Manufacturer: Espresso Outfitters

Description: Espresso Outfitters is a design and build company offering kiosks, espresso carts, and food service carts. Based in Vancouver, Washington, the company was formed in 1993, before the espresso boom in the U.S. They aim to set the standards in what is considered conventional in most espresso and the mobile food industry.

If you’re a startup business, the company can help you connect with valuable trainers, consultants, and suppliers to share ideas. The company intends to push the boundaries of design and build capabilities of what is currently considered improbable. It is their long-term goal to accomplish these things with the future in mind. With this in mind, Espresso Outfitters aims to always put quality first and at its highest level.

Espresso Outfitters are indeed experts in the espresso industry as their name suggests. The carts and equipment they design and build are unique to the industry itself. Their espresso carts can also serve general food products depending on the requirements of the client.
Here are some of the products they offer, its corresponding prices and build time frame:

Name/Description                              Construction Time                 Price            Terms
Mspec Espresso Cart 4′                      52 days                                     $5,900         60% Down
Neon Espresso Cart 4′                        65 days                                     $6,900         65% Down
Mini Standard Espresso Cart 4′       75 days                                      $5,300         60% Down
Standard Espresso Cart 6′                 45 days                                     $6,900         60% Down
Classic Espresso Cart 4′                     30 days                                     $4,100          70% Down


Past Customers:

Caffé D’arte: Italian coffee roasters based in Seattle crafting drip coffees and high-quality espressos since 1985. The company has been a client of Espresso Outfitters for the past 20 plus years creating espresso and coffee machines.


7907 NE Hwy 99
Vancouver, Washington 98665

Phone: (360) 949-3662



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