Manufacturer: Kiosks Australia

Description: Kiosks Australia is a family owned and operated business based in cities around Australia. The company began in 1998 building kiosks for themselves mostly on fruit juice and coffee kiosks. When they reached building in excess of 100 stores, they then decided to expand their business to build kiosks for the foodservice industry.

Kiosks Australia was set-up to be a cost-efficient builder having been at the grassroots level of the retail industry since its inception. This experience brought them to create cost-efficient builds without sacrificing quality and timeliness. The company’s almost twenty years of experience guarantees they only make high quality and durable products in accordance with Australian standards.

Their kiosks are very adaptable which can be designed and built in almost any given space. The company can help you showcase your product by creating aesthetically pleasing kiosks in every single shopping center in Australia. The company also offers financing for those startups who may limited capital and supports their concept to completion service.

Past Customers:

Sunbaked Bakery Cafe: Kiosks Australia created a standard, low counter kiosks for this merchant. It highlights the company’s products such as artisan bread, pastries, and coffee to its customers.

The Protein Place: As what Kiosk Australia always does, they brought out the brand personality of this merchant in its kiosk. The merchant’s products are presented in a way that customers can easily see and select their favorite protein delight.


New Zealand

Phone: 1300 78 79 77



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