Herbalife is a line of nutritional supplement products being sold using the multi-level marketing (MLM) sales organization. Herbalife is a public traded company that’s been in business since its founder, Mark Hughes began selling weight management products from the trunk of his car in 1980.

Today, Herbalife Nutrition’s line of products has expanded well beyond weight loss management shakes. The company now offers tea, protein bars, aloes, sports hydration, vitamins, energy, as well as personal care products. Herbalife Nutrition’s original product, the soy-based meal replacement protein shake, still accounts for about 30% of the company’s total sales despite expanding their product line significantly.

If you’re someone planning into entering Herbalife’s independent distributorship, here are some club names you can use to help your startup Herbalife Nutrition club without breaking the club rules. We’ve organized a variety of name ideas with the goal of helping you generate more sales and organized the ideas by category below. Let’s do this!

Protein packed drink.

Herbalife Nutrition Club Name Ideas

  • Nourished Life
  • Beyond Nutrition
  • Livin’ It Smart
  • Life Nutrients
  • Target Nutrition
  • Life Support
  • Serenity
  • Balanced Life
  • Nutrition First
  • Life Preservers
  • Optimal Nutrition
  • Life Boost Brigade
  • The Clean Team
  • Breakout Squad
  • Great Life Team
  • The Essentials
  • Direct Nutrition
  • The Fantastic Flight
  • Vigorous Life
  • Restored
  • Fortified Health
  • Great Nutrition
  • Nutrition Gurus
  • Supreme Team
  • Wellness Partners
  • The Massive Mindset
  • Maximum Health
  • Creative Nutrition
  • The Life of Abundance
  • New Body Finders
  • The Health Journey
  • The Purveyors Club
  • The Worthy Path
  • Life Stretchers
  • Health Extended
  • Sisters of the Sunrise
  • Go Healthy Squad
  • Nothing Negative
  • Pick Yourself Up
  • Cream Team
  • Health Legends
  • Sunset Guides
  • Nutrition All-Stars
  • Quickstarters
  • The New Voyagers
  • Fully Here
  • Unlimited Life
  • Base Health
  • The Mindset Minute
  • Health Trainers
  • Plant Power
  • Settled Life
  • Totally Positive
  • Nutrition Professionals
  • Life Pros
  • Health Savvy
  • Traveling Together
  • The Nutritionists
  • Health Buffs
  • Wellness Club
  • Prime Group
  • Goal Setters
  • Core Squad

Health and Nutrition Name Ideas

  • Wellness Revolution
  • Holistic Life
  • Health Abundance
  • Health Break
  • Creative Nutritionists
  • Diet Boost
  • Ignited Nutrition
  • Energy Boosters
  • Protein-Packed
  • Supplemental Nutritionists
  • Try Again
  • Vigorous Bodies
  • Vital Minds
  • Cutting Edge Fitness
  • Green Steak
  • Organic You
  • Health First
  • Pure Health
  • Whole Naturals
  • Nutrition Zoom
  • Health Your Way
  • A Better You
  • Unihealth
  • Simply Natural
  • Real Nutrition
  • Right Naturals
  • Health Target
  • Fearless Astronauts
  • Health Focus
  • Central Health
  • The Tickling Health
  • Limitless Life
  • Triple Health Seekers
  • It’s Not Over
  • Nutrition Matters
  • Morning Ritual
  • Next Level Group
  • Nature’s Prime
  • Supernaturals
  • Transcend Health
  • Push Yourself Farther
  • There’s Still Time
  • Body Essentials
  • Viral Nutrition
  • Nutrition On Target
  • Best Health
  • Ultra Health
  • Living Essentials
  • The Personal Best
  • Mr. Vitality
  • BioDiet
  • Fitness Peak
  • Health Vault
  • Nutritional Start
  • Feeling Fresh
  • Health Way

How do you like these apples?

