keep calm, truck onWith the Food Truck Industry growing as much as it has, staying up-to-date on all the happenings-on throughout the country can be quite the task. Though we of course can’t even fathom trying to ourselves, Food Truck Empire is kicking off a new monthly posting to help you keep up on some of these goings-ons! In these, we will post 10 of the more interesting and monumental article links in the past month’s food truck and other mobile vender news (in no particular order) for your quick-access and perusal. We hope you enjoy!


U.S. Showcasing itself as a “Food Truck Nation” at the Milan Expo
The United States has taken six food trucks to Milan, Italy.  Find out why in this article.

Philly Food Truck Class Lecturer and Mobile Vendor Owner preaches to 5 Up-and-Comers
Food truck owners don’t need to attend the school of hard knocks to learn how to operate their businesses any longer. They now can attend a community college as well!

Tyler, TX looking to Allow More Food Trucks
Some cities don’t like food trucks. This community in Texas understands the opportunity.

Tempe, AZ Voting to allow Longer Hours of Business for Parked Trucks
Current hours of operation for your favorite food truck cramping your style? If you happen to be a resident of Tempe this might not be a problem for long. Find out why this town is extending the hours of operation for their mobile restaurants.

Couere D’Alene, ID holding Public Discussion of Food Truck Regulations
The rules and regulations for food trucks continue to evolve. This debate continues in an Idaho town.

Fox News Releases their picks for Best Food Trucks in America
Awesome article that outlines the best food trucks across America. Great article, but features food trucks located on the East and West coast primarily. What about middle America?

Mobile Fashion Trucks join the street ranks
Fashion trucks are the latest trend in mobile business. But is this just a fad? Find out in this article.

Korean Airlines Sampled In-flight International Meals from Houston Food Truck
Airplane food typically sucks. Food from your favorite truck is considerably better. Check out this cool experiment form Korean Airlines.

East Harlem Opens New Food Truck Court in Vendy Plaza
Food truck courts are becoming more and more popular. Check out East Harlem’s new opportunity for foodies.

Boston Expands Food Truck Program to Run Year-Round
Would you eat at a food truck year round? The city of Boston thinks you will. Find out why in this post.

food trucks in boston

Wait ’till NEXT month when we feature… well who knows! Christmas Meals from a truck, special holiday Rallies, maybe a bunch of trucks drowned under a sea of leaves. Here’s to the start of an adventure in discovery!


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