Searching for a catchy marketing slogan for your coffee shop? We’ve compiled the best taglines you can use to promote your business on social media, signs, or branded onto your coffee cups.

With approximately 24,000 coffee shops scattered across the country, you need to find as many ways to stand out from the competition as possible to grab market share. Here’s a look at some of the great taglines and slogans, you can use for your independent coffee shop organized into five categories below.

Coffee Shop Slogans

  • Coffee time, anytime.
  • Wake up and smell the coffee.
  • Let us make your day!
  • We perk you up!
  • Better coffee! Less bucks!
  • Taste the freshness!
  • The coffee masters.
  • Our coffee is hotter than Angelina Jolie.
  • Greatness in a cup.
  • Taste the aroma.
  • The better cup.
  • Made with passion.
  • The coffee makers.
  • Brewed to be good.
  • All we need is coffee.
  • The cup of life.
  • Sip better.
  • Survive Monday, sip a cup of coffee.
  • Hype up your day.
  • Bittersweet goodness.
  • Enjoy life, have a cup.
  • Great times, good coffee.
  • We got your cup.
  • Take it, sip by sip.
  • Sip for thought.
  • Obsessed with coffee.
  • Your favorite blend.
  • Strange brew.
  • Roast and brew harmony.
  • Sip happens.
  • One sip at a time.
  • Experience the brew.
  • Espresso yourself.
  • Smooth great taste.
  • Way beyond your expectation.
  • Wake up to a fresh brew.

An independent coffee shop.

Funny Coffee Slogans and Taglines

  • Coffee… the solution to life’s problems.
  • Eyes wide open coffee.
  • If you want to stay sober, make the coffee.
  • Stressed, blessed, and coffee obsessed.
  • Life without coffee is scary.
  • Hello there, BREWtiful!
  • I need coffee for my brain.
  • How have you bean?
  • Coffee makes me see.
  • Coffee first, then everything else.
  • Coffee or die.
  • Life begins after coffee.
  • Coffee can buy you happiness.
  • True brew, baby I love you!
  • I’m an addict… a caffeine addict.
  • Humanity runs on coffee.
  • My birthstone is a coffee bean.
  • May your coffee kick in before reality does.
  • Coffee, it’s what we wake up for.
  • Life without coffee is like something without something.
  • A bad day with coffee is better than a good day without it.
  • Love is in the air, and it smells like coffee.
  • Hours without drinking coffee is called sleeping.
  • Wanna hear a joke? Decaf.
  • If you forgot your way home, drink coffee.
  • May your coffee be strong and your Monday be short.
  • Coffee is life.
  • All conflicts can be resolved through coffee talk.
  • Coffee is only bitter when you are.
  • All you need is caffeine to get my attention.
  • Mad about coffee.
  • Happiness is… Having a hot cup of coffee.
  • Death before decaf.
  • You had me at coffee.
  • Nothing makes sense before coffee.
  • Coffee drinkers make better lovers.

Coffee bean quality assurance.

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Espresso Slogans

  • Espresso rocks.
  • Espresso soothes the nerves.
  • Keep the espresso coming.
  • The espresso of paradise.
  • I can’t espresso how much I love you.
  • From our espresso to yours.
  • Espressorific.
  • The better espresso.
  • Espresso is a never-ending story.
  • Espresso quality you can see.
  • Espresso like you’ve never tasted before.
  • Great espresso, now.
  • Espresso express.
  • Driven by espresso.
  • It’s your espresso.
  • Ride into the espresso lane.
  • The espresso way.
  • The espresso community.
  • The authentic espresso.
  • The great espresso train.
  • Espresso gets you through the night.
  • Espresso creations.
  • Making espresso right.
  • Nothing comes between you and your espresso
  • The queen of espresso.
  • Saved by espresso!
  • Life gets better with espresso.
  • Espresso delight.
  • Espresso, you’ll surely love.
  • The secret of espresso.
  • Espresso or nothing.
  • Espresso, taste the difference.
  • Espresso, the way it should be.
  • That easiest feeling.
  • Espresso? Yes, please!
  • Espresso, every day.
  • Get serious, get an espresso.

Farley’s espresso.

