DSC_1894If you’ve ever had you pay for a big wedding, you know all too well how much earning potential exists for wedding services like DJ’s, caterers, and even ice cream trucks!  In today’s featured interview Graham Silver of Denver’s the White Whale shares his advice on building an experience that is essential to booking these lucrative wedding events. Listen to today’s episode to learn how you can grab a slice of the wedding business in your area.

Key Elements that Can Help Your Business Be a Good Fit for Weddings:

1. ) Demographics – If your business is compelling to folks in their mid t0 late 20s, that’s the time in someones life when they are often getting married. This creates an opportunity for your business to be top of mind during wedding planning.

2.) Create an Experience – If you want to start booking more weddings, you’ve got to have the right type of brand. And you’ve got to create the right type of experience. In the case of today’s guest, they’ve created a very clean, retro experience with a modern twist serving higher quality ice cream. This clean and retro look lends itself to being at weddings and creating new photo opportunities and memories.

3.) The Right Truck – Having the right truck to serve at a wedding goes hand-in-hand with the experience point. If you want to be part of someones wedding, you’ve got to have a truck that will match the vibe of this special event. Your brand and vehicle play an enormous role in determining whether or not wedding are a viable option for you.

Photo Credit: Eric Kenney

Photo Credit: Eric Kenney

Quotes from the Show

Where we thought we’d really stand out was creating the experience and having that novelty following. – Graham Silver, on the importance of creating an experience with your mobile food business. 

At the first wedding we did it (the truck) was parked right next to the outdoor dance area and so people could go back and forth, and it’s just kind of a cool vibe. I think that’s what a lot of people are looking for these days when they call on food trucks for their weddings. – Graham Silver, on what customers are looking for when they book a mobile food vendor for their wedding.    

What You’ll Learn

  • How the White Whale Truck Got Its Start in Denver.
  • Ways they the White Whale Differentiates itself from typical ice cream trucks you might find serving pre-packaged items.
  • How the White Whale Truck identified their target audience of mid-20s city dwellers in addition to kids before starting the business.
  • The benefits of launching a food truck business with a group of partners: more friends and family will come out to support and help promote the venture early on.
  • Tips for starting an ice cream truck when you’ve got a full-time job.
  • Ways that the work involved in operating a food truck can be distributed across a team of people.
  • How the White Whale truck prepares for and serves at weddings.
  • Tips for business owners that would like to book more special events like this.
Photo Credit: Eric Kenney

Photo Credit: Eric Kenney

Mentioned in the Show

The official website of the White Whale Ice Cream Truck serving Denver and the surrounding area. Check out the website to view photos of mouth-watering ice cream sandwiches, the truck, and get details on where you can spot the White Whale next.

Reflections on One Month of Food Trucking – A while back Malcom Bedell joined us on the podcast when he was raising capital for his KickStarter campaign. Recently, he published a post about hist first 30 days on a food truck that is well worth a read. Congrats to Malcom on his success so far!

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