No joke. Rubio’s Coastal Grill makes some of the best fish tacos out there in my humble opinion. I’ve visited Rubio’s for years, especially to take advantage of their weekly Tuesday special where you can still get an Original Fish Taco for only $2.25. I’ll order 3 – 4 of these for myself, a side of chips and salsa and call it dinner for under $10.

You can find Rubio’s Coastal Grill menu prices in 2023 below. I also share weekly deals, lunch specials and other creative ways to earn free food.

Taco Menu

MenuSize / QuantityPrice
The Original Fish Taco$2.99
The Original Fish Taco Plate2 Taco Plate$6.99
Fish Taco Especial$3.29
Fish Taco Especial Plate2 Taco Plate$7.49
The Coastal Trio$8.99
Cabo Plate$10.49
Mix & Match Taco PlateAny 2 Tacos$8.99
Salsa Verde Shrimp$3.99
Salsa Verde Shrimp Plate2 Taco Plate$8.29
Gourmet Shrimp$4.29
Gourmet Shrimp Plate2 Taco Plate$8.99
Regal Springs Tilapia$3.69
Regal Springs Tilapia Plate2 Taco Plate$7.49
Pacific Mahi Mahi$3.89
Pacific Mahi Mahi Plate2 Taco Plate$7.99
Atlantic Salmon$3.99
Atlantic Salmon Plate2 Taco Plate$8.29
Grilled Chicken Gourmet Taco$3.79
Grilled Chicken Gourmet Taco2 Taco Plate$7.99
Grilled Steak Gourmet Taco$3.99
Grilled Steak Gourmet Taco Plate2 Taco Plate$8.29
Grilled Veggie Gourmet Taco$3.79
Grilled Veggie Gourmet Taco Plate2 Taco Plate$7.99
Classic Chicken Taco$3.29
Classic Chicken Taco Plate2 Taco Plate$7.49
Classic Steak Taco$3.69
Classic Steak Taco Plate2 Taco Plate$7.79
Rubio’s Street Taco$1.99
Rubio’s Street Taco Plate3 Taco Plate$6.99

Burrito Menu

MenuSize / QuantityPrice
Classic Grilled Shrimp$7.99
Ancho Citrus Grilled Shrimp$7.99
Signature Beer-Battered Fish$6.99
Regal Springs Tilapia$7.79
Pacific Mahi Mahi$7.99
Atlantic Salmon$8.29
Chicken Burrito Especial$6.99
Steak Burrito Especial$7.49
Veggie Burrito Especial$6.99
Baja Grill Chicken Burrito$6.99
Baja Grill Steak Burrito$7.49
H-Mex Chicken Burrito$6.99
Bean & Cheese Burrito$4.49
Make it a Combo (Fountain Drink & Beans)$2.50
Enchilada Style Burrito$1.00

Bowls & Salads

MenuSize / QuantityPrice
California Bowl$9.49
Chopped Salad$9.49
Mexican Street Corn Bowl$9.99
Avocado Corn Taco Salad$9.99
Mango Avocado Salad$10.49
Cilantro Lime Quinoa Bowl$10.49

Quesadillas & Nachos

MenuSize / QuantityPrice

Family Meals

MenuSize / QuantityPrice
Family Taco Kit$40.00
Family Burrito Box$40.00

Lunch Specials

MenuSize / QuantityPrice
Two Original Fish Tacos$7.99
Grilled Chicken Burrito Especial$8.99
California Bowl with Chicken$9.99

Kids Menu

MenuSize / QuantityPrice
Bean & Cheese Burrito$6.29
Kid's Dippers - Crispy Chicken Bites & Fries$6.79
Kid's Dippers - Hand-Battered Fish & Fries$6.79
Chicken Taquitos$6.29
Chicken Bowl$6.29
Build Your Own Taco Kids Meal


MenuSize / QuantityPrice
Diet CokeRegular$2.99
Diet CokeLarge$3.29
Fuze Raspberry Iced TeaRegular$2.99
Fuze Raspberry Iced TeaLarge$3.29
Pibb ExtraRegular$2.99
Pibb ExtraLarge$3.29
Hi-C Fruit PunchRegular$2.99
Hi-C Fruit PunchLarge$3.29
Fresh Brewed Iced TeaRegular$2.99
Fresh Brewed Iced TeaLarge$3.29
Perrier Sparkling Water$3.29
Bai Zambia Bing Cherry$3.49
Bai Molokai Coconut$3.49
Dasani Bottled Water$2.79
Mexican Coke$2.99
Boylan Orange Soda$2.99
Olipop Root Beer$3.49
Olipop Tropical Punch$3.49


MenuSize / QuantityPrice
Warm Cinnamon Churro$2.49
Chocolate Chunk Cookie$2.79
Salted Caramel Cookie$2.79
Gluten Free Honduran Chocolate Brownie$2.99
Toffee Crunch Blondie$2.99
Sweet Treats BundleMix & Match 4 Treats$10.00