Coffee Roaster Slogans

  • The Coffee Roaster of Champions.
  • Taste the Coffee Roaster.
  • Run For The Coffee Roaster.
  • Feel the Coffee Roaster.
  • Coffee Roaster-ized!!
  • Roasted to perfection.
  • Roasting is our passion.
  • Exceedingly Good Coffee Roaster.
  • Pure Coffee Roaster.
  • Coffee roasting at its finest.
  • One Coffee Roaster is better than two of something else.
  • There is no life without a Coffee Roaster.
  • Coffee Roaster is everything you need.
  • Pleasing Coffee Roaster the World Over.
  • Where Coffee roasting is a Pleasure.
  • America’s real coffee roasters.
  • The art of coffee roasting.
  • Coffee roasting, our specialty.
  • From our roast to your cup.
  • We never stop roasting coffee for you.
  • True coffee roasting method.
  • The best coffee roasting, we promise.
  • Your coffee, like you’ve never tasted before.
  • Our pleasure to roast coffee for you.
  • Coffee roasting, every day.
  • True coffee roasting perfection.
  • There’s no other roast line ours.
  • The way coffee roasting should be.
  • You inspire our roast.
  • The better roasters.
  • Coffee roasting is what we do.
  • You won’t resist our roast.
  • A secret roast, just for you.
  • We know your back… for our roast.
  • Our roast, perfected for you.

Outdoor Coffee Kiosk. Photo Credit: Pinterest

Caffeine Slogans and Taglines

  • Caffeine is in your blood.
  • Caffeine like no other.
  • The Caffeine that Smiles Back.
  • It’s nothing but Caffeine.
  • Aaahh, Caffeine!
  • Where’s The Caffeine?
  • Smell the caffeine.
  • Caffeine that’s good for you.
  • Taste the caffeine.
  • Striving for caffeine greatness.
  • Caffeine is not always bad for you.
  • Caffeine in a cup.
  • Changing the way you look at caffeine.
  • Caffeine like you’ve never tasted before.
  • Don’t hold back on caffeine.
  • Caffeine you’ll never regret.
  • Caffeine, nothing tastes the same.
  • Making you alert all day.
  • Making caffeine less guilty.
  • Caffeine in many variations.
  • Caffeine is life.
  • Chances are, you’re not over caffeine.
  • Caffeine that pleases your heart.
  • A cup of caffeine is not bad for you.
  • That thing called caffeine.
  • Drink caffeine, moderately.
  • Stimulating you all day.
  • Try our soothing stimulant.
  • Raising your heartbeat for a minute.
  • Caffeine, made just right.
  • Cross over to the mild flavor.
  • Caffeine that gets you excited.
  • Caffeine , there’s no better way.
  • A leaner, meaner Caffeine.
  • The lighter way to enjoy caffeine.

How to Generate Your Own Coffee Slogan

A Yawn is Just a Silent Scream for Coffee.

Coming up with a slogan that you’re happy with for years to come can be tricky. Here are some tips to create a rallying cry that satisfies you and your customers.

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  1. Free form brainstorm. Start by writing words that best describe your company in a notepad. Test combinations of words related to coffee like roast, beans, latte, cappuccino, and espresso. Don’t take yourself too seriously at this step and be open to creativity. Discover what your creative mind can come up with.
  2. Know your craft. Next is product knowledge. Put your business into words customers will relate to. For instance, you serve your own uniquely brewed coffee, you can start with the root word “brew” and create a slogan based on the message you’d like to convey. Example: Brewed with the Best. 
  3. Benefits. Every business offers some benefit to its customers. Using this approach, you might write down phrases describing what benefit your coffee would provide. Examples: The energy to start your day. Your morning pick me up. 
  4. Mix and match your concept list. If you already have a list of words but still can’t come up with a memorable slogan, you may have to play around with the phrasing. You may have put in words like Cappuccino and Italy that you want to work into your brand. Find ways to express these unique elements of your business. Example: “The home of authentic Italian Cappuccino” or “Idaho’s Best Rated Cappuccino Bar.”
  5. Keep it short and simple. In order to convey your message properly, you need a short message that can be remembered. Consumers remember witty, funny and brief slogans that catch their attention more easily. Keep your slogans concise by limiting them to less than 10 words as a rule of thumb.
  6. Use a free slogan generator. If you still feel you can’t get the right words out of your mind, you can always use a slogan generator that’ll work for you. There are many slogan generators available online, just input a keyword and they’ll mix and match all sorts of slogan variations for you.

If you’re serious about starting a coffee shop of your own, don’t forget to check out our in-depth series on the subject. In this 3 part video series, we outline the game plan you need to open an independent coffee shop business.

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