Restaurant cashiers are an important role of any restaurant business. This is the team member handles the cash, responds to customer questions, and may even double as a host. Other responsibilities include processing card payments, and using a Point of Sale (POS) system for transactions, seating the guests, resolving customer complaints when they occur, and maintaining a good knowledge of the menu. I’ve even worked in a restaurant where the cashier accepts incoming phone calls and inputs delivery orders.

If you are looking for a good cashier for the restaurant, you need to make sure that your job listing attracts the right candidate for the opening. This sample job description is ideally formatted to post on job boards and can be quickly customized to your own needs. Let’s take a look at it.

Hiring a restaurant cashier?

Job Description Summary

The best way to begin any job ad is to start with a summary of your business and what you are looking for. This will get your initial message across and allow job hunters to find just what they are looking for easily.

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An example of this would run something like:

As one of the premier restaurants in the downtown area, A la Mer has a reputation for fine food and exquisite wines that is second to none. With a rich and varied menu consisting of the best seafood in the world, we take pride in the fact that all our dishes are cooked to order for our select customers.

We are currently sourcing applications for a new cashier, to cover a variety of shifts, both daytime and evenings. We are looking for someone that’s available to work on weekends. A successful applicant should know how to professionally manage cash and card payments, respond to customer questions, and run a tight ship at the cashier’s station.

At this stage, only the basic details are given, drawing the applicants in to read more of the job description. Similar to marketing, it is essential that you draw the applicants to the main body of your advert with an enticing introduction.

Customer service continues at checkout.

Primary Responsibilities

This is the section of an applicants main responsibilities the position they are applying for. I recommend being up-front and straight forward here to attract applicants who are ready to work in the business.

  • Must be able to operate a cash register and handles cash / credit card transactions.
  • Must be trustworthy and no criminal record.
  • Greet and assists customers while anticipating their needs.
  • Count, organize, and balance register drawer at the end of the day. Must be able to complete cashier slips.
  • Complies with cash handling policies and procedures.
  • Must be able to take incoming calls and schedule client reservations.
  • Maintains excellent customer service and positive attitude towards customers, clients, co-workers, etc.
  • Other duties and tasks as assigned by manager.
  • Responsible for wiping down counters, tables and surface areas in the restaurant as needed.

This is not an all-inclusive list of job responsibilities. You can edit these requirements based on your need for a cashier.

Desired Skills / Role Requirements

Here is a sample list “requirements” for a cashier at a restaurant. Keep in mind that everyone may not have these exact skills or experience. You are hiring for an entry level role after all.

  • Previous customer service experience preferred.
  • Previous cash handling experience preferred.
  • Basic math and counting skills required.
  • Previous restaurant experience preferred.
  • Applicants with Food Handler certificate preferred, but not required.
  • Shows good interpersonal and communication skills, both written and verbal.
  • Must be able to work independently with limited supervision.
  • Requires occasional lifting, carrying, pushing, pulling of up to 25 lbs.
  • Must be available to work flexible hours including evening and weekends.
  • Must be able to take direction and delegate responsibilities.

Sample Job Description Template

To help you get your job ad off the ground faster, and spend less time thinking about what you should include, here is a sample template that you can copy and use as a basis for your own Restaurant Cashier Job Description.

A La Mer Restaurant – Restaurant Cashier Required

One of the top Seafood Restaurants in the area, A La Mer has a unique take on serving seafood in new ways, from crabs and lobsters to the finest halibut steaks and delicious salmon en croute. We believe that the customer deserves the best when they come to us, and we endeavor to provide that service with every fiber of our beings.

We are now looking for a responsible and hard-working person to join our team as our new Restaurant Cashier. The job entails the handling of both cash and card payments, and includes guest greeting, handling customer queries, taking reservations, and other tasks as required.

You will be expected to become knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the menu and products and support other areas of the restaurant as required, such as seating customers, stocking stations, clearing tables, and general post-serving cleanup.

Our employees are our greatest assets, and we have you covered in return with a number of benefits to support our employees and their families.