Sides & Extras

MenuSize / QuantityPrice
Fresh Guacamole & ChipsRegular$3.99
Fresh Guacamole & ChipsLarge$6.00
Fresh Guacamole$2.79
Mexican Street CornLarge$3.29
Tortilla ChipsRegular$1.99
Tortilla ChipsLarge$2.99
No-Fried Pinto BeansRegular$1.99
No-Fried Pinto BeansLarge$2.99
Mexican RiceRegular$1.99
Mexican RiceLarge$2.99
Citrus RiceRegular$1.99
Citrus RiceLarge$2.99
Cauliflower RiceRegular$1.99
Cauliflower RiceLarge$3.29
Brown Rice & QuinoaRegular$2.29
Brown Rice & QuinoaLarge$2.99
Fresh Greens$2.99
Grilled Veggies$1.50
Sour Cream$0.99
Chipotle White Sauce$0.50
White Sauce$0.50
All Natural Chicken$3.00
All Natural USDA-Choice Steak$3.00
Beer Battered Wild Alaska Pollock$1.50
Wild-Caught Mahi Mahi - Blackened$4.00
Wild Caught Mahi Mahi - Grilled$4.00
Atlantic Salmon - Blackened$4.50
Atlantic Salmon - Grilled$4.50
Pan-Seared Shrimp$4.00

Get Free Food with Rubio’s Rewards

Rubio’s fish tacos are the best.

If you like free food, joining the Rubio’s Rewards program is a no brainer. It finally pays to eat tacos!

1. $5 off any entrée on your first order. As a new member, you get an instant reward of $5 off your first entrée order when you sign up for Rubio’s Rewards.

2. 10 points for every $1 spent. For every dollar you spend at Rubio’s, whether in the restaurant, through the app, or online, you earn 10 points. This means the more you dine at Rubio’s, the more points you’ll accumulate.

3. Earn bonus points throughout the year. Rubio’s periodically offers bonus point promotions, which can help you accumulate points faster. Keep an eye on your app for these special opportunities to boost your point balance.

4. Special birthday surprises. On your birthday, Rubio’s treats you to a special surprise, making your day even more enjoyable.

5. Insider access to new products. Rubio’s Rewards members get exclusive access to new menu items and promotions before they are made available to the general public.

6. Fast grab-and-go ordering. With the app, you can enjoy the convenience of quick, grab-and-go ordering, making your dining experience even more efficient.

How to Participate:

Join: To get started, download the Rubio’s app and create an account or simply sign up for Rubio’s Rewards on their website. It’s quick and easy to set up your account.

Earn: Once you’re a member, every purchase you make will earn you points. Whether you dine in at the restaurant, place an order through the app, or order online, be sure to use your Rubio’s Rewards account to earn points for every dollar spent.

  • 400 points – Complete Your Meal: Enjoy a free drink, dessert, regular chips and guacamole, or a side with your next entrée.
  • 700 points – Taco, Kids Meal, or Large Chips & Guac: Treat yourself to a delicious taco, or if you have kids, get them a kid’s meal or indulge in a large serving of chips and guacamole.
  • 1,300 points – Free Entrée: Perhaps the most exciting reward – you can get your next burrito, bowl, or taco plate absolutely free.

Weekly Deals

Beer Battered Shrimp Tacos.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of Rubio’s Weekly Deals:

5 Under $10

Meet your new cravings and revisit old favorites, all under $10. This deal is available all day, every day at participating Rubio’s locations.

Menu Items:

  • $8.99 Baja Beer-Battered Shrimp Two Taco Plate – A satisfying plate featuring two tacos filled with crispy, beer-battered shrimp.
  • $8.99 Chicken Chilaquiles Bowl – A flavorful bowl filled with tender chicken and traditional chilaquiles.
  • $8.99 Baja Grill Chicken Burrito – A hearty burrito stuffed with grilled chicken and Baja-inspired ingredients.
  • $9.99 Classic Taco Trio 
  • $9.99 Chopped Salad with Chicken – A healthy and delicious salad featuring chicken as the star ingredient.

Tuesday = Tacos

Every Tuesday is Taco Tuesday at Rubio’s! You can enjoy amazing taco specials all day long. Simply use the Rubio’s mobile app to order for pickup on your way home and treat yourself to these fantastic deals.

