ross resnickGet ready! This week the Big Burrito AKA CEO of, Ross Resnick, stops by the podcast. In today’s featured interview Resnick shares the backstory of how the world’s most popular food truck website came to be and how influential a study abroad trip to Hong Kong was to making the concept a reality. Then we talk experimental marketing, how this form of marketing can be leveraged to build a lucrative income source for your mobile food business, and get an inside look at some of the new vendor tools just released on


Quotes from the Show

What value can we provide? Not only the food truck owners and these entrepreneurs that are pouring everything they have into their businesses, but how do we give them tools to be successful? But also how do we make these trucks more accessible to the general population? – Ross Resnick, on critical questions he asked himself during the early days at Roaming Hunger.     

Experiential marketing to me is giving people a high-touch brand interaction. – Ross Resnick

Food is universal.  It doesn’t matter what the specific brand is as long as there’s a really great connection between what it is that we’re doing and the actual brand itself. Creating that link is  really critical to the strategy and that’s what we specialize in. – Ross Resnick on experiential marketing campaigns. 
roaming hunger

What You’ll Learn

  • How Ross Resnick’s experience studying abroad in Hong Kong got him interested in street food
  • How Roaming Hunger got its start
  • Why Roaming Hunger was an “accidental business”
  • How the phrase Food Truck Take-Overs was coined
  • The definition of experiential marketing and why it can be so powerful and memorable versus other forms of advertising
  • Some examples of successful experiential marketing campaigns that have been executed on in the past like for the video game Gauntlet
  • How Roaming Hunger measures that overall value of an experiential marketing campaign
  • Ways that Roaming Hunger helps food truck entrepreneurs diversify their income streams through more catering gigs or getting involved with marketing campaigns.
  • Why it’s critical food truck owners answer emails and phone calls promptly to book more events.
  • What traditional catering in 2014 means and how you can improve it.

Mentioned During the Show – This is the ultimate food truck resource and experiential marketing agency founded by today’s guest Ross Resnick.  If you’re a food truck owner or a fan, check them out if you haven’t already. Also check out some of the new tools available to food vendors on the website!

Technomics Study – Some of the data referenced during this interview was pulled from the Food Trucks Innovation Report by Technomics. Check out for all your food industry data needs!

Circle the Wagons – Awesome place to stay up-to-date with food truck news mentioned during the program.

Make Room for Fashion Trucks – Story on NPR on about a new trend of selling clothing, jewelry, and other accessories from trucks. One of the “fashion truckers” featured in the story, Lia Lee, also has built an online directory at to help others locate these vehicles.

MIHO Gastrotruck – I recently moved to San Diego and asked Resnick about some of his top food truck picks in the area. This was one of them.

Mangia Mangia Truck – Another highly recommended food truck in the San Diego area by Resnick.

Underdogs Gastro Truck – Since recording this interview, I had an opportunity to eat at my first San Diego based food truck while checking out the Iron Fist Brewing Co.’s 4th Anniversary party. I didn’t know anyone made poutine in Southern California, but I was happy to see poutine with a twist offered on the menu. It was awesome. Check a few food more food / party pics below.


Underdog's Gastro Truck


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