Manufacturer: Meridian

Description: Meridian is a kiosk manufacturer with over 25 years of experience in leading precision and innovation through its self-service solutions. Headquartered in a 13-acre area in Aberdeen, North Carolina, it proudly offers American-made kiosks on a global market setting. They have key manufacturing partners located in China, U.K., and Australia ready to supply their clients worldwide.

Meridian’s commitment to developing self-service solutions provide end-to-end support from concept to completion. Meridian’s team of designers, engineers, and fabricators will make sure you’ll get the highest build quality for your kiosk. Serving their clients is how Meridian views their reason for existence. This start-to-end process allows them to oversee the best solutions they can offer to their clients.

Meridian also focuses on creating brand impact and reach of their customers. The company understands that working together with their clients is the best way to provide effective solutions. Strategic partnerships with global companies such as Microsoft, Avaya, HP, Arrow, and Storm Technologies ensures this collaboration works efficiently. Notable works include interactive digital signage at Levi’s stadium during Super Bowl 50 and the bill payment kiosks at Florida International University.

Past Customers:

Legends: Legends collaborated with Meridian to mount an interactive solution at Levi’s Stadium during Super Bowl 50. Attendees were able to use the interactive digital signage to browse exclusive merchandise that could be purchased at the NFL Shop throughout the stadium. The event held last February 7, 2016, produced a record $4.6M in merchandise sales.

Florida International University: In order to serve its students better, FIU wanted a way to make tuition, housing and bill payment more convenient for its student population. FIU partnered with Meridian to create a self-service solution to speed up the payment process. During the first year, over 3,000 transactions have been completed resulting in over $4 million in total transaction value.


312 S. Pine St.
Aberdeen, North Carolina 28315

Phone: (866) 454-6757



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