Wellness Program Name Ideas

  • Body Healing
  • Holistic Wellness
  • Wellness First
  • Vigorous Bodies
  • Create Health
  • Keeping In Form
  • Mindful Well-Being
  • State Of Health
  • Clean Bill
  • Body Conditioning
  • Tip Top Shape
  • Self Wholeness
  • Mind & Body Toned
  • Abled-Bodies
  • Well Toned
  • Wrapped Tight
  • Right Mindset
  • Fit As A Fiddle
  • Focal Health
  • Regarding the Work Out

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  • All-Day Fitness
  • Breaking Fit
  • Wellness Points
  • True Fitness
  • Real Health
  • Best Practices
  • New Life
  • Life Starts Today
  • Today’s Fitness
  • Holistic Best
  • The Final Work Out
  • Healthier Prime
  • Rock Hard Fitness
  • Make Health
  • New Well-Being
  • Great Life
  • Fitness Must
  • Health Point
  • Better Recovery
  • Brace For Health
  • Making It Fit
  • Best Health
  • Mind Wellness
  • Wellness Together
  • Straight To Health
  • Aim For Wellness
  • Wellness Believers

Healthy smoothie drink.

Nutrition Club Names in India

  • Phitanes Badhaane Vaalee Teem
  • Svaasthy Dast
  • Poshan Chotee Teem
  • Mahaan Aakaar Daste
  • Poshan Pahale
  • Poshan Prashikshakon
  • Phitanes Spot
  • Naee Maanasikata
  • Poshan Samooh
  • Mahaan Svaasthy
  • Prashikshit Nikaay
  • Poshan Mitr
  • Svaasthy Sahayogee
  • Svasth Astitv
  • Boostar Briged
  • Da Heldee Haart Klab
  • Kor Sors
  • Svaasthy Ka Rujhaan
  • Poshan Poshan
  • Briyo Betaaliyan
  • Poshan Sena
  • Da Helth Kvest
  • Velanes Mein Bhaageedaar
  • Poshan Aaveg
  • Poshan Visheshagy
  • Poshan Kanekshan
  • Aahaar Bal
  • Svaasthy Aanand
  • Punah Sthaapit Kie Gae
  • Poshan Sarvochch
  • DrdhAahaar Bal
  • Sahaj Roop Mein
  • Plaant Paavar
  • Proteen Poj
  • Laiv Smaart Poshan
  • Svaasthy Se Pare
  • Atoot Kalyaan
  • Jeevan Kee Shuruaat
  • Svaasthy Yaatra
  • Svaasthy Phokas Samooh
  • Da Kleen Teem
  • Aavashyak
  • Jeevan Peshevaron
  • Svaasthy Mahaapuroosh
  • Svasth Daste Jao

What are the rules for a Herbalife Nutritional Club Name?

Just like any other club or organization, Herbalife Nutrition has rules that govern its operations. One of these set rules is how a Herbalife Nutrition club can be named. Here are the rules you need to follow if you plan to become a Herbalife Nutrition independent distributorship.

1. Prohibited Terms. Herbalife forbids using certain terms which would be associated with naming a certain club. First and foremost, the name Herbalife itself should not be used in naming any club. The following terms should also not to be used in naming any Herbalife Nutrition club: “cafe”, “restaurant”, “lounge”, “shop”, “shake”, “blend”, “fast”, or “fuel”.

2. Specific Group/Location. Herbalife prohibits the use of specific identifiers such as a group or location which may associate a certain club to be a franchise or part of a chain of nutrition clubs. Some examples are: “The Essentials – Anaheim” or “Greg’s Nutrition Club”.

3. Indicate Services. The club names should not include any services offered such as, “Weight Loss Challenge.” Refrain from using any of these.

4. Repetitive Names. Repetitive names which may include numbers that denote multiple locations are not allowed. An example of this is, “Fitness Buffs #1”, “Fitness Buffs #2”.

5. Herbalife Association. This is related to the first rule of not using the company name “Herbalife” in naming a certain club. The club name should not include any term suggesting that the club/business is involved or is engaged in dealing with Herbalife Nutrition products.

Despite concerns about its nutritional claims during the onset of the company, Herbalife Nutrition has grown into a global multi-million dollar company expanding its reach into countries such as Mexico, New Zealand, and Japan.

Herbalife Nutrition has also ventured into sponsorships of certain sports organizations such as Lionel Messi and the FC Barcelona soccer squad back in 2010 and 2013. In July of 2020, Herbalife Nutrition sponsored the Guangzhou Charge from the Overwatch League, a professional esports league.

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