Guys-Gotta-Have-itTravis Shamerhorn, one-third of the Atlanta-based Gotta Have It Food Truck, has taken an interesting path to owning a mobile food business. Travis started out working in corporate America, until at the age of 36 decided to make a major career change and enrolled in culinary school. From there Travis briefly owned his own bar and grill until finally connecting with his current business partners Vincent Marra and Matt McDonough, both veterans in the food industry.

In today’s main course, Shammerhorn shares details about his winding journey to food truck ownership in addition to the business side of operating a mobile food business, including specifics on how Gotta Have It accepts payments, tracks net revenue, and shares accounting information with across the three owners of the business using NCR Silver, a mobile POS system. We also discuss how Gotta Have It is able to remain flexible and change menu items based on food prices and how they use a side DJ business to book more gigs.

There’s also a news update about a new section of the website and Brett’s recent trip to Italy. Listen to episode 54 for all this and more!

What You’ll Learn

  • How tracking inventory using software as a service can save time, money, and help you make more informed decisions about your business.
  • Why Gotta Have It chose NCR Silver as their mobile POS provider
  • Why Travis Schamerhorn quit his corporate gig to pursue a degree in culinary school at 36.
  • How Gotta Have It is able to maintain flexibility with the menu items they serve depending on food prices.
  • The benefits of bringing on partners with culinary experience.
  • The danger of starting a restaurant with out experience or mentors.
  • Why having a value add like a DJ service with your food truck book more events and make more money.
  • What the first season operating a food truck has been like.


Mentioned During the Show

Gotta Have It Food Truck – The office website of the Gotta Have It Food Truck. Check out their menu, learn more about their story and book the truck for your next event.

Facebook – Don’t forget to “like” Gotta Have It Food Truck on Facebook as well.

NCR Silver – POS Software used by the Gotta Have It food truck to accept sales and manage revenue.

Manufacturer Directory – In the market for a food truck? Have an experience with a food truck manufacturer that you would like to share? Check out our new builder directory. It’s the largest compilation of manufacturers and reviews on the planet. Thanks to Andrew at Reviews on Wheels for doing all the heavy lifting and make this section of the website a reality!


Some pasta I made in Italy.

More pasta I made with help from some Italians.

More pasta I made with help from some Italians.


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