As a mobile food vendor, your business encounters a variety of risks over the course of a regular work day: you could be involved in an accident on the way to an event, an employee could burn themselves while cooking over a hot grill, a customer could get sick from contaminated food or your truck could get stolen while parked overnight. It’s all part of the assumed risk of getting into this type of business. Fortunately, there are some specific actions you can take to reduce your own risk and avoid a catastrophic accident.

Joel PaprockiThat’s why I wanted to bring Joel Paprocki, owner of and self-proclaimed “insurance geek” on the show this week to outline some of the common dangers food truck owners regularly face. Paprocki has also developed a loss prevention checklist that can be built into the regular processes of a food truck operation that can improve safety.

What is Loss Control? The practice of trying to reduce the possibility or reducing the severity of a loss or accident. In the case of a food truck owner, we’re talking specifically about reducing the chances of bodily injury or property damage.

In the loss prevention checklist (download it below) you’ll learn how to reduce the risk in the following areas of your business: food operations, food handling, fire protection and prevention, electrical equipment, cold storage and refrigeration, slip and falls, exterior areas, and theft. You can complete the checklist right now to immediately identify some of the risks that are present in your business operations.

What You’ll Learn

  • Common ways food trailers incur losses: theft and employee injury.
  • How to frequently to complete the loss prevention checklist
  • How a big loss could result in your business shutting down permanently
  • Why you should record near misses in your business
  • Why its essential to prevent foreseeable risk for your customers
  • The justification behind setting up a “pilot program” for new employees

Mentioned in the Show

Loss Prevention Checklist – This is the document referenced during the podcast. Feel free to add to this to make it your own. – This is Joel Paprocki’s insurance agency. Paprocki specializes in food truck / trailer insurance and is extremely approachable.

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