Manufacturer: Unique Kiosk Showcase

Description: Based in Longgang District in Shenzhen, China, Unique Kiosk Showcase is one of the leading designers and manufacturers of food and retail kiosks in the Asian region. The company started designing and manufacturing kiosks in 1996 and eventually began exporting worldwide in 2005.

Their experienced design and production team makes sure their products are of high quality and meet international quality standards. Unique Kiosk Showcase guarantees every project they do would pass the client and the mall’s standards. As you will see in the images below, UKS also specializes in branding. They make sure that your kiosk brings out your brand’s personality which people can easily relate to. They do this by using colors synonymous with your brand’s colors.

Other than the designs presented, they let you choose with a variety of kiosk designs if you still don’t have an idea how it would look. They have created numerous designs from Juice bar kiosks to Candy kiosks. To have an idea on what food kiosks they offer, take a look at this list below.

Unique Kiosk Showcase manufactures the following products:

  • Snack & Fast Food Kiosk
  • Coffee Kiosk
  • Corn kiosk
  • Candy & Nuts Kiosk
  • Ice Cream & Yogurt Kiosk
  • Juice Bar & Bubble Tea Kiosk
  • Cupcake & Chocolate Kiosk
  • Waffle & Crepe Kiosk


Past Customers:

Starbucks: UKS basically used steel framing and wood paneling for one of the world’s largest coffee chain. The text and the main logo was made of acrylic. Production time for this kiosk was 18 – 22 working days.

Pinkberry: This 4m x 3m kiosk’s main material is MDF. Since the kiosk is selling frozen goods, a stainless steel topping was used with glass cover. A backside counter can accommodate the frozen yogurt machine as well as other equipment needed for this kiosk.


78.Shahe Road, Henggang Town,
Longgang District.

Phone: +86 186 6535 8507



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