Your Business Plan and Customer Profile. Reviewing your company’s business plan and your intended customers can get you somewhere. You can get keywords just by getting this information. For instance, establishing a restaurant in the Punjabi region would entail you to identify the region’s cultural traditions and start from there.
  2. Choose a Specific Cuisine. If you already have a particular Pakistani cuisine in mind then go for it. Research what you can about the cuisine and think of an additional keyword. Coming from the example above, Punjabi Authentic Lassi is a good example of this approach.
  3. Put Together the Keywords. Mix up the name suggestions above to come up with a title that’s 100% unique.
  4. Narrow Down Your List. If you were able to come up with many names, filter down your choices and choose what best describes your company’s mission and goals.
  5. Research the Wordings on Your Company Name. Different countries have different meanings in their languages. Make sure the name that you chose isn’t offensive or has a negative or just just plain weird connotation where you plan to operate.
  6. Check for Possible Duplicates. Make sure you check with your local business registry and search the United States Patent and Trademark Office to find out if the name you chose for a business already exists. If it does, having a list of alternative names can come in handy.
  7. Get Feedback. Ask your colleagues if the name suits your company’s mission or vision. Better yet, you may ask around the locals what they think of your business name. Honest feedback helps how you approach your market.
  8. Obtain Your Business Name. As a final step, you should able to register your business name with the local registry so no one else can claim your brand name.

Learn more…

lake in pakistan

A lake somewhere in Pakistan.

Pakistan is a country with a population of more than 212 million people and is the 5th most populous country in the world. It also has the 2nd largest Muslim population in the entire world with 11% only following Indonesia with 12.7%. The Pakistani mainland has been ruled by numerous dynasties and empires which include the Persian Achaemenid Empire, the Indian Maurya Empire, the Mongol Empire, and the British Indian Empire which was the most recent just to name a few.

Pakistan only gained its independence in 1947 after the Pakistani movement which advocated statehood for Indian Muslims from the British Indian empire. The country adopted a new constitution only in 1973 which conformed to the decree of Islam according to the Sunnah and the Quran. It only transitioned to civilian rule as late as 2008 and shifted to a parliamentary form of government only in 2010. Barely a neophyte nation, Pakistan is already emerging as one of the growth leaders in the world today.

This period of different rulers and combination of cultures have made Pakistan dishes mixture of Indian, Middle Eastern, Central Asian, and British cuisines. Pakistani dishes, just like South Asian dishes, involve a lot of spices, seasoning, and herbs.

Some of the popular Pakistani dishes include the Samosa, a deep-fried triangular pastry stuffed with ground meat and vegetables like spiced potatoes, lentils, onions, and peas. Another is the Nihari, which is a meat-based dish coming from Old Delhi. Other popular Pakistani dishes include the Seekh kabab, the Zarda, Paratha, the Chicken Karahi, and the Sajji just to name a few.

Pakistani cuisine was heavily influenced by Indian cuisine due to geography and history. If you plan to open a Pakistani restaurant soon, don’t forget to check out our guide on opening a restaurant with no money. This will help you open the doors on a shoestring budget.

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