According to smart people at Pew Research Center, 2.3 billion people identify as Christian. That’s nearly one third of the global population. Meaning if you plan to create food brand, books, or gadgets for this group of people with shared beliefs, you have a large audience to serve.

Christian businesses have exploded globally in recent years as the movement to generate good and “eternal enrichment” has grown. Free-market businesses that are “gospel-oriented” are known as Business as Mission (BAM) organizations. While some pastors and parishioners disagree on blending of Christianity and for-profit business, a huge number of success stories prove the evangelistic business isn’t going to fade away any time soon. Especially since so many of America’s massive corporations are also Christian-oriented or intensely religious.

Choosing a Christian or faith-based brand can have far-reaching implications for the types of people who engage with your brand. You need to a message that that resonates with a sub-segment of the faith (for example youth Christians). In this post, we guide you through a long list of name ideas that haven’t been claimed yet to help inspire your future brand with a mission that goes way beyond turning a profit.

Christian Business Name Ideas

Find inspiration for your faith-based business brand.

Giving your business a Christian-based name means showing the world that you are dedicated to more than just financial success. You have a higher goal of spreading the good word that goes well beyond the bottom lines. Our list of carefully-selected Christian business names focus on the mission instead of earthly profits.

  • Born Again Second Hand Shop
  • Bread of Life Bakery
  • His Blood
  • The Uplifting Light
  • Triple Cross Clothing
  • Christian Crafts
  • Genesis Books
  • The Pastor’s Pancakes
  • The Heavenly Bakery
  • Total Forgiveness Coffee Grounds
  • Coming Down from the Hill Coffees
  • Everlasting Life Bookstore
  • The Fish Food Company
  • Fount of Life Day Spa
  • God is Good Bookstore
  • Green Pastures Health Foods
  • Hallelujah Diner
  • A New Way Clothing
  • Heart of Fire Christian Candles
  • Heaven Rocks Music Shop
  • Heavenly Hotcakes
  • In the Beginning Bookstore
  • Narrow Path Bike Shop
  • Teach a Man to Fish Organics
  • Preach it! Christian Store
  • Rise Again Breakfast Diner
  • Walk with Me Sandal Co.
  • He Will Carry You
  • Many Blessings Nursery
  • The Prophet Jewelers
  • Sing To the Heavens Music Store
  • Still Waters Retirement
  • Strong Tower Fitness
  • The Bookshop of Life
  • The Good Book Bookstore
  • Tree of Life Nursery

Spiritual Business Name Ideas

We’ve got spirit. Yes we do!

Finding a spiritual name for your business can be done using a few choice words or phrases that match your mission statement. The name ideas below demonstrate show the light of a gospel-oriented business with a spiritual description. These name ideas can work from everything from consumer packaged good brands, clothing companies, to publishers.

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  • Blessed Lamp
  • Inspired by the Savior
  • The Faith Base
  • Holy Day Meal Company
  • The Gospel of Sacrifice
  • God’s Love Investing Group
  • God’s Light Gift Shop
  • Sunday Statement
  • Gracebook Social Networking
  • Heart of Fire Christian Candles
  • Heavenly Concept
  • The Sinner’s Spirit
  • The Christian Conservative Hour
  • Holy Spirit Bakery
  • Holy Spirit Spa
  • Hope Channel
  • The Lord’s Dividend
  • LifeScope Christian Products
  • Living Purity
  • Refreshing Wisdom
  • Rock Of Wisdom
  • Spiritual Cleansing
  • Spiritual Stitchers
  • The Holy Trinity
  • The Rebirth Network
  • This Little Light Candle Shop
  • Trinity Care Home
  • Truejoy Christian Products
  • Veritas Christian Bookstore
  • Born to Give

Biblical Business Name Ideas

The Bible.

Using biblical references for your business name brings out the fact that your business aligns with the teachings of God. the Bible is full of widely recognized names or terms that can be used to show your Christian business status to the world. These names can build the foundation of your idea and help jump start a brand brainstorming session.

  • 12 Disciples Diner
  • Abel’s Canes
  • Adam & Eve
  • Apostle Reform
  • Apples of Gold
  • Biblical Appearance
  • Bread and Fish Ltd
  • David’s Slingshots
  • Divine Prophecy
  • Eternal Bond
  • Galilee Gallery
  • Galilee Gallery
  • Genesis Acoustics
  • Genesis Creation
  • LifeRevive Christian Products
  • Magdelane’s Mission
  • Palm Fronds Inc
  • The ARK Daycare Center
  • The Good Book Company
  • The Good Son Nursery
  • Walk on Water

Christian Woodworking Business Name Ideas

bible study

Jesus was the son of a carpenter.

