GainesvilleOne of the best ways to learn what it takes to operate a successful food truck is to get out and speak with a longtime vendor in your area. They understand the local health codes, the best places to park, and can provide some hard-won perspective on what the day-to-day operations are like in this business model.

Our guest expert Tyler Black of Ameraucana Wood Fire was kind enough to share his time and expertise to help out future mobile food owners by answering all of our questions. If you live in the area be sure to get out and support their businesses. Your taste buds will thank you!

Note: If you’re super serious about starting a mobile food business in Gainesville, we’ve also provided some helpful resources at the bottom of this article to steer you in the right direction and put you on the fast track to launching your own business.

Tell me a bit about yourself, your business, and how long you’ve been operating in Gainesville?

Tyler Black: We opened November 1st, 2013


How did you learn how to start a food truck in your area?

Tyler Black: I had an idea and mostly researched everything online and talked to people in the wood fire business.

What are some of the unique opportunities of operating a food truck in your city?

Tyler Black: We are mobile, so we can get to temporary events, and catering is really easy.

What are some of the unique challenges of operating a food truck in your city?

Tyler Black: Gainesville is in the dark ages when it comes to food trucks. We have also had some trouble with some mid ranged corporate restaurants that think we are stealing customers if we are within a certain range of them.

Where should entrepreneurs go to find information about the local health code and fire safety regulations? 

Tyler Black: Ask a health inspector. The health code and building requirements can be exhausting to read through. I took a reverse engineering approach to it and just figured out what I needed to to for me.

Ameraucana Wood Fire

A Little Slice of Ameraucana Wood Fire Pizza.

Are there any specific city regulations or requirements that you’ve seen overlooked by other owners in the past or frequently made mistakes?

Tyler Black: We are self sufficient because we have a 3 compartment sink, so we don’t new a commissary for food preparation. I do need a place for getting fresh water and dumping though.

What’s the parking situation like in Gainesville and do you need a special permit to park or is it a free for all?
Tyler Black: It’s limited by a bunch of old city laws that were meant to apply to roach coaches. Hopefully things will change. We try to find cool people that have private parking lots for us to set up in. A lot of places will try to make money off you though, be weary of them.

Finally, if you could give only one piece of advice for new food truck entrepreneurs. What would that nugget of advice be?

Tyler Black: Keep the menu simple. Do one thing and do it well. Don’t pay huge fees to set up, be creative with your gigs.


Anything else newbie food truckers should know about starting a business in Gainesville?

Tyler Black: If you don’t have restaurant experience, you won’t make it.

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Thanks again to Tyler for his time and willingness to share this expertise! 

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