This is an emergency podcast episode for restaurant owners that need more customers right now.

In these challenging times, people are staying at home, watching Netflix, and spending even more time on their phones than ever before. Much this is being spent scrolling through Facebook and Instagram feeds.

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Is your restaurant advertising on Facebook or Instagram?

Today’s episode is all about putting your restaurant in front of these “at home” consumers using social media advertising so your restaurant is the obvious option for delivery, take out, or curbside meals.

If the thought of advertising in this economy, gets you worried.. Don’t be. This doesn’t need to expensive or technically challenging for you to get results. As you’ll learn in today’s interview you can start seeing serious results for your restaurant with a targeted ad budget of only $100 a week.

You don’t need to be a social media expert to start getting customers through Facebook and Instagram either. Today’s guest Vlad Edelman is the CEO and Co-Founder of Targetable shares advice on how restaurants can realize the benefits of social media advertising without needing to hire an expensive agency, hire an employee, or spending hours trying to figure out setting up online ads.

Targetable is providing emergency support for all restaurants the next two months.

What You’ll Learn

  • What type of advertising is working right for restaurants on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Reasons you shouldn’t worry about general branding in this environment.
  • Why every social media ad should include these three components right now:
    1. How do you get the food to customers?
    2. What’s the menu?
    3. How do customers contact you?
  • How to build community for your restaurant around things like sports or other interests.
  • What type of social media advertising budget you should have for a restaurant.

Mentioned in Today’s Episode

Targetable requires as little as 10 minutes a week for its ads to begin reaching new customers on Facebook and Instagram. You don’t need to worry about image rights or ad setup – it’s all generated and bundled together in minutes so you can get started fast.

As part of Targetable’s commitment to the restaurant industry they are also offering two months of free services to restaurant and food trucks so they can generate more take out, delivery, and curbside sales for their business during this difficult time.

If you’ve been wondering how to increase sales in the current environment this is a low-risk opportunity worth exploring.

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