Menu Items:

  • $2.25 The Original Fish Taco® or Classic Chicken Taco – Savor the iconic Original Fish Taco or the classic Chicken Taco at an unbeatable price.
  • $2.50 Fish Taco Especial or Classic Steak Taco – Upgrade your taco experience with the Fish Taco Especial or the savory Classic Steak Taco.
  • $8.99 The Original Fish Taco® Two Taco Plate or Classic Chicken Two Taco Plate – Get a satisfying plate with two of your favorite tacos.
  • $9.49 Fish Taco Especial Two Taco Plate or Classic Steak Two Taco Plate – Opt for the two taco plate featuring the Fish Taco Especial or Classic Steak Taco.
  • $9.99 Shrimp Trio – Indulge in a trio of shrimp tacos, including the Salsa Verde Shrimp Taco, Grilled Gourmet Taco™ with Shrimp, and the Mexican Street Corn Shrimp Taco.

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Thank Goodness It’s Fish Friday

Kick off your weekend the right way with special pricing on The Original Fish Taco® Two Taco Plate and enjoy ice-cold beers at discounted prices. This deal is available every Friday, all day long.

Menu Items:

  • $8.99 The Original Fish Taco® Two Taco Plate – Delight in two Original Fish Tacos at a special price.
  • *$3.00 Any Beer or Seaborn Margarita – Pair your tacos with an ice-cold beer or Seaborn Margarita at participating locations.

What to order for lunch?

Let’s Do Lunch

Re-energize your workday with Rubio’s lunch specials. These deals are available every day until 2 pm from Monday – Friday.

Menu Items:

  • $8.49 Two Original Fish Tacos – Enjoy two Original Fish Tacos, a Rubio’s classic.
  • $9.49 Burrito Especial with All Natural Chicken & Tortilla Chips – Savor a delicious burrito filled with all-natural chicken and served with tortilla chips.
  • $9.99 California Bowl with Chicken – Treat yourself to a California Bowl featuring chicken as the star ingredient.

Who Owns Rubio’s Coastal Grill?

Thanks for an awesome restaurant Ralph Rubio.

Rubio’s Coastal Grill was founded by Ralph Rubio and a group of friends from San Diego State University. Ralph Rubio’s inspiration for the restaurant came during a spring break trip to San Felipe, Baja California, where he first tasted fish tacos at a local stand. This experience led him to open the first Rubio’s restaurant in 1983 in San Diego.

The menu featured a variety of items, including fish tacos made from Alaskan pollock and grilled mahi-mahi. Over the years, the popularity of Rubio’s fish tacos has grown in California, although they remain relatively uncommon elsewhere. In 2010, Rubio’s became a private company through a merger with a subsidiary of Mill Road Capital, L.P. with former stockholders receiving $8.70 per share in cash.

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However, the company faced challenges in recent years. In June 2020, Rubio’s Coastal Grill made the difficult decision to close all of its Florida and Colorado store locations due to the adverse business impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The company made a strategic decision to focus on their remaining stores in the California, Arizona, and Nevada markets.

Then, in October 2020, the chain filed for bankruptcy protection, further highlighting the challenges it faced in a rapidly changing restaurant industry. Despite these setbacks, Rubio’s Coastal Grill continues to serve its beloved fish tacos and other coastal-inspired cuisine in select markets.

What is the California Bowl at Rubio’s? 

Ah, the California Bowl from Rubio’s! The bowl starts with a base of citrus rice, which has a light and zesty flavor, complemented by the earthy black beans. The lettuce adds a refreshing crunch, while the guacamole brings in a creamy richness. The chipotle white sauce drizzled over the top gives it a smoky kick, which I absolutely adore.

As for the protein, I’ve tried the grilled chicken and the pan-seared shrimp. The chicken is tender and well-seasoned, while the shrimp has a delightful sear that enhances its natural sweetness. You can also order the California bowl with blackened tilapia or Mahi Mahi, which I’m eager to try next time.

Where is Rubio’s Coastal Grill Located?

According to their website, Rubio’s Coastal Grill is primarily located in 3 states, namely: Arizona, California, and Nevada. California has the most Rubio’s Coastal Grill locations with 124 while Arizona follows with 24 locations. Nevada has 9 locations around the state.

Did Rubio’s Leave Utah?

Yes, in 2019, Rubio’s Coastal Grill made the difficult decision to close its locations in Utah. This move was a part of the company’s strategic restructuring efforts to streamline its operations and focus on its core markets.

Unfortunately, the challenges posed by the competitive restaurant industry and the economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic took a toll on Rubio’s, leading the chain to file for bankruptcy protection in October 2020.

While the closures in Utah were undoubtedly a setback for fans of Rubio’s in the state, the company aimed to emerge from bankruptcy with a stronger foundation, hoping to continue serving its signature coastal-inspired cuisine to loyal patrons across its remaining locations.

What are the Hours of Operation?

Here are the standard hours of operation at Rubio’s Coastal Grill based from Mondays through Sundays.

Monday – Saturday

  • Open: 10:30 AM
  • Close: 9:00 PM


  • Open: 11:00 AM
  • Close: 8:00 PM

Of course, make sure to check with your local Rubio’s Coastal Grill to make sure you visit while they’re open.

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