Welcome to 2015! It’s a new year full of opportunity and serving up awesome meals to awesome people. Here are some of the biggest stories in mobile food news published in the last month.

Truck Wrap Design Contest – Probably the coolest news item of the new year. The KOI Fusion food truck in Portland, Oregon, is holding a contest that allows anyone to design a new truck wrap for new vehicle. KOI Fusion even provides a template that anyone can download for free and submit their design by January 9th, 2015. At that point four finalists will be selected and the winning design will be selected with feedback on social media. If you’re a creative type this is an awesome opportunity to have your work featured on a popular Portland truck.


Two Food Truck Robberies happened almost Simultaneously – In depressing news, here’s a news article about two food trucks that were robbed. 

Recent Low Gas Prices Hit much Hurrah with the Trucks! – Over the past few months gas prices have plummeted, really helping out the bottom line for food trucks nationally. Hopefully these prices hold steady through the summer of 2015. 

Food Trucks Not Included with New Nutrition Label Rules – Larger restaurants like McDonald’s and AppleBee’s will need to provide detailed nutritional labels on their foods. Fortunately, small businesses like food trucks have been spared this requirement. 

Stolen DC Food Truck Recovered with Help from Twitter – In happy ending crime news, a food truck was returned to its owner thanks to Twitter. All the more reason to make sure you create a Twitter account for your business. 

Arlington Country Police Ramp up Truck Ticketing – Cops are ramping up citations for food trucks in this town. Hopefully, this is a trend that doesn’t catch on in other cities across the country in 2015. 

Elementary Kids Learn how to Run Food Truck – Heart warming story about a group of kids that had the opportunity to learn more about the food truck business first hand. 

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howtobuildcoverThe elves at FoodTruckEmpire.com were busy last month putting together our first ever soft-cover book that outlines how to build your own food truck. This book is available on Amazon and Kindle here. Or if you prefer, you can find out more information about the book here and download the PDF version. This is a required reading for anyone building their own food truck this winter.

Also, big shout out to JPM Publishing for making this book a reality. We couldn’t have done it without our awesome publisher. PS – Email us if you’re interested in writing a book on the topic of running a food truck. It’s a ton of work to put together a book, but if you’re serious about it we’d love to help you out.

Stay tuned for next month to see what other new ordinances and interesting events happen in this world of street food.

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