Your responsibilities will include, but are not restricted to:

  • Operate a register and handle cash and credit card transactions
  • Greet and assist customers while anticipating their needs
  • Count, organize, and balance register drawer; complete cashier slips
  • Comply with our cash handling policies and procedures
  • Maintain excellent customer service and have a positive attitude towards customers, clients, co-workers, etc.
  • Handle customer complaints with dignity, and escalate to the manager when necessary
  • Other duties and tasks as assigned by the manager such as: clearing/wiping down counters, tables and surface areas in the restaurant as needed

Skills and Experience:

We are looking for applicants with the following skills and experience, preferably:

  • Previous customer service experience preferred
  • Previous cash handling experience preferred
  • Previous restaurant experience preferred
  • Basic math and counting skills are required
  • Applicants with Food Handler certificate preferred, but not required

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  • Shows good interpersonal and communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Must be able to work independently with limited supervision
  • Must be available to work flexible hours including evening and weekends
  • Must be able to take direction and delegate responsibilities
  • The position requires occasional lifting, carrying, pushing, pulling of up to 25 lbs.

Job Type: Full Time or Part Time (Flexible Schedules available)


  • 8 hour split shifts: 11am-3pm and 7pm-11pm
  • 5 working days per week, to be arranged
  • Will include late shifts, some overtime possible

Salary rate: From $11.50 per hour, based on experience

Supplemental Pay: Tips


  • Medical, Dental, and Life Insurance
  • 401(k)
  • 21 days per year Paid Time Off after 90 days
  • Restaurant and affiliate discounts
  • Flexible Work Schedules
  • Full equal share of all tips and gratuities

If you think you have what it takes to become a valued member of our growing family, we would love to hear from you. Please drop in and see us or send your resume with covering letter to:

[Insert Contact Details]

* This job description is intended to describe the general requirements for the performance of this job. It is not a complete statement of duties, responsibilities or requirements. Other duties not listed here may be assigned by management.

Questions to Ask During an Interview for Restaurant Cashier

Interview questions for a restaurant cashier.

Here are some relevant interview questions to consider when interviewing for the position of restaurant cashier.

  • What Does Excellent Customer Service Mean to You?
  • Tell Me About a Time You Delivered Excellent Service.
  • Do you have experience taking telephone orders?
  • In your opinion, how can a cashier provide excellent customer service?
  • Do You Prefer Working Alone or as a Part of a Team?
  • In a support capacity, what work do restaurant cashiers perform?
  • How comfortable do you feel receiving money and counting back change as a cashier?
  • Why do you believe you can be a good cashier?
  • If a customer accused you of bad customer service, what would you do?
  • Are you comfortable giving change to customers?
  • Tell me about a time you handled a difficult customer situation?
  • What would you do if a customer said they had a bad experience at our restaurant?

Average Salary and Job Statistics for Restaurant Cashiers

What’s the average salary of a restaurant cashier?

While there is a high propensity for tips in the restaurant industry, the salary is still the most important part of the job description for the cashier’s position. Below are some of the statistics and salary details to keep in mind when posting a job ad for a new cashier.

  • In general, the standard Restaurant Cashier job entails the following, though there are often other responsibilities included depending on the restaurant:
    • Greet customers and show them to a table
    • Accept payments from customers and give change and receipts
    • Answer customers’ questions and provide information about the menu
    • Count the money in their register at the beginning and end of each shift
  • On average, a Restaurant Cashier in the United States can earn around $23,427 per year, based on an average hourly rate of around $11.22 per hour. As you can see this is a salary for a student or part-time employee.
  • The average age of a restaurant cashier is around 33 years old
  • There were some 17,934 restaurant cashiers working across the country in 2020. This number should increase as the world reopens.

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  • An estimated 67.3% of restaurant cashiers are women, while only 27% are male.
  • Typically, the entry-level restaurant cashier positions require only high-school diplomas or their equivalent
  • Around 42% of restaurant cashiers will stay in the job for less than a year with only 10% staying in the same job for more than 2 years
  • Cashier schedules can vary, depending on the restaurant with some working split shifts and most working weekends when the most traffic comes to a restaurant.
  • Restaurant cashiers are more likely to be part time than full time. Many of these employees are also students or parents with other responsibilities.

The cashier is the face of a restaurant. Candidates who want to fill this role should be attentive to customer needs, responsive, likable, and trustworthy. An ability to think on your feet and a warm smile is also helpful. These are the intangibles of a restaurant cashier.

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