You’ve found what I believe is the most comprehensive resource for starting a food truck in Albuquerque, New Mexico. In this guide, I’ve organized resources that have been developed from months of working with Anthony Salvagno of S’wich It Up who launched his own mobile food unit in the city in 2014. In this post I’m organizing all that information into a one-stop reference point that can be used by anyone that wants to start their own business in Albuquerque.


anthony salvagnoThe Ultimate Food Truck Case Study – Listen and learn from Salvagno as he goes through the process of starting his truck in Albuquerque. The series includes guidance on writing a business plan, creating a menu, acquiring capital and more. Although I these interviews are applicable to anyone launching a mobile food business in the United States, the discussions are most applicable to those located in ABQ. I would listen to each of these episodes and take diligent notes if I were building a business here. Follow along with each one of the episodes, take action, and you will end up with a business!

Health Code Regulations and City Requirements – Figuring out the local laws for food truck can be a serious pain anywhere. In this interview, Salvagno shares how he was able to find the information he needed to get his business legal.

City Regulations Blog Post – This blog post written by Anthony Salvagno is an excellent supplement to the interview listed above. Here Salvagno outlines the city ordinances, health regulations, fire codes and permits required by Albuquerque. This should be required reading!

Mobile Food Guide for Albuquerque – This is a downloadable 8-page PDF from the Environmental Health Department of Albuquerque. In this reference you’ll find business registration ($35 per year) and health permits fee’s ($135 per year, per unit) for food trucks or carts.

City of ABQ Health Phone Number – 505-768-2638
City of ABQ Fire Marshall Phone Number – 505-764-6300

Insurance Quote – To legally operate in Albuquerque, you’ll need insurance. Fill out a 4-minute form and get a free quote emailed for your trailer, cart or truck.

Local Organizations

There are a number of organizations that support mobile food entrepreneurs in the area. Here are a few places you should be aware of when building a business here.

STEPS ABQ’s Entrepreneurship Resource Team – According to Salvagno, this is the organization to get in touch with about starting a food cart. The group is dedicated to nurturing and developing any small business in the area, but they have been focusing on helping food owners get started. You can reach out to them at [email protected] to get started.

ABQ Food Truck Co-op – This organization helps to promote and share the location of Albuquerque based food trucks. It’s also a good networking opportunity for new owners to get involved in.

Larry’s Albuquerque Food Musings – Regularly updated food blog covering restaurants and carts in the ABQ area. If I were a new food truck owner in the area, I would invite Larry to review my truck and connect with some of the restaurants he’s covered in the past.

Thanks for visiting this page. If you’re interested in starting a food truck business of your own I encourage you to browse the other content published on Also, if you have recommendations for resources I should add to this page please reach out to me via email. I want this resource to be continually updated to provide the most value possible to readers.

Disclaimer: The rules and regulations for starting a food truck continue to evolve. This article should only be used as a beginning point for researching your business. Make sure to contact your local government entities to ensure this information is accurate.

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