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Over $100,000 in Sam’s Club Gift Cards will be given out to food truck owners.

St. Louis, Mo. August 3, 2021 — Food Truck America is a special incentive program designed to help Food Truck Owners/ Operators (FTOs) create delicious food using Weber®, Tone’s® and Member’s Mark™ Seasonings. The promotion, sponsored by B&G Foods, Inc.™, will run from Aug. 1, 2021 to Oct. 31, 2021.

Participating trucks will earn points by registering, posting on social media, and going grocery shopping. Extra points will be given for including and buying Weber®, Tone’s® and Member’s Mark™ Seasonings. There is no purchase or payment necessary to enter the promotion.

By participating, food truck owners and operators can optimize their businesses while earning points for doing things they do every day, like wholesaler shopping and posting on social media. Earned points can turn into Sam’s Club™ gift cards, which will be distributed every month during the promotion period. 

“We will be distributing lots of money during this promotion. We project that over $100,000 in gift cards and prizes will go out in the next 90 days,” said Jim Hennessy, lead administrator of the promotion.

The top ten food trucks at the end of the promotion will win a prize valued at $2,000, while the food truck with the most points will claim the title of ‘Grand Champion,’ earn an award recognition banner flag, and $5,000 cash!

“We understand that food truck operator and owners’ time is valuable and limited, and we want to give back to them while hopefully earning their trust and respect for our products,” said Hennessy. 

Food truck operators can register now at Registration will be open throughout the next three months; operators can join at any time before the promotion ends.

If you have questions about this promotion, please reach out to the media contact below:

YellowDog Productions

Liz Gerger

(636) 536 4477

[email protected]

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