Jesus was the son of a carpenter here on earth, so referencing his name for woodworking or carpentry business makes a natural connection. You could go even further by naming a home building or construction business by similar name. Just keep in mind that these names, may also turn off some people that don’t identify with the faith. Here are our best ideas in this category.

  • A Piece of Wood
  • Angels with Wood
  • The Christian Carpenter
  • Bethlehem Woodworking
  • Big Sky Woodcrafters
  • Carpenters Cabinets
  • Carpenters Christian Mission
  • Christ’s Carpenters
  • Crucifixion Woodworks
  • Finish Carpenter
  • From the Tree of Life
  • Galillee Woodshop
  • Heavenly Craftsmen
  • Heaven’s Wood
  • Holy Wood
  • Jerusalem Woodshop
  • Jesus Carpentry Shop
  • Jesus Cross Woodshop
  • Jospeh and Mary Carpentry
  • The Old Wooden Cross
  • The Wood Workshop
  • Wood of God
  • The Christian Wood Worker
  • Jerusalem Home Builders
  • Jesus’ Construction Site
  • Word of God Builders
  • Died for Us Construction

Christian Office Names

Our Christian office name ideas.

A Christian office requires a relevant name. Check out this list of ideal Christian office names ideas that you can use below.

  • Accounting for Christ
  • Accounting for Good
  • Born Again
  • The Office of God
  • Christian Cloud
  • Christian Life Inc
  • Christian Trinity
  • Divine Mission National
  • Divine Path
  • Grace Book
  • Workplace for God
  • Happy Mission
  • God is Our Boss
  • Heaven Seed
  • Hope Water
  • Jesus Law Office
  • King of Kings
  • Narrow Path
  • Ryte Reform
  • Samsonite
  • The Christian Company
  • The Good God
  • The Law of God Inc
  • The Royal Thread
  • Tree of Life

Hebrew Business Name Ideas

Hebrew name ideas are another approach.

There are actually few business names in Israel these days that are not written in English. But having a Hebrew name for your business means that you can be that much more different to everyone else and appeal to a certain well-read subset of the Christian faith. Hebrew names we have chosen here will not just stand out, but can become a talking point for conversation as well.

  • Bamidbar
  • Bereishit
  • Devarim
  • Eden
  • Eden Shochat
  • Epistema
  • Essence of Israel
  • Ketuvim
  • Melachim I
  • Mishlei
  • Moshiko
  • Nevi’im
  • Nexar
  • Pitango
  • Shemot
  • Shir Hashirim
  • Tehillim
  • The Pentateuch
  • Vayikra
  • Yehoshua
  • Yeshua

Good Ideas for Christian Businesses

Some ideas for a Christian-based business are definitely better than others. The trick is choosing which business can successfully to glorify God and make a profit. Because, after all, you still need an income to eat and sustain the messsage. Here is a list of some of the businesses ideas that offer Christian goods or services.

  • Christian Bookstore
  • Christian Dating Website
  • Christian Music Shop
  • Christian Clothing Store
  • Christian Food Company
  • Christian Food Truck
  • Christian College or Education Company
  • Christian paper or magazine
  • Christianity Based Thrift Store
  • Marriage Counseling
  • Christian Non-Profit
  • Christian Investing Company
  • Christian Personal Finance Company
  • Online Christian sales Business
  • Online Christian Tutor
  • Personal Trainer
  • Public Speaker
  • Religious Clothing Store
  • Religious ornaments and crafts
  • Wedding Planning
  • Writing/Blogging/Blogging
Christian Business Name Ideas

Christian Business Name Ideas

Any legitimate business that providing quality product or service can have a Christian mission. While you’re still in the early stages of planing for the business, take an inventory of the specific ways your company will align with the teachings of the Bible and Jesus Christ. Here are a few ways your company can align with a Christian mission:

  • Buy one meal, give one meal away to people in need. One more than one occasion Jesus provided nourishment to his followers. You can apply these lessons in your business, especially a food product business.
  • You don’t always need to make financial contributions to make an impact. Provide employees the flexibility to donate their time to different community non-profits that align with your mission.
  • Contribute a portion of proceeds of total proceeds to an organization you believe in. To be able to donate a certain percentage of your sales to a worthy cause you need a higher-margin business that leaves some money leftover after paying all your business expenses like taxes, labor, and product costs. One example of a business with high-margins that you can explore further are coffee businesses.

What type of a Christian-based business are you thinking about starting? We’d love to learn more about your plans in the comment area below.

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